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Sun and moon changes


70 years of vicissitudes

Guigui Land Grows with New China

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Guiyang Rong Media Center · Guiyang Network "Qian Video" and Today's Headline · Watermelon Video linked the county-level Rong Media Center in Guiyang to plan and launch a series of "70 seconds · Meet Guiyang" micro-videos. Show 70 years of development and change in Guiyang, so that good memories and future expectations, settled in the flowing time.

Launch of episode six today


[70 seconds · Meeting Wudang]


A poetic forest of springs in the forest

Here you can play like this

Spring Tour Yangchang Flower Painting Town

Summer playing canyon to eat bayberry

Autumn Ginkgo Picking

Eat hot soup in winter bath

Here is this sample

Love Rhyme

Lover plum, sweet as honey

Drunk Rhythm

Buyi welcome wine, the fragrance is very intoxicating

Mei Yun Du Zhai

Dustpan painting, beautiful

Fu Yun Wang Gang

Hundred miso soup, long blessing

Ancient Rhyme · Longjiao

Ancient papermaking, a thousand years of history

Five charms of Quancheng, each with its own flavor

Xiangzhigou, Lover's Valley, Yudongxia

The landscape here is patchwork

Shuidong Culture, Tunpu Culture, Buyi Culture

Here is rich in history and culture

Buyi "June 6", Five-colored Sticky Rice, Rice Festival

The ethnic customs here are strong

Smart pharmacy, smart logistics center, smart Yunjin incubation base

The big health industry is here

Guiyang East Station, Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Rail, Metro Line 3

The traffic layout here is in all directions


Wudang will be built into Guiyang

More important regional support

More important industrial highlands

More important ecological barriers

Central Guizhou Secret, Ecological Wudang


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Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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