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Guiyang Rong Media Center · Guiyang Network "Guangzhou Video" and Today's Headline · Watermelon Video will link up with various county-level Rong Media Centers in Guiyang to plan and launch a series of "70 seconds · Meet Guiyang" micro-videos to show the development and changes of Guiyang in a panoramic view, making it beautiful Memories and future expectations are fixed in flowing time.

Launch tenth episode today

[70 seconds · Meet Qingzhen]


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This is the west gate of Guiyang, and it is also a beautiful ecological lake city. Follow us into Qingzhen and see the style of the Central Guizhou.

The ecological beauty of Red Maple Lake is its most beautiful business card. The lake is bright, the waves are clear, the rafting, the gulls and the herds gather, and the clear waters and mountains merge into one.

Ecological scenery brings prosperity to the industry, 10,000 acres of tea gardens are fragrant with tea, fruit and vegetable bases are busy picking, seedlings and medicinal herbs are planted to become rich, and green water and green mountains make Jinshan and Silver Mountain. The new era of rich and beautiful villages is fascinating.

The cradle of the vocational education in Guizhou is woven in this youthful vocational education city, where the students are demonstrating grandeur and brilliance.

Quite a unique commercial scenic spot, time Guizhou, homesick Guizhou, taste Guizhou, four seasons Guizhou, tourism and leisure, pastoral landscape, food culture, water park, there is always a way to get your heart.

The top 100 counties of national investment potential, the national top 100 deep breathing towns, and the national e-commerce demonstration top 100 counties, the heavy honors have witnessed the prosperity here.

This is Qingzhen, a beautiful new lakeside city. Have you moved?

Chief Editor: Zhu Yongzhang

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