[MG Animation] Sample of Guiyang Community Hospital

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Close to home, good services, many projects, no queues ... At the Guanshan Community Health Service Center of Guanshan Lake Taikangle Hospital, the "three-level" medical services made the residents in the area praise.

What is the origin of such a service center?

In 2017, as one of the “Ten Practical Things” in Guanshan Lake District, the innovative model of Guanshan Lake District introduced Taikangle Hospital to manage the center, and strengthened the center's operational capacity and service efficiency in a “public-private” joint venture model. This practice also Let the service center be regarded as a sample of Guiyang Community Hospital by the industry.

How about the strength of this sample?

Hardware "high profile"

The center has a top three hospital configuration-covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with various departments, physical examination centers, day care centers for the elderly, and four thousand-level laminar flow operating rooms; CT, four-dimensional color ultrasound, electrocardiogram and other domestic advanced sets Medical equipment, cosmetic and plastic equipment are the best and most complete in Guizhou Province and even the southwestern region.

Strong team

The director of the community service center, Xiang Defen, has been the second-level national professor of the Party Committee Secretary and Dean of Jinyang Hospital for more than 20 years; the 2 chief physicians, 5 deputy chief physicians, and 16 attending physicians have most of the top three hospitals. Experience; the core of the team is all graduate degrees.

High quality resources

The center has established a medical consortium with Jinyang Hospital and Guiyang Stomatological Hospital, a cooperative relationship with Beijing Physical Examination Center, a remote consultation mechanism with Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, and it is also used as a medical treatment by the People's Government of Guizhou The only workstation of Professor Zhang Yixin, the Shanghai Nine Academy of Core Experts in Health Assistance and Guizhou. Relying on Taikang Hospital, it has also set up day care centers for the elderly, confinement centers, and medical plastic surgery.

Behind the sample is the infusion of the powerful strength of Taikangle Hospital.

Taikangle Hospital continuously explores the road to the construction of primary health care institutions, and builds together with community service centers to provide basic medical protection for about 200,000 residents around the jurisdiction!

(Planning Wu Yapeng Li Yong; Copywriter Wang Dongwei; Original Painting Thursday Weiting Wang Yuqiao Bai Qianxuan; Animation Shang Minghong Li Yuanfa Zhang Liang)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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