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Sun and moon changes


70 years of vicissitudes

Guigui Land Grows with New China

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Guiyang Rongmedia Center · “Guangzhou Video”, in conjunction with county-level Rongmedia centers in Guiyang, plans to launch a series of “70 seconds · Meet Guiyang” micro-videos, showing the development of Guiyang for 70 years Change, so that good memories and future expectations, freeze in the flowing time.

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[70 seconds · Meeting Nanming]


Named because of the Nanming River in the territory

This is the historic old town

Net rookie

Not only temperament and beauty coexist

And tradition and fashion complement each other

Come here, swim Nanming with celebrities

Wang Yangming advocates "integration of knowledge and action" here

Li Duanyu establishes Guizhou's first public normal school

Dade College witnesses the ups and downs of the times

Wang Boqun's Former Residence Represents the Style of the Republic of China

Seeing the Nanming River passing through the city

The scenery of Guanjiaxiu Tower

徜徉 in Xiaochehe Wetland Park

Feel the greenness of poetry and painting

Enjoying symphony at the Guiyang Grand Theater

Hunter Lixing Yitiancheng shopping hi

Say hi against the huge confession wall of the twin towers

Check in Asia's No.1 Flower Orchard Now

Of course

The old godmother who flies around the world

Bowen Noodles at Pok Oi Road

Specialty Grilled Fish on Qingyun Road

Love Tofu Fruit on Erqi Road

Cozy enough to stop

GDP exceeded 80 billion yuan in 2018

“Top 100 National Comprehensive Strength Zones” deserves its name

Innovation and entrepreneurship attract talents, cultural tourism integrated development

The "Double Creation" Top 100 Areas, National Top 100 Investment Potential Areas, and Top 100 Scientific Development Areas

13 consecutive "Qiancha fragrance fragrances and healthy products" activities

Become an important business card for Guizhou to introduce tea culture industry to the outside world

Nanming, you are great!

Produced by "Qian Video" team

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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