Guizhou Video 丨 Open engine is strong, leveraging Ssangyong opportunities under the new channel of land and sea

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On November 11, Guiyang City and County two-level financial media center jointly interviewed the fifth stop of "Integrating into the New Channel of Land and Sea and Creating an Open New Heights" and entered the Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone.

Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone is the east gate of Guiyang. There are Airport Road, BRT stations, roundabouts, Guixin, Xiarong Expressway, etc. here, close to Guiyang East Passenger Station, Guiyang East Exit Expressway ...

On August 15, 2019, in accordance with the "State Council's Reply on the Master Plan for the New West Sea, Land and Sea Corridor", the National Development and Reform Commission's website released the Master Plan for the New West Sea Land and Sea Corridor. Among them, Guizhou Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone was included in the focus of hub economic construction. Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone ushers in significant development opportunities! At present, the Economic Zone is planning to build a “Guizhou Shuanglong Aviation Port and Coast Comprehensive Economic Zone”, “relocate” coastal ports to the inland, explore new models of inland opening up, and build 100 billion The large-scale air economy demonstration zone and Guizhou's inland open economy have contributed to the increase.

At present, the Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone is relying on Longdongbao International Airport, the only port in the province, to seize the opportunity of the construction of a new channel for land and sea in the west. "Construction, Ssangyong-change appearance integrated logistics hub and international mountain tourism alliance project construction, comprehensive exploration and improvement of the opening function.

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