Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Political Construction of the Party

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Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Political Construction of the Party

(January 31, 2019)

In order to thoroughly implement the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party in the new era of Xinping, practically strengthen the party's political construction, adhere to and strengthen the party's comprehensive leadership, promote the comprehensive and strict management of the party and develop in depth, and continuously improve the party's governance Ability and leadership level to ensure that the whole party unifies its will, acts and moves forward in unison, and hereby puts forward the following opinions.

I. General Requirements for Strengthening the Party's Political Construction

Clearly speaking, politics is the fundamental requirement of our party as a Marxist party. The party's political construction is the party's fundamental construction. It determines the direction and effect of the party's construction. It concerns the overall promotion of great struggles, great projects, great undertakings, and great dreams.

In each period of revolution, construction, and reform, our party attaches great importance to the party's political construction and has formed a fine tradition of stressing politics. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has placed the party ’s political construction in a more prominent position and stepped up efforts to form a clear political orientation, eliminating serious political dangers within the party and promoting party politics Major historical achievements have been made in construction. At the same time, we must be sober to see that the political problems existing in the party have not yet been fundamentally resolved. Some party organizations and party members and cadres ignore the politics, downplay the politics, and do not speak politics. The problems are more prominent, and some even deviate from the direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Serious problem. To effectively solve these problems, we must further strengthen the party's political construction.

To strengthen the party's political construction, we must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, adhere to the principles of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents," the scientific development concept, and Xi Jinping. Guided by the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the era, adhere to the party's basic theory, basic line, and basic strategy, implement the general requirements for party building in the new era, strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences," and resolutely safeguard the Party Secretary General Xi Jinping The core of the central government and the core status of the whole party, resolutely maintain the party's central authority and centralized and unified leadership, align the political direction, adhere to the party's political leadership, consolidate the political foundation, cultivate political ecology, prevent political risks, maintain political integrity, and improve politics. Ability to build our party stronger and stronger, ensure that our party has always been a strong core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and provide a strong political guarantee for the realization of the "two hundred years" goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The purpose of strengthening the party's political construction is to strengthen political beliefs, strengthen political leadership, improve political capabilities, purify the political ecology, and achieve unity and unity of the entire party. It is necessary to follow the party constitution as the fundamental principle, and implement the party's constitution clearly defined in the party's nature and purpose, guiding ideology, and goals, lines and programs. It is necessary to highlight the fundamental status of the party's political construction and focus on the party's political attributes, political mission, political goals, and continuous pursuit of political pursuits. It is necessary to take the party's political construction as the command, to pass political standards and political requirements throughout the party's ideological construction, organizational construction, work style construction, discipline construction, and system construction and the fight against corruption. In-depth development leads the overall improvement of the quality of party building. We must persist in problem orientation, focus on "targeted therapy", and make up for shortcomings on outstanding issues such as weak political awareness, unstable political stance, insufficient political capacity, and misconduct. It is necessary to integrate the party's political building into the formulation and implementation of major party and state decision-making arrangements, so that the party's political building is closely integrated with and promoted by various business tasks, especially central work.

Second, strengthen political beliefs

In order to strengthen the party's political construction, we must adhere to the guiding position of Marxism, persist in arming the entire party and educating the people with Xi Jinping's new-style socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, consolidate the ideological foundation, keep in mind the original mission, and consolidate the majestic strength of building the Chinese dream together.

(A) insist on arming the mind with the party's scientific theory

Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of building the party and the country. Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era are contemporary Chinese Marxism, 21st-century Marxism, a guide for the entire party and the people to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and a powerful ideological weapon that has been tested and practiced with great power. Long-term adherence and continuous development. It is necessary to deeply study Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen ideological and political education, promote learning and education to go deep, go to the heart, and go to the real, and truly realize deep learning, integration, true faith, and consolidate the whole party. The common ideological basis for the people of the whole country to work in unity. We must strengthen our ideals and beliefs, firmly establish the common ideals of Communism and the ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strengthen the spiritual backbone of the Communists, resolutely prevent unbelief from Marxism, ghosts and gods, truth from money, and resolutely oppose all kinds of distortions, tampering, and denial of Marxism Wrong thinking. It is necessary to strengthen the "four self-confidences" and firmly believe that socialism with Chinese characteristics is a dialectical unity of the theoretical logic of scientific socialism and the historical logic of Chinese social development. It is the fundamental direction of development and progress in contemporary China. The only way to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Leading cadres must take the lead in learning theories, strengthen beliefs, build the foundation of faith, make up for the spirit, and stabilize the rudder of thought. Implement the education plan for the ideals and beliefs of young cadres, and vigorously cultivate socialist builders and successors who have a strong communist belief and high Marxist theoretical literacy.

(2) Firmly implement the party's political line

As the party's political line, the party's basic line in the primary stage of socialism is the lifeline of the party and the country, and the line of happiness of the people. It must be resolutely defended and implemented firmly. The more we face the severe and complicated international and domestic situation, the more we are in the critical period of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the more we must maintain a sober mind and strategic determination, fully implement the party's political line, and focus on economic construction and adhere to the four basic principles. Principles and adherence to the two basic points of reform and opening up are unified with the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and must not be deviated or shaken in the slightest. To adhere to the party's political line, we must comprehensively implement the basic strategy of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, coordinate the overall layout of the "five-in-one" and coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, and achieve the goal of "two hundred years" continue trying. The entire party formulates and implements the policy of the big policy, starting from the party's political line; deploying major strategies, tasks, and work to advance the cause of the party and the state must be carried out closely around the party's political line. All regions and departments determine their work ideas, work arrangements, policies and measures, and they must consciously align with the political line of the party and make corrections in a timely manner. We must resolutely fight against all words and deeds that violate, distort, and deny the party's political line.

(3) Resolutely stand firm in political positions

Political stance matters. The entire party must always be firm in its Marxist stance, adhere to the unity of the party and the people, and resolutely stand firm for the party and the people. We must adhere to the party ’s banner as the banner, the party ’s direction as the direction, and the party ’s will as the will. We must always strive to speak with the party, worry about the party, and serve the party at all times. We must adhere to the people as the center, build the party for the public, govern for the people, practice the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, establish a sincere people's feelings, put the people at the highest place in our hearts, always trust the people, rely on the people, and People's longing for a better life is the goal of struggle. It is necessary to unify the responsibility to the party and the people, thinking about issues, making decisions, and doing things are based on the interests of the people, advocating hard work, diligent administration for the people, and devoting energy and mind to stable growth, reform, structural adjustment, In terms of benefiting the people's livelihood, preventing risks, and maintaining stability, we are committed to solving the most direct and most realistic interests of the people, and strive to make the people have a greater sense of gain, happiness, and security.

Third, adhere to the party's political leadership

The party is the highest political leadership. The party's leadership is the most essential characteristic of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. To strengthen the party's political construction, we must uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership, improve the party's leadership system, improve the party's leadership style, and assume the political responsibility of governing and rejuvenating the country.

(4) Resolutely implement "two maintenances"

It's about the Quartet, it's about the central government. To uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership, the most important thing is to resolutely maintain the party's central authority and centralized and unified leadership; the most important thing is to firmly maintain the core of General Secretary Xi Jinping's party center and the core of the whole party status. It is necessary to educate and guide party members and cadres to deepen their understanding of history and reality, theory and practice, and the combination of domestic and international, and to strengthen their identity. The core Party Central Committee maintains a high degree of consistency, so that the Party Central Committee advocates a firm response, the Party Central Committee implements the decision resolutely, and the Party Central Committee bans resolutely not doing it. It is necessary to continuously improve the system and mechanism that guarantee the "two safeguards" based on the party constitution, strictly implement the "Several Guidelines on Political Life in the Party under the New Situation", "Regulations on Reports on Important Events of the Communist Party of China", "Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" Several regulations on strengthening and maintaining the Party Central Committee ’s centralized and unified leadership, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the Party ’s line, principles, policies, and resolutions, improve the Party ’s major decision-making arrangements and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s instructions for implementation Oversight of accountability mechanisms. We must resolutely implement the "two maintenances" with correct understanding and correct actions, and resolutely prevent and correct all wrong words and deeds that deviate from the "two maintenances". We must not engage in any form of "low-level red" or "high-level black" and never It is permissible to be a two-sided person, a dualist, and a "pseudo-loyalty" to the party's central government.

(5) Improve the party's leadership system

Adhere to the party's overall view, coordinate all parties, establish and improve the system of adhering to and strengthening the party's comprehensive leadership, and provide a solid foundation for implementing party leadership in reform, development, stability, internal affairs, foreign affairs, national defense, and the governance of the party and the country. Institutional guarantee. To study and formulate intra-party regulations for the party to lead important work in all aspects of economy and society. We will improve the system and mechanism of the Party Central Committee to centralize and lead major work. Improve the system of local party committees, party groups, and party working organs to implement party leadership. Establish and improve the rules and regulations governing the role of party committees (party groups) of state-owned enterprises and grass-roots party organizations in rural areas, institutions, and community communities. To implement the provisions of the Constitution, the formulation and amendment of relevant laws and regulations must clearly stipulate the legal status of the party's leadership in related work. The requirements of upholding the party's comprehensive leadership will be included in the organizational laws of the People's Congress, the government, the courts, and the procuratorate, the constitutions of the CPPCC, the Democratic Parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the people's organizations, state-owned enterprises, colleges and universities, and relevant social organizations. These organizations implement the system of leadership to ensure that they always work proactively, independently, and in a responsible manner under the leadership of the party.

(6) Improve the Party's leadership style

Focusing on the party's direction, overall planning, policy setting, and promoting reform, strengthening strategic thinking, innovative thinking, dialectical thinking, rule of law thinking, and bottom-line thinking, correctly formulating and resolutely implementing the party's line policies and policies, and continuously strengthening the party's political leadership, Thought leadership, mass organization, and social appeal. We must adhere to the fundamental leadership system of democratic centralism, be good at using democratic methods to gather opinions, make scientific decisions, and be good at building consensus and cohesion through negotiation. At the same time, we must be good at focusing and dare to take responsibility to prevent indecision and inaction. . We must adhere to the basic leadership method of the mass line, continuously strengthen the working skills of the masses, promote the style of investigation and research, improve and innovate ways to connect with the masses, adhere to the online mass line, pool people's wisdom and strength, and be good at propagating the party's Theories, guidelines, and policies have turned the party's ideas into conscious action by the masses. Resolutely oppose the "Four Winds", especially formalism and bureaucracy. We must adhere to the basic leadership method of governing according to law, pay attention to governing the country with state-of-the-art thinking, and be good at making the party ’s propositions become the will of the country through legal procedures, transform them into laws and regulations, and consciously bring the party ’s leadership activities into the institutional track.

Improving political capacity

The key to strengthening the party's political construction is to improve the political capabilities of various organizations and party members at all levels. It is necessary to further strengthen the political functions of party organizations, highlight the political attributes of state organs, give play to the political role of mass organizations, strengthen the political orientation of state-owned enterprises and institutions, and constantly improve the political skills of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres.

(7) Enhance the political function of the party organization

The strength of the party comes from the organization. Political attributes are the fundamental attributes of party organizations. Political functions are the basic functions of party organizations. We must conscientiously implement the party's organizational line in the new era, and constantly strengthen the political attributes and functions of party organizations at all levels and types. The Party Central Committee is the party's supreme leadership organ and the brain and central organ of the Party's organizational system. It exercises centralized and unified leadership over major work related to the development of the party and the country. The Party ’s central government ’s major policies and issues can only be decided by the Party Central Committee. Explanation. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and superior Party committees, local party committees must comprehensively lead the economic and social development of the region, be fully responsible for party building in the region, and resolutely correct the weakening of party leadership, the lack of party building, and the incomplete and strict administration of the party. The party's grassroots organizations must focus on improving their organizational strength, highlighting political functions, strengthening political leadership, and working hard to resolve the problem of weakness and dispersal. The party branch should assume the responsibility of directly educating party members, managing party members, supervising party members and organizing the masses, advocating the masses, uniting the masses, and serving the masses, and give play to the role of fighting fortress. Under the leadership of the party organization that approved its establishment, the party group must play an important role in managing the overall situation and ensuring implementation in its own department and unit, and ensure that the party's central and superior party organization decisions are deployed in the department and unit. The party's disciplinary committees at all levels must further strengthen the functional positioning of the specialized agencies responsible for supervision within the party, comprehensively supervise and enforce accountability, and resolutely maintain the seriousness and authority of the party constitution and party discipline. The party's working organs should better play the role of the party committee's staff assistant, improve the politics and effectiveness of performing their duties, and strive to be relevant and useful at the moment, better serve the party committee's decision-making, and implement the decision-making. Party members must strengthen the party's consciousness and organizational concepts, consciously identify with the organization, rely on the organization politically, obey the organization at work, and trust the organization emotionally. All party organizations and all party members must firmly establish a sense of chess, and work together in a coordinated and coordinated manner under the centralized and unified leadership of the party's central committee to form an overall synergy of the party's organizational system.

(8) Demonstrate the political nature of state organs

The organs of the central and local levels of people's congresses, administrative organs, CPPCC organs, supervisory organs, judicial organs, and procuratorial organs are all political organs in nature, and they clearly say that politics is their duty. We must always adhere to the implementation of economic and social management activities in accordance with the law under the leadership of the party, resolutely implement the party's basic theories, basic lines, and basic strategies, and actively transform the party's leadership and major policy decisions into laws, regulations, and policy decrees into The arrangements and work activities for economic and social management are transformed into innovations in leadership systems, working mechanisms, and management methods and methods, and into practical results that promote economic and social development. In fulfilling their responsibilities and carrying out their work, state organs must improve their political standing, set a quasi-political direction, focus on political effects, consider political influences, and resolutely prevent and correct wrong perceptions and practices that separate politics and business from each other. Business is integrated and highly unified.

(9) Give full play to the political role of mass organizations

Group organizations such as trade unions, Communist Youth Leagues, and Women's Federations are political organizations under the leadership of the party, and politics is the soul of group organizations. All groups and organizations must conscientiously perform their political responsibilities, give full play to the role of bridges and bonds with the people, increase political mobilization, political leadership, and political education, and better assume the political tasks of guiding the masses to listen to and follow the party To unite the masses who are most closely and closely connected with the party around them. We must unswervingly adhere to the party's leadership, unswervingly follow the path of the development of socialist groups with Chinese characteristics, and unswervingly implement the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment of group reforms, and effectively strengthen the political, advanced, and mass Sex.

(10) Strengthening the political orientation of state-owned enterprises and institutions

State-owned enterprises are an important material and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Institutions are responsible for meeting the growing public welfare service needs of the people. They are all important relying forces for our party to govern and rejuvenate the country. State-owned enterprises and institutions must always adhere to the party's leadership, resolutely implement the party's guidelines, policies, and conscientiously implement the party's central government's decision-making arrangements for advancing the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and institutions, effectively strengthen the party's work in its own units, and give full play to the importance of party organization Role to ensure that the work unit adhere to the correct political direction and achieve good political results.

(11) Improve the political skills of party members and cadres

Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, must strengthen their political ability training and political practice experience, and earnestly improve their ability to grasp the direction, grasp the general situation, grasp the overall situation, and discern political right and wrong, maintain political determination, manage political situations, and prevent political risks. We must have a clear attitude and a firm stand in the face of right and wrong, and always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core in political positions, political directions, political principles, and political roads. We must be good at studying and judging the situation politically, analyzing problems, and consciously thinking about problems and doing work under the overall work of the party and the state, so as to obey everything and serve everything. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of danger and risk, enhance political acuity and political discrimination, sensitive factors that are likely to cause political problems, especially major emergencies, and proneness to sexual problems. Adverse phenomena, keep a high degree of vigilance, keep your eyes bright, see things early, and act fast. It is necessary to improve the ability to deal with risks, block the risk conversion channels in different fields in a timely manner, and prevent non-public risks from expanding into public risks and non-political risks from becoming political risks. We must strengthen the spirit of struggle, strengthen the political role, dare to show our sword and be good at fighting, and find that we will resist acts that violate political discipline and endanger political security. We must be "warriors" who are brave to fight, and "gentlemen" who do not care for their feathers. Let the wrong words and bad ethics be left unchecked, evade responsibility, and negligence.

V. Purification of Political Ecology

In order to strengthen the party's political construction, it is necessary to take the creation of a clean and upright political ecology as a basic and regular work, dredge its source, contain its forests, cultivate righteousness, and solidify its roots, and persevere and work for a long time to achieve fullness of righteousness and political clarity. .

(12) Serious political life within the party

To create a good political ecology, we must strictly implement the "Several Guidelines on Political Life in the Party under the New Situation", strive to improve the quality of political life in the Party, and strive to form a centralized, democratic, disciplined, free, and There is a united will and a personal and comfortable political situation. Strengthen the political nature of political life within the party, strengthen political education and political guidance, allow party members and cadres to regularly undergo political medical examinations, clean up political dust, purify political souls, enhance political immunity, and resolutely prevent and overcome political life within the party. Ignore politics and weaken politics. No tendency to talk about politics. Enhance the epochal nature of political life within the party, actively adapt to the new situation in the information age and new changes in the ranks of party members, actively use emerging technologies such as the Internet and big data, innovate the content of party organization activities, and promote "wisdom party building" to make political life within the party consistent Full of vitality, resolutely prevent and overcome the tendency of the party's political life to be non-innovative, non-vigorous, and copied. Strengthen the principle of political life within the party, adhere to the party's work and activities in accordance with the principles, handle various relations within the party in accordance with the principles, resolve the contradictions and problems within the party in accordance with the principles, strictly implement the party's organizational life system, and convene a democratic life conference seriously And organize life meetings, improve the quality of the "three sessions and one lesson", implement talks, democratically evaluate party members, and theme party days, and adhere to and improve political rituals such as re-entering the party ’s oaths and party members ’“ political birthdays ”to make life within the party Solemn, solemn, standard, and resolutely prevent and overcome the tendency of the party's political life to be non-principled and trivial and vulgar. Strengthen the fighting nature of the party's political life, adhere to criticism and self-criticism in the spirit of rectification, courage to confront ideas, expose ugliness, clear-cut adherence to truth, correction of errors, unification of will, promotion of solidarity, the establishment of a sound democratic life, attending guidance, and timely calling The system of suspension, order reopening, and rectification of notifications has been resolutely prevented and overcome the tendency of the party's political life to be peaceful, appraise merit, and protect oneself.

(13) Strict political discipline and political rules of the party

Political discipline is the party's most fundamental and important discipline and an important guarantee for purifying the political ecology. It is necessary to make "two safeguards" resolute as the primary political discipline, continue to carry out in-depth loyalty education throughout the party, carry out the establishment of "discipline and discipline" model institutions and advanced personal selection activities, and urge the party members and cadres to be loyal and honest to the party It is absolutely forbidden to contradict the Party Central Committee and engage in liberalism on major political principles and major issues. The "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" shall be strictly implemented, behaviors that violate political discipline shall be investigated and dealt with severely, and other Party disciplines shall be made stricter through strict political discipline. Adhering to the "five musts", we must safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and must not deviate from the Party Central Committee's requirements for another system; we must maintain the Party's unity and must not allow the cultivation of personal power within the Party; we must follow organizational procedures and never allow unauthorized We must adhere to organizational decisions and must not allow non-organized activities; we must properly control the relatives of leading cadres and the staff around them, and must not allow them to exercise power and seek personal gain. Seriously investigate and deal with the "seven problems" issue, identify and remove politically transformed two-sided people in a timely manner, resolutely prevent the formation of interest groups within the party to seize political power, change the nature of the party, and resolutely prevent hillheadism and sectarianism from endangering the party. Unite and undermine the party's centralized unity.

(14) Developing a Positive and Healthy Political Culture within the Party

Creating a good political ecology is inseparable from the infiltration and nourishment of the political culture within the party. Adhere to the "Three Stricts and Three Realities", vigorously promote the values of loyalty, honesty, fairness, truth-seeking, honesty and integrity, and make full use of various patriotic education bases and party nature education bases to educate and influence the majority of party members and cadres, and strengthen the political determination of party members and cadres. Force, discipline force, moral force, anti-corruption force. Vigorously advocate clear and refreshing comrade relations, regular superior-subordinate relations, and clean political and business relations, and promote uprightness and establish a new style. Promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and cultivate the political integrity and political style of party members and cadres. Carry forward the revolutionary culture, pass on the red gene, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and educate party members and cadres to correctly handle the relations between public and private, justice and benefit, right and wrong, righteousness and evil, and bitterness and joy. Promote advanced socialist culture, promote publicity and education of socialist core values, and guide party members and cadres to take the lead in being a firm believer, active communicator, and model practitioner of socialist core values. Resolutely resist vulgar and decaying political culture, consciously resist the erosion of the party's life by the principle of commodity exchange, and severely deal with irregularities such as power, money, and color transactions, and break the feudalism of relationship science, thick black science, and officialdom. Dross, resolutely prevent and oppose individualism, decentralism, liberalism, standardism, good personism, resolutely prevent and oppose sectarianism, circle culture, and dock culture.

(15) Emphasize political standards

Selecting and employing people is the vane of political ecology. We must adhere to the principle of managing the cadres by the party, implement the standards for good cadres in the new period, always put political standards first, pay attention to the selection and appointment, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", consciously and firmly "the four self-confidences," and resolutely achieve the "two safeguards" The cadres who have fully implemented the Party's theory, line, and policies, are loyal and clean, and have implemented "one-vote veto" for politically unqualified cadres have been resolutely adjusted in leadership positions. Strictly implement the "Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres" to further highlight political standards in the selection and employment of personnel and strengthen political control. Formulate and implement the "Regulations for the Evaluation of Party and Government Leading Cadres", establish and improve the mechanism for identifying and evaluating the political quality of leading cadres, and strengthen the in-depth inspection and assessment of cadres' political loyalty, political determination, political responsibility, political ability, and political self-discipline. Politically two-sided people stand out of the door. Kuang Zheng's selection and employment practices persisted in resolving the unhealthy practices in selecting and employing people, and he found behaviors such as kinship, greetings, running officials, buying officials, selling officials, and bribery elections to investigate and deal with them together. The cadres carried out retrospective investigations and dealt with the political standards seriously. Strict implementation of the documentary system for the selection and appointment of cadres, and for those who privately interfere with the selection of a subordinate or the original place and unit, shall be documented and held seriously accountable.

(16) Permanent political integrity

Resolutely opposing corruption and building a clean politics are necessary conditions and important tasks for cultivating a political ecology. Strengthen the deterrence against corruption, adhere to the anti-corruption non-prohibited zone, full coverage, zero tolerance, adhere to heavy containment, high pressure and long-term deterrence, use the "four forms" of supervision and discipline, and focus on investigating and punishing the party's 18th National Congress. Corruption cases that do not stop, clues reflecting the concentration, strong response from the masses, and political and economic issues are intertwined. Serious violations of the spirit of the eight central regulations are investigated and dealt with, and the state of anti-corruption and high pressure is maintained. Tighten the incorruptible cages, improve the party and state supervision systems, strengthen restrictions and supervision on the operation of power, and cut off the benefit transmission chain through reform and institutional innovation. In particular, it is necessary to find out the points of clean government risks for the units and posts that manage people, money, and materials, and through scientific management, strict supervision and the role of patrol swords, effectively manage power, and resolutely oppose privileged behaviors and privileges. I really feel that Qingzheng cadres, Qinglian government, and Qingming politics are all around. Strengthen the consciousness of not wanting to be corrupt. Leading cadres, especially senior cadres, must take the lead in strengthening party culture, knowing awe, keeping fear, and keeping the bottom line, and resolutely prevent being "rounded up" by interest groups. Persevere in pursuing political ethics. Virtue, take the lead in abiding by the "Code of Integrity and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China", pay attention to family tutorship, and consciously be a model of integrity, self-discipline, integrity, and integrity.

Strengthening organizational implementation

Strengthening the party's political construction is a major and arduous political task. All regions and departments should further strengthen the consciousness and steadfastness of advancing the party's political construction, unify thoughts and actions to the requirements of the party's central deployment, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen responsibility, and ensure that the measures proposed in this opinion are implemented. Ensure that the party's political construction is effective.

(17) Implementing Leadership Responsibility

To establish and improve the responsibility system for advancing the party's political construction work, party committees (party groups) at all levels must earnestly bear the main responsibility for the party's political construction work in their own regions and departments, and incorporate it into the overall layout of the party committee (party group) work. Carefully study deployment and vigorously promote implementation. The party committee (party group) secretary must conscientiously perform the duties of the first responsible person, personally deploy important tasks of the party's political construction, personally ask important questions, and personally handle major incidents. The other members of the party committee (party group) should work according to the division of responsibilities and the requirements of "one position, two responsibilities", and do a good job of managing the party's political construction in departments and fields. Leading groups for party building work at all levels must play the role of overall coordination. Disciplinary inspection and supervisory agencies at all levels and relevant departments of the party committee must perform their duties and responsibilities, and perform their duties related to advancing the party's political building work. The central and state organs must take the lead and demonstrate in advancing the party's political construction, set an example in the in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, set an example in maintaining a high degree of consistency with the party's central government, and resolutely implement it. The Party Central Committee set an example in decision-making and deployment, building a model organ that assures the Party Central Committee and satisfies the people.

(18) Grasp the "key minority"

To strengthen the party's political construction, it is necessary to persist in the combination of "critical minorities" and management of the "majority", with the focus on seizing leading organs and leading cadres and exerting their exemplary and leading roles. Leading cadres at all levels, especially senior cadres, must deeply understand their special importance and the major responsibilities in strengthening the party's political construction. The higher the position, the more consciously and strictly they must be, and they must strengthen their political experience, accumulate political experience, and improve politics. Wisdom, such as faith, will, iron, political firmness, absolute loyalty, honesty, integrity, and responsibility, resolutely "two safeguards" and become a firm Marxist. Implementation of the "first leader" political capacity improvement plan.

(19) Strengthening Institutional Security

To strengthen the party's political construction, it is necessary to penetrate the whole process and establish a sound long-term mechanism to form a systematic and effective political norm system to truly implement the party's political construction with rules and evidence. . Insist on integration and linkage, improve the relevant systems of the party's legal system, and improve the relevant provisions of the national legal system, and clearly put forward relevant requirements in various articles of association to achieve complementarity and organic unification. Adhering to clear standards, it not only puts forward political high lines to encourage party members and cadres to yearn for practice, but also draws a political bottom line to prevent party members and cadres from exceeding their norms. Adhere to strict rules and regulations, increase publicity, education and enforcement, urge party members and cadres to imprint the party's political norms in their hearts and implement them in action, and resolutely maintain the authority of the system.

(Twenty) strengthen supervision and accountability

All regions and departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the party's political construction work as an important part of inspections and inspections, deepen political inspections, strengthen political supervision, and strive to find and correct political deviations. Explore the establishment of a political and ecological evaluation system in the region and department. Include the party's political construction work into the party committee (party group) secretary's grasp of party building review and evaluation and party building assessment system, and highlight its weight. Insist that accountability is required for accountability, accountability is strict, and accountability for serious acts of implementing the party ’s political construction is inadequate, the party ’s political construction work is inadequate, and acts that violate the party ’s political discipline and political rules are seriously held accountable.

All localities and departments should closely formulate and implement specific measures in accordance with their own actualities. The Central Military Commission may, based on this opinion, put forward specific opinions on strengthening the political construction of the military party.

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