The Propaganda Department of the Guiyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China: Sing the main theme of reform and opening up

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In the 40 years since the reform and opening up, Guiyang's propaganda, ideological and cultural work has always centered on the central work of the municipal party committee and city government, serving the overall economic and social development of the city, singing the main theme of reform and opening up, and vigorously promoting the "unity of man and nature, and the unity of knowledge and action". With the "integration of knowledge and action, and work together to advance" Guiyang's urban spirit, it sang a good voice, demonstrated a good image, condensed positive energy, played a theme song, "outreach business cards" became increasingly bright, and "civilized Guiyang" was pushed forward strongly. The pattern of "three-legged tripod" has begun to appear.

I. Establishment and History of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee

(I) Main duties

The Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee is a comprehensive ideological functional department in charge of the Municipal Party Committee. Its main duties are to organize, deploy, and guide the city's theoretical research, theoretical education, and theoretical propaganda, to guide and coordinate the municipal media, the spiritual civilization of the city, ideological and political construction, and external propaganda. And other work, responsible for the city's social science planning, major government news releases, situation education and social publicity, hosting the Municipal Party Committee Lecturer Group, the Municipal Social Science Federation, the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Office, the Municipal Cultural Federation, the Municipal Aiwei Office, the Municipal Journalists Association , Manage and co-ordinate the news and publicity work on the Internet throughout the city, guide the publicity and cultural system to formulate policies and regulations, manage the leading cadres in charge of municipal departments in conjunction with the municipal organization department, and advise on the appointment and removal of district (city, county) party committee propaganda ministers; Other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and Provincial Civilization Committee. After November 2001, the Municipal Party Committee assigned the functions of directing and coordinating the national defense education of the city to the municipal government office, transferred the function of leading the school's moral education work to the Municipal Education Bureau, and handed over the function of macro-directing the management of the cultural market. The Municipal Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

(II) Institutional establishment and historical evolution

In 2001, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of the" Three Decisions "Work of Guiyang Municipal Party and Government Organs," which clarified once again the functions, responsibilities, and internal institutions of the Municipal Party Committee's Propaganda Department. Among them, the internal institutions included offices and research laboratories. , Theoretical Education Division, Press and Publication Division, Literature and Art Division, Propaganda Division, Cadre Division, Foreign Propaganda Office, the municipal establishment is 40, of which, 1 Minister, 3 Deputy Ministers (including Director of Civilization Office), full-time Deputy Director of Civilization Office 1 person, 2 investigators or assistant investigators, 16 directors and deputy directors (directors), 8 chief clerks or deputy chief clerks, 6 agency logistics staff career establishment.

In September 2006, in order to meet the needs of the promotion of cultural industry development and cultural system reform in Guiyang under the new situation, the Municipal Party Committee approved the establishment of the "Cultural System Reform and Cultural Industry Development Office" and approved the addition of two administrative establishments. The Ministry of Publicity has an administrative staff of 45 and 9 internal agencies. In April 2007, in order to further strengthen the management and supervision of Internet news propaganda in emerging media, and actively guide online public opinion, the Municipal Party Committee approved the establishment of an "Internet News Management Office" and increased the number of section-level leadership positions to 1. The number of section-level cadres reached 10 (including 3 from the Civilization Office). In October of the same year, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee approved and agreed to increase the establishment of two members of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee to a total of 44 (including 8 from the Civilization Office).

In April 2004, the Municipal Party Committee agreed with the Municipal Civilization Office to add two additional administrative establishments and an internal research organization “investigation team”; in July of the same year, an increase in the number of middle-level cadres. In November 2010, the Municipal Party Committee agreed that the Municipal Civilization Office will set up a "Volunteer Service Working Group" to increase the number of section-level leaders. In April 2012, according to the actual needs of work in Guiyang City, the Municipal Party Committee agreed to the City Spiritual Civilization Office to set up a "Creation Working Group" to work with the Volunteer Service Portfolio Office and add 1 deputy director (deputy county level). In September 2015, the Municipal Party Committee agreed and reported to the Municipal Editorial Committee for approval to rename the agency secretary group, research group, coordination group (minor moral and moral construction working group) and volunteer service working group in the office of the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office. For the Secretariat, one, two, three.

In order to strengthen the management of the network society and promote the orderly operation of the network in accordance with the law, in August 2012, the Municipal Party Committee decided to establish the Guiyang Internet Information Office, which has three departments (general level) including a comprehensive coordination section, a public opinion analysis section, and a public opinion information section. . There are 15 approved career establishments, including 3 leadership positions and 3 branch-level leadership positions.

In 2013, in accordance with the spirit of the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Management of Internet Publicity and Management" of the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Provincial Government, the Municipal Party Committee agreed and the Municipal Editorial Committee approved the establishment of a full county-level appropriation under the supervision of the Municipal Committee Publicity Department Institution: Guiyang Internet Information Office, whose business scope includes the supervision and management of Internet information content, coordinating the planning and construction of key news websites, investigating and punishing illegal and illegal websites in accordance with the law, and organizing and coordinating online publicity; strengthening Internet public opinion research and guidance services System construction, collection and collation of online public opinion, monitoring and tracking, trend research and judgment, information reporting, processing, distribution, response and disposal, organization of online comment guidance, establishment and management of online comment teams, coordination and crackdown on the use of the Internet to disseminate illegal information and rumors, and rectify actions False and vulgar illegal advertisements, cracking down on obscene and pornographic information on the Internet, etc. It has a comprehensive coordination section, public opinion information section, public opinion analysis section, online evaluation section, and network construction section. It has approved 30 staff members, including 9 party and administrative managers and 21 professional and technical personnel, including 1 director (promotioned by the municipal party committee) Deputy Minister of Management concurrently), 1 full-time deputy director (deputy county level), 2 deputy directors (department level), and 10 branch-level positions. In May 2014, with the approval of the Municipal Editorial Board, the original 21 professional and technical personnel were reorganized to 20, and one was an office worker.

In April 2015, the Municipal Party Committee decided to adjust the Municipal Party Committee's External Propaganda Office (City Government Information Office) from Zhengke to Deputy County Level. It is located in the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and has a director (concurrently served by the Deputy Minister of the Municipal Committee Propaganda Department) and a full-time deputy. 1 director (deputy county level).

In November 2016, in order to further strengthen Guiyang's "three innovations" comprehensive assessment work, the municipal party committee decided that the Guiyang Patriotic Health Operation Committee's office will be added with the "Guiyang city" three innovations "work comprehensive assessment office" brand, implementing "one institution, two "Brand brand" management system, the affiliation of the Municipal Aiwei Office (the municipal "three innovations" assessment office) is adjusted from the municipal government directly under the public institutions to the municipal Party committee directly under the public institutions, managed by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department. The number of internal institutions has been increased from 3 to 4 (all of them are at the department level), including the General Division, the Ivy Business Division, the Establishment Supervision Division, and the Evaluation and Evaluation Division, with the addition of a full-time deputy director (deputy county level) and a department level The number of cadres has increased from 5 to 7, including 4 in the department and 3 in the assistant department. The number of employees has been increased by 5 to a total of 20.

2. Theoretical construction work

(I) Development History

1978 to 1985: The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party held in 1978 made a strategic decision to shift the focus of the party's work to socialist modernization. The Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee carefully studied and comprehended the spirit of the Central Committee. According to the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, it carefully organized and studied "Resolutions of Several Historical Issues of the Party Since the Founding of the People's Republic of China", "Practice", "Where Do People's Correct Thoughts Come From" and Deng Xiaoping's "In "Speech at the Party's Theoretical Work Retreat", etc., held a "Learning Seminar on the Standards of Truth", that is, the discussion of practice as the sole criterion for testing truth, striving to remove the "left" ideological constraints, and vigorously carrying out the work of clearing the source of the ideology and theory.

1985-2002: The theoretical propaganda work during this period has organized a large-scale discussion on productivity standards, a discussion on "serving the people wholeheartedly," a discussion on revitalizing Guiyang's economy, a discussion on "developing the western region, how to do in Guiyang", A series of theoretical discussions and propaganda and education activities such as the "Guiyang New Round of Thought Emancipation" study on the situation of Guiyang and reform and development, the discussion on the relationship between economic system reform, and the building of spiritual civilization, so as to adapt the ideology of the broad masses of cadres and people in the city to reform and opening up The trend of the times has initially established new ways of thinking, values and development concepts.

From 2002 to the present: This period revolves around the thorough implementation of the spirit of the 16th, 17th, and 18th National Congress of the Party, vigorously studying and publicizing the important thinking of the "Three Represents," the scientific concept of development, and Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The party's mass line education practice activities, the "three strict and three real" special education and "two learning, one doing" study and education, education and guidance of the majority of party members and cadres in the city to build a solid foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of the spirit, stabilize the rudder of thought, walk The right way and solid work have gathered a strong force to promote the development of Guiyang.

(Two) main results

1. The theoretical study of party members and cadres is increasingly institutionalized and standardized:

The focus of theoretical armed work is leading Party members and cadres. The first is to adhere to regular learning, formulate a theoretical center group learning plan, clarify learning goals and tasks, and clarify learning content and methods. Adhere to the combination of self-study and intensive learning, and invite experts and scholars to provide special tutoring and research around the center of work to continuously deepen learning. The second is to insist on expanding learning, make the most of limited learning resources, and allow more party members and cadres to share the best learning resources. The third is to establish and improve the system of learning assessment, evaluation, incentives and punishment, and take the theoretical study of party members and cadres as an important content and important indicator for democratic evaluation of party members, comprehensive assessment and evaluation of leading groups and leading cadres.

2. Theoretical preaching promotes the full coverage of theoretical armed forces:

In order to effectively solve the problem of theoretically armed the masses, Guiyang City has established a city, district, and township three-level theory preaching team, and further established the Guiyang Socialist Core Values Preaching Group and Sheli Township Preaching Group in 2014. The city-level theory preaching team is composed of the theoretical backbone of the Municipal Party Lecturer Group, the Municipal Party School and other units, and conducts city-level preaching activities for all districts, cities, counties and municipal units; the District Propaganda Department, District Party Schools, and district (city, county) agencies The local people's preaching team formed a district-level theory preaching team and carried out preaching activities to towns and communities. The grass-roots preachers led by each township and village (neighborhood committee) formed a theory preaching group, which was aimed at community residents and farmers. Households conduct face-to-face presentations. Every year, the city organizes theoretical backbones to take the "listening, checking, talking, speaking" mode for training, that is, listening to lectures, checking materials, experiencing, giving lectures, increasing the amount of information, broadening the knowledge, and improving the ability to express.

3. Innovative theoretical learning carrier stimulates enthusiasm for learning:

Guiyang City continues to innovate theoretical propaganda models and learning carriers, build three platforms of the party committee (party group) center group, party school (administrative school), and online learning, and carry out a series of activities such as professional training, conference training, and activity promotion training; Forums, seminars, and other meetings; learning special editions and columns have been opened on platforms such as Guiyang Daily, Guiyang Learning Network, and Zhixing Magazine to exchange learning experiences; since 2003, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee has led the organization of filming The theoretical documentary TV film "Wake Up the Sleeping Capital" and "Guiyang for Moral Education" were included, among which "Wake Up the Sleeping Capital" was selected as the "Five One Project" award for the spiritual civilization construction of Guizhou Province in 2001-2003. In 2014, the "Chase the Chinese Dream" organized by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee won the "Five One Project" award for the 13th Guizhou Province's spiritual civilization construction.

4. Prosperity and development of philosophy and social science work:

Forty years since the reform and opening up, the development of philosophy and social science research in Guiyang has been booming. First, the establishment and improvement of philosophical and social science institutions and teams. Five philosophy and social science teaching and research armies formed by the Social Science Federation, the Lecturer Group, municipal universities, party and government departments (including party history and local history system), and party schools have been formed. In August 2017, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Guiyang University jointly established the Marxism College, and added the Guiyang Socialism Research Center with Chinese Characteristics to further improve the "four platforms" of Guiyang's theoretical propaganda. At present, Guiyang has published dozens of philosophies such as "Journal of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee", "Journal of Guiyang College" and "History of Guiyang Literature", as well as "Guyang Propaganda", "Guiyang Social Science", and "Guiyang Party History". Journal of internal academic theory of social sciences. In addition, Guiyang Daily also has a special theoretical page. Guiyang City Social Science Federation established two social science popularization bases with Guiyang Nursing Vocational College and Guiyang Hongde Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 and 2015, respectively, and was named "National Humanities and Social Science Popularization Bases". In 2016, the social science popularization base was listed in Xiangbahu Village, Zhazu Town, Xiuwen County. The second is the sound development of the cause of philosophy and social sciences. The city's philosophy and social science research has basically formed a relatively complete discipline system. The disciplines are mainly distributed in Marxist philosophy, party history, party building, political science, economic theory, applied economics, sociology, law, history, library science, and Chinese literature. More than ten disciplines such as education and applied sciences, among which applied economics and history are the superior disciplines of Guiyang. Since 2004, the Guiyang Social Science Forum has been held every year to build a platform for academic exchanges and dialogues between the social science community in Guiyang and experts and scholars inside and outside the province in the form of annual meetings. In addition, the social science departments such as the Municipal Social Science Federation, the Municipal Social Science Planning Office and other social science departments have focused on the major theoretical and practical issues in the development and reform of Guiyang City. In the past six years, social science workers in the city have completed various research projects More than 300 articles have been published in national, provincial and municipal newspapers. Third, the development mechanism of the philosophy and social sciences has been gradually improved, and management has become increasingly scientific. Since 1989, Guiyang City has carried out the social science awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Guiyang. It has been held ten times so far, and more than 900 awards of various types have been awarded. Most social science research institutions and universities have also established scientific research incentive mechanisms and formulated a series of scientific research incentives. At the same time, promote the transformation and feedback of the results of social science research. Every year, the results of philosophy and social science topics are compiled and published for public publication, and published in abstracts in newspapers and periodicals. The full texts of important results are submitted to relevant departments for reference.

3. Publicity work

(I) Continue to advance ideological and political construction

In the early days of reform and opening up, with the party's focus shifting to economic construction, Guiyang's ideological and political construction work gave full play to the role of unified understanding, cohesion, and inspiring spirit in economic construction work. In March 1980, the city's ideological and political work conference was held; in January 1983, the city's rural ideological and political work conference was held; in March 1986, a "wide-hearted service to the people" discussion was held throughout the city.

In the 1990s, the city's ideological and political work gradually improved its standardized and institutionalized connotation. By investigating the operation of 223 enterprises' publicity and political institutions in the city, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee drafted and issued "On Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Political Affairs of Propaganda" Guidance on Work and other documents, held Guiyang employees' ideological and political work research conference, carried out ideological and political education and publicity to institutions, enterprises and rural areas, organized and held "Guiyang City Street Ideological and Political Work Experience Exchange On-Site Meeting", "Guiyang Enterprise Thought "Political work experience exchange meeting, deepening corporate reform forum", holding corporate political engineer training courses, etc., to do a good job of the city's ideological and political construction.

In May 2005, the Civil Affairs Bureau approved and approved the "Guiyang Workers' Ideological and Political Work Research Association" officially changed its name to "Guiyang City's Ideological and Political Work Research Association", which shifted ideological and political work research from enterprises to rural areas, communities, schools, institutions, and scientific research. Schools and other fields have been expanded, and a survey report on "Status and Reflections on Ideological and Political Education of Guiyang University Students" has been completed. Since 2012, the Guiyang Ideological and Political Work Research Association has actively explored the characteristics and rules of ideological and political work in the new situation, earnestly fulfilled its basic duties and obligations to do a good job of ideological and political work, and carried out investigations, theoretical studies, special training, and promotion of foreign affairs. A lot of solid and effective work has been carried out in exchanges and strengthening team building.

(2) Comprehensively carry out the public service advertising of "illustrating our values"

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in accordance with the central government ’s requirements for the promotion of socialist core values, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee has formulated and issued the Guiyang City ’s “Five-entry and Five-Promotion” propaganda and education activities to cultivate and practice the core of socialism. The “Implementation Plan for Values”, through continuous promotion activities of “publicity cadres attending lecture halls”, annual “culture, technology, sanitation, three rural demonstration activities and socialist core values into 10,000 families” and other activities for publicity and education, focusing on the construction of “illustration of our "Values" theme streets, theme communities, theme parks, theme squares, etc. Through the outdoor advertising, electronic display, building televisions, bulletin boards, cultural walls, transportation, building enclosures, light box display boards and other publicity positions, the core values are continuously published. Excellent public service advertisements of video, audio and graphic, make every effort to create positive energy on the street, integrate the core values of socialism of 24 words of "three advocates" into the daily life of citizens, and promote the formation of a strong spiritual force that strives for improvement and morality.

(3) Leading by advanced models, creating a strong atmosphere of learning advanced and being advanced

Focusing on advanced typical propaganda work, in recent years, under the leadership of the municipal party committee, the city's propaganda ideological and cultural front, relevant municipal departments, and districts (cities, counties) have worked together to focus on the cultivation, propaganda, and learning of advanced models, and organized development. After the promotion of the tree selection of "the most beautiful person", "post learning Lei Feng pacesetter" and "Guiyang role model", Liu Xingshun, an old party member of Guanshanhu District in the country's top ten "most beautiful community people", and Liu Fang, a blind female teacher in Baiyun District And other major typical. Actively cultivate the social trend of learning advanced, advocating model, and seeing the wisdom of the people, continuously building spiritual highlands, stimulating the positive energy of society, forming a good demonstration effect in the society, and playing a good role model.

Fourth, the news outreach work

(I) Construction of propaganda carrier

Guiyang Daily was first published in 1980 and is the newspaper of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. In December 2008, the Guiyang Daily Media Group was established with the approval of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China in accordance with the requirements of "two separations" in the acquisition, editing, and management of the cultural system reform of the Central and Provincial Party Committees. After more than 10 years of reform and development, Guiyang Daily Media Group has formed a media structure of “Five Newspapers, Three Magazines, Two Networks and Three Ends” with the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee ’s newspaper “Guiyang Daily” as its leader (Five: Guiyang Daily, Guiyang Evening News "Friends of Health", "Travel and Leisure News", "New Century Sports News"; three issues: "Commodity Review", "Flower Creek", "Boao Watch"; two networks:, China Big Data Industry Observation Network; three ends: Guiyang Daily, Guiyang Toutiao, Data View three mobile clients). At present, the Group's newspaper business scale and market share rank first in the province, and the emerging media's communication influence ranks first in the province. The coverage of mobile Internet communication is about 5 million people. It has been recognized by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television as "National Digital Transformation." "Demonstration units" (one of the two in Guizhou Province) is a media cluster in the provincial capital with significant influence in the western region.

Guiyang People's Broadcasting Station was established in 1984 and Guiyang TV Station was established in 1985. In November 2010, in order to implement the reform of the cultural system, with the approval of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, it was agreed to merge the former Guiyang People's Radio Station and the former Guiyang TV Station to form the Guiyang Radio and TV Station. The two merged Guiyang Radio and Television Stations are self-receiving and self-supporting units at the county level. They are enterprise-managed and are under the leadership of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and managed by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee.

(2) In terms of news and publicity work

For many years, municipal news media have continuously enhanced the effectiveness of news dissemination. Adopted a variety of reporting formats, opened up new columns such as live broadcast Guiyang, executive power, created new brands such as "Ecological Civilization Weekly" and "Big Data Weekly", organized and planned "Towards the era of big data in China's digital economy industry tour" "Knowledge Discover "Yangming on the Journey" and other large-scale interview activities. Through "professional and authoritative reports, objective and rational interpretations, in-depth and unique analysis," grasp the dominant power of public opinion. The Party Congress, the two congresses, the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization, and the Digital Fair , National Minority Games, National Hygienic City, National Civilized City Creation, Chinese New Year Lantern Festival Temple City, Citizen Music Season and other important central, provincial and municipal conferences, major events, and key work were comprehensively publicized and reported. Major events such as the collapse of houses in the rock area and the burning of bus 227 provided effective guidance. In recent years, it has actively followed the law of news dissemination, adapted to the development trend of the media convergence era, paid attention to the discourse system and expression methods in the all-media era, focused on subject matter and genre classification, and innovated reporting concepts, and created, Guiyang Headline, Data View, @ 贵阳A group of influential new media platforms, such as Zhizhi Guiyang, provide diversified, personalized and professional information services, draw on the relaxed and ingenious style of absorbing new media, improve the structure of traditional texts, change the media context, and rebuild Advantages of traditional media. Guiyang Radio and TV Station, Guiyang Daily, and Guiyang Evening News have edited and edited works such as "Green Ribbon in the Cold Wind" and "Beacon Guard" to win the China News Award, City Radio and TV News Awards and other honors.

In terms of external publicity, we have always adopted a combination of going out and inviting to closely consolidate communication and collaboration with the central, provincial and Hong Kong mainstream media, innovate ideas, and open up new prospects for overseas publicity, focusing on forming a deep, three-dimensional, and internationalized On the basis of the established "Shuang Shuang Guiyang" brand, relying on the concept of innovation and development, and relying on major conferences and events such as digital fairs and crowdfunding conferences, it has issued a good voice to the world. , Tell the good story of Guiyang, spread the positive energy of Guiyang, and create a new business card of "China's Digital Valley".

(3) In terms of city image publicity

On the basis of the established "Shuang Shuang" brand, all levels and departments of Guiyang City have organized trips to France, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, India, Canada, Belgium, Greece and other countries, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong Various types of tourism, trade and economic exchanges, cultural exchanges, etc. in Taiwan, Taiwan and other places. Has produced more than 20 various types of Guiyang city image promotional videos, introduced in the United States, Macau, CCTV and the International Ecological Conference, International Big Data Expo and other conferences; has produced and published "Drift Sight-Two French Eyes" More than 30 brochures and books including Guizhou in the International Medical Aid Team in Guizhou, refreshing Guiyang (Chinese and English version), blog post Guiyang, and the book of Guizhou said the city; Guiyang · China's Data Valley "City Cloud Business Card.

(4) In terms of news release

Continuously strengthen the construction of the news release system and strive to improve the level of public opinion guidance. Various systems such as the party committee, government press spokesman system, government information disclosure regulations, and major emergency response plans have been introduced to ensure that the news release work is implemented. The city's party committee and government news spokesman are fully equipped and trained. There are more than 1,000 spokespersons in the city; a special municipal government news release hall is set up to improve its internal facilities to provide a special place for press releases of municipal departments, districts, cities, counties, and units; press conferences focus on major policies and exhibitions Activities, livelihood hotspots, etc., adhere to the combination of daily releases, special releases and emergency releases, and effectively serve the city's economy and society through the organization of press releases, media meetings, press briefings and other forms of press releases. The overall situation of development and press releases have basically become normalized in Guiyang.

V. Literary and cultural work

(I) Attention to the achievements of cultural infrastructure construction

In the early days of reform and opening up, the people's spiritual and cultural life was gradually liberated from the relatively single atmosphere in the past. Various cinemas, theaters, theaters, libraries, etc. became important places for people to enjoy cultural services. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the economy and society have made great progress, and the needs of spiritual and cultural life have suddenly increased. These limited cultural infrastructures have been unable to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the broad masses of the people. Contradictions have become increasingly apparent. Increased capital investment, continuously accelerated the pace of new cultural infrastructure construction and reconstruction, raised funds through multiple channels to transform part of the cultural infrastructure, and completed a series of important cultural infrastructure construction and reconstruction work. The new library of Guiyang Library was completed and opened in 1996, with a construction area of 10,421 square meters, and the collection of books that year reached 650,000 volumes (pieces). In 2005, the new museum of Guiyang Mass Art Museum was opened, with an area of 5,026 square meters, with complete functions and facilities; In September 2005, the Guiyang Art Center Building was put into use. The city art center occupies a building area of about 13,724 square meters. It has stage performances, movie screenings, shopping malls, and parking lots, which became the fashionable consumer market in Guiyang at that time. The Guiyang Grand Theater with an investment scale of 438 million yuan was put into use, covering an area of 14,615 square meters and a building area of 36,376 square meters. It integrates functions such as theatrical performances and conference reception, film screenings, cultural and art exhibitions and other exhibitions, art training, and catering services. As a whole, it has become an iconic building of Guiyang cultural facilities; Guiyang Studios was completed and put into use in 2007, and the studio has multiple digital projection halls; in October 2008, the Guiyang Guoyi Building project was completed and put into use, which was occupied by the Guiyang Peking Theater The construction area is 6,200 square meters, which can meet the needs of office, performance, rehearsal and so on.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guiyang City took the opportunity and grasp to create the second batch of national public cultural service system demonstration areas to comprehensively promote the construction of cultural infrastructure. The city has a municipal library and mass art. Museums, art galleries, and Guiyang Grand Theater, Guiyang Starlight Theater and other city-level public cultural facilities, 10 county-level libraries, 10 cultural centers, the city's two-level public cultural service facilities setting rate is 100%; 75 towns and cities throughout the city have The township comprehensive cultural station has a separate installation rate of 100%; the installation rate of public electronic reading rooms equipped with community and township standards is more than 70%, and 100% reaches the standard of public electronic reading rooms. The city's 912 administrative villages have achieved full coverage of rural bookstores. There are 176 cultural mobile service points in the city, and 100% of non-profit cultural units have areas and projects that provide services to special groups. In addition, the city has implemented sports facilities construction path projects, radio and television village-to-village connections, and household-to-household connections. The increasing improvement of various facilities has laid a solid foundation for the construction of urban and rural cultural facilities network systems. On the basis of improving security facilities, Guiyang City has started the construction of cultural facilities with special features and enhancements. For example, Guiyang has taken advantage of the construction of big data to build a public space WIFI wireless broadband free service system to drive the construction of modern cultural communication platforms with big data. Another example is the well-known Guiyang Confucian School, the new museum of Guizhou Museum has been completed and put into use, 6 city cultural squares and China Yangming Cultural Park, Guiyang Science and Technology Museum, Guiyang City Memory Museum, Guanshan Lake Grand Theater, Guizhou Cultural Square, Colorful cultural facilities such as the Guizhou City Cultural Exhibition Center have been started and completed. The completion of these cultural infrastructures has greatly changed the old appearance of “broken, old and few” cultural facilities in Guiyang. The layout of cultural infrastructures has been further rationalized, and the ability to provide cultural services to the general public has been greatly enhanced.

(2) Fruitful creations and performances

From 1978 to the late 1980s, various arts performing groups explored the path of institutional reform in accordance with the central spirit, implemented academy contracting systems, reformed the distribution system, innovated internal operating mechanisms, explored new areas of management, and innovated artistic performances. In the more than ten years since the Third Plenary Session, the professional troupes of the city have launched a series of new stage art works in the wind of reform and opening up. In the 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the development of the socialist market economy, the contradiction between literary and artistic creation and performance and the reform and opening up, the socialist market economy, and the cultural needs of the people appeared. The development of artistic productivity was affected, and the reform task was urgent. . With the care and support of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the literary and art circles began to make changes in seven aspects, including adjusting the layout, capable teams, and changing mechanisms. This round of reform has greatly liberated the productive forces of the arts, and has yielded fruitful results in performing many shows and performing: a group of outstanding talents such as Hou Danmei, Cao Jianwen, Chen Zekai, who have an important influence in the national literary and artistic circles; Numerous outstanding literary and artistic shows, including "Fan Zhongyan", "Brightest Star, Best People", "Planting 1,999 Reunion Trees" won the "Five One Project Award" of the Central Propaganda Department, and Wenhua of the Ministry of Culture New Repertory Award, Outstanding Performance Award of the 4th China (Chengdu) Drama Festival, "A Family Book" won the "Golden Lion Cup" National (Hefei) Drama Competition Award of the Ministry of Culture, "Louban" "Butterfly Dance Azalea-Skating" "Won the" Golden Lion Cup "National (Zunyi) Children's Acrobatics Competition Award of the Ministry of Culture," Louban "also won the Wuhan International Acrobatic Arts Festival Award, and" Nuo Dezhong and Leopard Elite "won the" Golden Lion Award "of the Ministry of Culture National (Guangzhou ) Puppet shadow puppet competition awards, etc.

After entering the new century, the municipal professional academies continued to reform and innovate in the investment mechanism, talent training mechanism, performance marketing mechanism, and distribution system, promoted artistic creation and performance, and launched a large number of outstanding literary programs, including "Buy Women" He was selected for the National Stage Art Excellent Project Repertory Nomination Award and Jinjing participated in the Olympic cultural performances; "Scarlet Ruby" participated in the 3rd China Peking Opera Festival and then the 7th China Art Festival, and won the Wenhua New Repertory Award of the Ministry of Culture, "Five Ones" Engineering Award; "Long Er Brother's Marriage" won the National (Shenyang) Drama Communication Performance Award of the Ministry of Culture, the provincial "Five One" Engineering Award; "Xun" won the National (Dalian) Acrobatics Competition Award of the Ministry of Culture, etc. . Establish and participate in a large cultural activity platform and obtain gratifying results. For example, taking the "Fifth Decade" Chinese Dance Lotus Award National Folk Dance Competition landing in Guiyang as an opportunity to build a national ethnic folk dance competition platform, Guiyang City won a total of 6 gold, 3 Good results of Silver and 7 Bronze; for example, Guiyang City has participated in ten colorful Guizhou series of activities (singing contest, dance contest, tourism image ambassador contest, skit contest) and won the first group score of nine times; There are 16 Golden Qian Awards, 21 Silver Waterfall Awards and 25 Bronze Drum Awards. During this period, the troupe performed unprecedentedly frequent foreign cultural exchanges, and successively performed in Greece, the United States, Canada, South Korea, France, Malaysia, and other places, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, which has shaped the city's image of foreign culture.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have adhered to the "people-centered" creative orientation, brought into full play the advantages of professional artistic talents of Guiyang Beijing Theater, Performing Arts Group, and art academies, and actively encouraged various teams and experts to carry out fine art and creative creations. A number of fine arts. Among them, in 2012, there were 6 works in the TV cartoon "Dongzhai Searching for Songs", the TV series "Love in a Small Town", the radio drama "Xinhai Guizhou", "Yinuoqianjin", the song "Hometown Moon", and the book "Ideal Toughness". Won the twelfth "Five One Project" work award in Guizhou Province, of which 4 works were selected and sent to the Central Propaganda Department to participate in the national "Five One Project" work award; the 2013 movie "Hey, Hit him a Devil" It has issued nearly 60,000 games on mainstream urban theater lines, national secondary theater lines, and rural theater line platforms. It has ranked first in the rural theater line release rankings for several weeks, and won the second prize of the 6th Guizhou Province Literary and Art Award in the film category. Awards; in 2014, five works including the Peking Opera "Guizhou Duanyan", the TV documentary "Guizhou Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Master", the song "Hands of Mountains and Seas", the radio drama "The Legend of the Old Lady" and the book "Chasing the Chinese Dream" won Guizhou The 13th Provincial "Five One Projects" Works Award, of which the Peking Opera "Qian Ren Duan Yan" was shortlisted in the 15th "Wenhua Award" finals in October 2016.

Guiyang regards the provision of rich spiritual food to the people as the focus of its cultural activities. It focuses on public welfare, brand building, innovative models, and large-scale ideas. It uses Yangming culture, national culture, ecological culture, public culture and other characteristic cultural resources. Based on this, we have created "International Yangming Cultural Festival", "Confucius Academy Special Lecture Series", "Confucius Academy Our Festival Cultural Temple Fair", "Ark Stage", "Gathering Friday", and "Citizen Talent Competition of Zhucheng Plaza" , "Guiyang Micro-film Competition", "Guiyang People's Health Dance Competition", "Guiyang Performance Season", "Guiyang Symphony Orchestra Series Performance Activities" and a series of influential brand cultural activities and Miao's "April Eight ", Buyi's" March 3 "," June 6 "and other cultural brand activities with national characteristics, continue to meet the needs of the people to participate in cultural activities, improve the quality of cultural life, inherit the folk culture, Positive social energy.

6. Cultural reform and cultural undertakings

(1) Successful completion of the first round of cultural system reform tasks

According to the unified deployment of the Central Cultural Reform Office, Guiyang was listed as a comprehensive pilot city for the reform of the cultural system across the country. Combined the Municipal Culture Bureau, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau, the Municipal Radio, Film and Television Bureau, the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, the Municipal Copyright Bureau and other departments to establish the new Guiyang Cultural Press, Publication, Radio and Television Bureau; deepened and improved the "three" system reform of public welfare cultural institutions .坚持“增加投入、转化机制、增强活力、改善服务”的原则,对市图书馆、市群众艺术馆进行了内部机制改革;完成文化综合执法改革。在贵阳市文化市场稽查队的基础上,成立了贵阳市文化市场综合执法支队,为市文广新局所属副县级参公事业单位,主要任务是开展文化市场领域综合执法、维护文化市场领域安全;完成经营性文化事业单位的转企改制任务。 2008年以来,共完成经营性文化事(企)业单位的转企改制(剥离转制、资产重组、合并组建、新成立)12家,新成立国有文化企业6家。目前,全市共有国有文化企业6家。完成整体转制单位10家。其中,市属文艺院团方面转制5家、经营性文化事业单位转制5家。对转企改制的事业单位,按行业性质划分,组建市属国有文化企业4家,分别是:贵阳演艺(集团)公司、贵阳文物商店有限公司、贵州京剧院有限责任公司、贵阳影业集团。目前,全市共注销文化事业单位法人9家。推动党报党刊电视台剥离转制。按照宣传、经营“两分开”要求,对贵阳市所属党报党刊电视台对涉及经营的部分进行资产、业务、人员的剥离划转,成立国有文化企业2家,整体架构实行事业单位企业化管理。党刊方面,挂牌成立了贵阳日报传媒集团(自收自支事业单位),并在集团广告、印务、发行等经营性业务板块的基础上,成立了贵阳日报传媒集团经营有限公司,负责经营、管理集团经营性资产,由贵阳市委宣传部、贵阳市财政局委托贵阳日报传媒集团具体履行出资人监管职责。电视台方面。推动贵阳广播电台和贵阳电视台合并,成立了贵阳广播电视台(自收自支事业单位),并在广告、经营等部分的基础上,成立了贵阳广电传媒有限公司,初步实现了广告剥离和部分节目的制播分离。


































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