[Guiyang Heroes Spectrum ②] Grandma in Water

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Lei Yueqin was born in the war years of 1937. At 12, she came to Guiyang with her parents. At that time, the Nanming River passing through the city like a green ribbon was Lei Yueqin's most beautiful memory of the Nanming River.

With the development of urban industrialization, steelmaking plants, paper mills, and leather mills have been successively built along the Nanming River. Black wastewater and white foam have turned Nanming River into a large dyeing tank. Lei Yueqin looked in his eyes and hurt in his heart.

After retiring, Lei Yueqin devoted himself to environmental protection in 1984. She carried a pot of water on her back and started a person's river cruise.

From then on, on the banks of the Nanming River, I would often see an old woman lying on the bank of the river and watching the water quietly; I often took a water bottle with me and connected it with some water to send it for testing; I picked up garbage and cleaned the bank of the Nanming River. .

Difficulties and obstacles continue on the long moat. One day, beside the Huaxi River, Lei Yueqin saw many people surround a large circle. Taking a closer look, it turned out that a man hung a dead rabbit on a tree trunk to dissect, and threw the rabbit's internal organs into the river.

"Stop!" Lei Yueqin, who was not tall, stood out in a roar. She rightfully warned the man.

But the man was violently thundering, one hand kept waving a sharp knife, and the other hand kept pushing Lei Yueqin's shoulder. A few hesitations, Lei Yueqin almost fell to the ground. But without fear, she continued to point out the man's wrongdoing.

The surrounding people were convinced by Lei Yueqin's dedication and courage. One after another stepped forward to blame the man, and some young people also used their bodies to block in the middle to protect her. The man eventually had to walk away.

In the summer of 1994, Guiyang was under heavy rain, and Lei Yueqin patrolled the river in the rain. When walking to Longwang Village, it was found that a large amount of sewage was discharged directly into the Zhongcao River. Lei Yueqin went to the site for 3 consecutive days to check, and finally figured out the source of the sewage and reported the situation to the relevant departments, and the pollution problem was solved.

Red and black lines, detailed place name identification, and key sources of river pollution ... During the seven spring and autumn periods, the elderly Lei Yueqin painted six pollution control maps of the Nanming River in Guiyang.

Driven by Lei Yueqin, Guiyang City created a new mother river protection model, and more than 400 citizens also volunteered to join the water protection ranks.

Sister Song, a snack business along the Nanming River, affectionately referred to Lei Yueqin as Aunt Lei, saying that Lei Yueqin was a respectable person. Influenced by Lei Yueqin, she not only stopped littering, but also taught her children to care for the environment from an early age.

In November 2014, Lei Yueqin was named the "Excellent Volunteer for Sanguan Green Ribbon" in Guizhou Province, and was selected into the "Top Ten Guardians of the Country". Faced with various honors, the elderly Lei Yueqin said, "I am just one of the most ordinary volunteers. What I do is just to leave a beautiful environment for the children."

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