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Sun and moon changes


70 years of vicissitudes

Guigui Land Grows with New China

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Guiyang Rong Media Center · Guiyang Network "Qian Video" and Today's Headline · Watermelon Video linked the county-level Rong Media Center in Guiyang to plan and launch a series of "70 seconds · Meet Guiyang" micro-videos. Show 70 years of development and change in Guiyang, so that good memories and future expectations, settled in the flowing time.

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[70 seconds · Meet Guiyang]

Speaking of Guiyang

do not know?

Can't GAI?

Then "swing"

Scent of tea by Jiaxiu floor

Cool on the banks of the Nanming River

Reckless eating at the night market stall

Refreshing Guiyang

Guiyang Real Shotgun

Positive economic development

GDP remains high

Overtaking in a curve

Tear off underdeveloped labels

On the road to high-quality development

"Made in Guiyang"

Laoganma Xiangpiao Wuzhou

Engineering vehicle to Antarctica

Flying to the Moon

Amazing bridge technology world

High level opening en route

Have a "friend circle"

17 international friendship cities

20 million airport passenger throughput

188 million tourists

Heavenly satellite "Guiyang-1"

There is also an annual international event-

International Big Data Industry Expo

Guiyang Big Data

The most beautiful business card

The first city to propose the development of big data

Layout of 10 big data industrial parks

The main revenue of big data companies reaches 100 billion yuan

Gathering 170,000 big data talents

Guiyang Big Data Exchange has over 4,000 tradable data products

62 units, 105 government affairs systems, 100% cloud

Open more than 6.3 million government affairs data for free


"Shuang Shuang" Guiyang

Dare to try

Create a "number of valleys"

Counterattack all the way

Guiyang, Real Shotgun

Produced by "Qian Video" team

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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