About (full name: Guiyang News Network), established in 1999, is a key news website hosted by Guiyang Daily Media Group. It is a type of news-qualified news website approved by the State Council Information Office. The amount exceeds one million.

Adhering to the purpose of “focusing on Guizhou information and serving the villagers and folks”, integrates resources such as “Guiyang Daily” and “Guiyang Evening News” under the Guiyang Daily Media Group, aiming to provide more complete information, faster speed, and more intimate nostalgia , Updated experience, greater impact, and strive to be the first portal site in Guizhou.

In terms of design style, Guiyang Network presents a waterfall style with a sense of time and city, and has four major product lines: "Guizhou Information", "Guizhou Life", "Guiyantang" and "Guizhou E Group". This will clarify the technical path for the development of online media in Guiyang Daily Media Group and open up the development space for new media.

Channel introduction is positioned as a "regional comprehensive news portal based in Guiyang, radiating Guizhou, and facing the whole country." The site has nearly 20 channels including real estate, automobiles, entertainment, sports, finance, party and government, reviews, videos, etc. And columns.

Entertainment Channel Entertainment Channel is an information channel that collects domestic and foreign entertainment news as well as local entertainment news in Guizhou. Provide netizens with major news events and celebrity latest news, film and television news, and integrate the entertainment news resources of Guiyang Evening News, Guiyang Daily, and Guiyang NetTV under the Guiyang Daily Media Group, covering the entertainment aspects of local stars, arts, fashion, and humanities in Guizhou trend.

Sports Channel Sports Channel is a sub-section of It is one of the local sports information and interactive platforms in Guizhou. Sports Channel now has ten main sections and more than twenty sub-sections. Mass daily updates on the latest information on domestic and foreign sports and local sports. On this basis, the channel released original original manuscripts of this website, including sports commentary, news compilation, etc., to fully meet the needs of the audience.

Comment Channel comment channel is a section of, a news comment channel set up for Guizhou and the whole country.'s comment channel focuses on local news and combines the latest political, social, and cultural hotspots to provide readers with the latest and most timely news commentary.

Party and government channels's Party and Government Channel takes the service of the public as the starting point, and uses Guizhou and Guiyang municipal affairs information as its core to publish major party and government news, major provincial and municipal leadership trends, policies and regulations, personnel appointments and removals, and information announcements. To provide enterprises and the public with effective, timely, convenient, smooth, open, and authoritative party and government information dynamics.

Yunyan Channel

The Yunyan Channel of Guiyang Network is the portal site of the Yunyan District of Guiyang. Relying on the technology, resources and promotion advantages of the entire network, Guiyang Daily Yunyan Channel is one of the multimedia windows for external publicity in Yunyan District, relying on Guiyang Daily Media Group's advantages in news information collection, production, and release.

Wudang Channel

The Guiyang Wangdang Channel was officially launched on May 13, 2014. Wudang Channel relies on the technology, resources and promotion advantages of and the advantages of Guiyang Daily Media Group in news information collection, production, and release to create a multimedia window for Wudang District's external publicity. The Wudang Channel has columns such as Today's Headlines, Wudang News, Social Livelihood, Video News, Grassroots Connections, Medicine and Health, Smart City, Park Style, and Illustrated Wudang.

New Baoyun Channel

The new Baoyun Channel of Guiyang Network was officially launched on May 26, 2014. The new Baoyun Channel was launched by Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and Baiyun District in cooperation with The channel has columns such as today's headline, Xinbaoyun News, video news, media focus, mass line, current political trends, social livelihood and other columns. It will integrate text, pictures, videos and other information to focus on high-tech zones and comprehensive insurance zones through all-media means. And the latest development of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization in Baiyun District.


Gathering of opinions, that is, the convergence of opinions, is the opinion sharing and original comment section of The core purpose of the column is "to unravel the wisdom of the group and change the point of view to the point of view". It mainly uses the daily news hotspots and topics close to the people's livelihood as the main comment content to objectively present controversial topics. At the same time, users are encouraged to share different views and opinions interactively, and establish an interesting and interactive online discussion place.

Viewpoint also relies on Sina Weibo, WeChat and other mobile clients to publish the latest original review content in all directions, and regularly plan O2O activities with local characteristics, such as "write love on the wall" and other special activities.

product description

After further improving the content and channel construction, has successively launched the first media Weibo release hall in Guizhou Province, the nation ’s first “Party News Network Video Hookup”, and the city ’s first government affairs electronic journal “Guiyang Ecological Civilization” Weekly Waiting for multiple new media products. At the same time, "Guiyang Shizhengtong Mobile Newspaper" and "Guiyang Daily Mobile Phone Client" were launched simultaneously, and "Innovative Guiyang" theme ringtones have also been put into use.

In May 2014, launched Guizhou's first gourmet e-commerce platform, Chikehui. The "Economic Exchange" platform integrates offline catering brands and online network resources, pursues a new three-dimensional business model, and is committed to achieving a "network 'point', 'restaurant', 'produce', 'agent', 'send'" business model. Users can easily search for nearby restaurants through "Economic Exchange", understand the restaurant situation, realize online ordering, and can choose their favorite delivery company to enjoy the city's cuisine.


Focusing on the application of the mobile Internet, Guiyang Network has established a micro-matrix product sequence supported by Weibo and WeChat. Guiyang has established official Weibo accounts on both Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo to broadcast the latest news in real time and interact with the majority of netizens in real time. At the same time, also has a series of WeChat public platform products, covering news, education, current affairs commentary, travel and other aspects of life.'s WeChat public platform products include: Guiyang News Network, Viewpoint, Qianxue Gang, Qianrenzhuang, Qiantuxiu,, Guizhou Home, Qianleyou, Qianweiwei, Qianzhuang, Qianbao, Guizhou Medical Museum.