[Remember to Entrust Thanksgiving and Endeavour] Guiyang High-tech Zone Pairs to Help Nayong County

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A corner of Guiyang High-tech Zone. Photo by Shi Zhaochang

Guiyang High-tech Zone Poverty Alleviation Team visited Longjingquan Drinking Water Plant in Xinqiao Village, Nayong County.


Fulfilling the original mission, will always be on the road. Since the launch of the second batch of "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission" theme education, the high-tech zone has adhered to Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics as the guide, thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and guided party members and cadres to consciously practice "Four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and "two maintenance". Prominent problem-oriented, not only focus on solving the problems of party members and cadres themselves, especially the root cause of ideology, adhere to ideals and convictions, and the original mission is unshakable, and focus on solving the most direct and most realistic interests of the people, for the benefit of the people, for the people The actual results of due diligence are trusted by the people.

Set up the office of the leading group, set up 4 corresponding working groups, and select 3 roving guidance groups to specifically guide the grass-roots party organizations to carry out thematic education. Combined with the bottlenecks that restrict the high-quality development of high-tech zones and the reality of promoting the development of high-tech zones, There are 13 investigation and research topics for party members and leaders at district and county level or above, and 44 topics for district departments (units) to investigate and select; 3 special lines for thematic education policy consultation, reporting and mass reflection, and a thematic education consultation box for the whole The district listens to the people's opinions and gathers their wisdom. As of now, it has handled more than 240 consultations of party members and the masses, and received 284 suggestions ... At present, the second batch of high-tech zone "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education is in full swing, all units at all levels have learned , Check it up, tune it up, and change it up, the theme education has achieved tangible results.

"I never thought that water could also be developed as an industry." Chen Dianfa, a villager in Xinqiao Village, Zhaile Town, Nayong County, pointed at the mineral water at his house and said cheerfully, "I still have the vision of the party members and cadres of Guiyang High-tech Zone to make water. "Live", everyone laughed. "For about a year, Guiyang High-tech Zone helped Xinqiao Village build Longjingquan Drinking Water Plant, Ecological Greenhouse, Village-level Convenience and Benefit Service Center, and the poor villages in the old days turned to industry. The happy village with development, clean village appearance and beautiful environment has made steady progress.

In the process of carrying out the theme education of “do not forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, Guiyang High-tech Zone always regards pairing and helping Nayong County as an important political task. Combining the practical problems of poverty alleviation in Nayong County, insisting on the "point-line-surface" combination of assistance ideas, focusing on the "Decision of Xiaqiu" and "A Series of Activities on Poverty Alleviation Day", the implementation of "1331" assistance action, Xiaqiu decisive battle "231 The "five activities" of the "Aid Action" and "Poverty Alleviation Day" solidly promoted the pairing work to help Nayong County achieve tangible results.

"When I first went to Xinqiao Village, the villagers were still living on traditional crops such as potatoes and corn. Due to the natural conditions such as climate, geography, and resources, the villagers' living conditions were very difficult." Guiyang High-tech Zone in Nayong County Wen Xin, deputy leader of the poverty alleviation task force and deputy director of the Guizhou Science City Park Office, said that in 2018, the high-tech zone will take Xinqiao Village, Zhaile Town, Nayong County as a key assistance village, and support the village to build an agricultural tourism complex assistance project. A total of 61.021 million yuan of assistance funds have been invested.

All beginnings are hard. After the poverty alleviation task force arrived in Xinqiao Village, it began to visit the poor households quickly. Visits are made on a household-by-household basis, focusing on understanding household income and industry willingness. "Natural mountain springs flow in the mountains behind the village, and springs flow continuously throughout the year. At the beginning, the villagers only proposed to build a cistern to store the mountain spring water. However, the poverty alleviation team discovered through investigation that the villagers did not lack water at all. To store water, I just don't want to waste resources. "Wen Xin said.

To win the battle against poverty, industrial poverty reduction is the key. "In order to really help the village get rid of poverty and become rich, the poverty alleviation team took advantage of the high-tech zone's own advantages to invite experts from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau's Product Quality Testing Institute to rush to the local area to investigate the environment and water quality around Xinqiao Village. The experts found that the water quality here is very good It ’s very suitable for building a drinking water plant. ”Wen Xin said. After learning the news, the poverty alleviation team immediately organized villagers to open a dam meeting and told everyone about the idea of building a water plant. What are the benefits of being good ... Villagers clap their hands with excitement! "

"It is not easy to build a drinking water plant. The poverty alleviation task force has repeatedly coordinated relevant provincial and municipal units to carry out project planning, water sample inspection, and introduce local companies in Nayong to operate." Wen Xin said that at that time, the task force basically worked overtime every night. 2. Make plans and be busy until one or two in the morning before going to sleep. As a party member and cadre, we must not forget our original intentions, keep in mind our mission, and set the goal of satisfying the people's longing for a better life as our struggle.

Today, the Xinjingcun Longjingquan Drinking Water Plant has been officially put into operation. It has set up 4 service points for sales and distribution in Nayong County, Zhaile Town, Shabao Township, and Liupanshui City. The daily sales can reach about 20,000 yuan per day. It is estimated that the drinking water plant can drive at least 2,000 yuan in dividends for each of the remaining 20 poor households each year.

At the same time, Guiyang Hi-tech Zone supports the construction of agro-tourism complex industrial projects in Xinqiao Village, including village-level convenience service centers, ecological greenhouses supporting industrial roads and bridges, solar street lights, etc., which have been completed and put into operation; 50 ecological greenhouses It has also been completed, tomato and pepper planting has been completed, which can drive 20 poor households to pay more than 1,000 yuan per household; the planting of blood ginseng, codonopsis, Qianhu, and bellflower in the Chinese herbal medicine pilot project has been completed.

Today's Xinqiao Village, the water is "live", the bridge is up, the lights are on, and people's smiles are sweeter and their hearts warmer. (Reporter Yi Ying / Wen Gao Xinxuan / Picture Liu Peng / Video)

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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