Huaxi District learns and implements the spirit of the Eighth Plenary Session of the Tenth CPC Committee

On December 27, 2019, the Huaxi District Party Committee Standing Committee (Expanded) meeting was held to study the party's construction work in the region.

  • The 6th Huaxi University Town Culture and Art Month ends
  • Guiyang Huaxi District Global Tourism Expansion
  • Gaopo Township, Huaxi District: The harvest of chrysanthemums is happy, the villagers smile
  • Huaxi District military and civilians played "harmony"


Huaxi District Named as National Model City of Ecological Civilization Construction

On December 30, the Guizhou Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on the progress of the creation of the ecological demonstration in the province to inform the progress of the creation of the ecological demonstration in the province. [Details]

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  • Guizhou Video | 70 seconds · Meeting Huaxi

  • Guizhou Video

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Huaxi District Federation of Trade Unions trains skilled practical talents to help tea industry development

  • Huaxi District solidly promotes cadre assistance in villages

  • Huaxi Ma Ling Township holds watermelon festival harvest

  • Huaxi: Harvest on the high slope in autumn is in sight

  • Villagers are harvesting rice in Pingzhai Village, Gaopo Township, Huaxi District