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Column: Greatness is ordinary, noble is simple. There are such a group of people in Guiyang, who have created extraordinary performances with sincerity and great love in ordinary posts. Since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, they have injected vitality into Guiyang's rapid development. Today, Guiyang Net special launches a series of reports, tribute to ordinary heroes!

A hero was born in an instant. And this moment is the responsibility that needs to be gathered into the sand like a tower and integrated into the blood. This is the case of our hero Ma Jintao, who uses his own life and blood to protect the safety of the people.

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Ma Jintao was born in Lintong County, Henan Province. Like many boys, he has had a "police dream" since he was a child. In 2013, Ma Jintao wished to become a policeman at the Guizhu Police Station of Huaxi Branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau.

Ma Jintao, who realized the "police dream", soaked in the masses of the district every day, listening to the voices of the masses, and helping the masses solve the problem. After one or two visits, he "joined" with the people in the area, and everyone called him "Police Officer."

On December 20, 2018, Guizhu Police Station received a clue about a drug-related case. On this day, Ma Jintao was not on duty. But after learning about this situation, he took the initiative to ask him to join the war.

At 17:00 on the same day, Ma Jintao and his colleagues came to a residential building in Qixia District, Guiyang City, and wanted to arrest the drug-related criminal suspects living there.

To avoid hitting the grass and scaring the snake, Ma Jintao arranged for colleagues to wait for the signal in the car, while he was squatting at the scene.

Time passed minute by minute, and the suspect opened the door. Seeing this, Ma Jintao immediately stepped forward to arrest him. The two fought fiercely.

During the fight, Ma Jintao was unfortunately stabbed with a sharp weapon by the suspect. After the suspect escaped and ran away, Ma Jintao fell into a pool of blood because of his injuries and died at 18:20 after a full rescue.

On December 24, the farewell ceremony of Ma Jintao's body was held at the Funeral Parlour in Jingyun Mountain, Guiyang City. In the silent hall, cries were mournful.

The 78-year-old uncle insisted on holding a cane to send "Pony Police Officer" on his last trip. He shed tears and said: "Police Officer deserves this police uniform and is a good policeman."

The city is sad! Hundreds of knights whistled off in front of the Lingtang, and nearly 10,000 people spontaneously went to the funeral home to bid farewell to Ma Jintao.

Say comfort to the spirit! On December 21, the suspects Lu Mou, Qian Mou and Du Mou who stabbed Ma Jintao were arrested by the police and sentenced to death, life imprisonment, and 9 years in prison on April 12, respectively.

A hero was born in an instant. And this moment is the responsibility that needs to be gathered into the sand like a tower and integrated into the blood. Our hero, Ma Jintao, has been awarded as "the outstanding Communist Party member of the whole province" and "the first-class hero model of the public security system."

Guiyang Daily News Media reporter Li Pingping

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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