Guizhou Video | Yunyan: Sharing the fruits of open development, letting the people have a happy life

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On November 20th, Guiyang City and County two-level financial media center jointly interviewed the eighth stop of "Integrating into the New Channel of Land and Sea and Creating an Open New Heights" and entered the Yunyan District of Guiyang.

In recent years, Yunyan District has been marked by the province's total economic volume remaining in the province, and its economic development has maintained a stable and stable quality improvement. With the development along the People's Avenue and Shuobo Avenue as the landmark, the renewal of the old city and the upgrading of business A new chapter was taken; with the construction of the Sanma Industrial Park as a sign, the development of the real economy has created a new situation; it has been awarded the titles of "Top 100 National Comprehensive Strength Zones" and "Top 100 National Investment Potential Zones", and has always maintained a comprehensive Provincial and municipal economic development "Leadership" and "Main Force" in an aggressive posture.

Next, Yunyan District will be guided by Xi Jinping ’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the spirit of the central, provincial and municipal series of important conferences, adhere to high standards, accelerate high-level openness, promote high-quality development, and launch a comprehensive implementation. The "eight major offensives" of the "three major action plans" are relentlessly striving for the construction of a modern first-class Yunyunyan that is first-rate in the country, leading in the province, and demonstration in the city.

Initiate a major offensive to promote the development of new industries. Yunyan District will unswervingly develop high-end and high-end manufacturing industries, focus on developing the biomedical industry, consolidate and enhance the printing and packaging industry, innovate and develop the intelligent manufacturing industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Unswervingly develop the modern urban industrial park, and strive to achieve a total of 10 billion yuan in industrial investment in the industrial park by 2022. Unswervingly revolving around the development vision of "one product, one industry, wealth and prosperity", strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known consumer goods brands, and continuously meet the high-quality living needs of the people in the jurisdiction. Unswervingly do a good job in supporting and cultivating enterprises, and cultivate and incubate more than 50 high-tech enterprises within 3 years. Unswervingly build an innovation platform. By 2022, three new research and development platforms including provincial-level key laboratories, engineering technology research centers, and enterprise technology centers will be built.

Launched a major offensive to revitalize business. Yunyan District will focus on enhancing the business and trade pattern, and in accordance with the "two-axis, ten-circle, multi-point" space layout, a new business system will be formed that is dotted and multi-flowered. Efforts will be made to increase consumer supply, vigorously develop the first store economy and night economy, and encourage and support internationally renowned brands, product brands and service brands to open online red tide shops with traffic in Yunyan District. Efforts to improve the quality of the block, adhere to the "one street, one feature", and create a group of "there are cultures with soul, history and roots, distinctive features, and famous brands." The Guizhou Opera House, Guiyan Cultural Industry Park, and Ark Stage are New landmark of culture represented.

Initiate a counter-offensive. Yunyan District will make good use of the advantages of the consumer market, play the role of "locomotive" and "engine" in the production and marketing docking, deepen the production and marketing docking, industrial poverty alleviation and all-round assistance, and go all out to do a good job in Yinjiang County, Kaiyang County, Changyang The counterpart assistance work is Changzhai Street in Shun County, Dayi Town in Wangmo County, and Bianyang Town in Luodian County.

Initiate a high-level opening up. Yunyan District will focus on improving the policy system, researching and promulgating the "Yunyan District Investment Promotion Incentive Measures" and supporting details, and constructing an investment promotion policy system with "outstanding themes, distinctive features, and effective use". Focus on enhancing the effectiveness of opening up, focusing on mid-to-high-end commerce and trade, and mid-to-high-end manufacturing as the main investment direction, and focus on introducing a number of major projects with large investment scale, high technology content, good market prospects, and strong driving capacity. Focus on optimizing the business environment, fully implement the "one door, one window office, one netcom, one time" service model, and strive to create a pro-business, love business, business care, security business development atmosphere.

Initiate a major offensive to improve the quality of the city. Yunyan District will accelerate the improvement of urban appearance, increase the scale of cities, accelerate the construction of urban road networks, accelerate the optimization of urban structure, improve the "look" and "temperament" of cities, and build the "skeleton" and "meridian" of cities. Realize the organic unification of the city's external image and internal function.

Initiate a major offensive to improve people's livelihood. In Yunyan District, we must persist in the employment work, carry out vocational skills improvement actions, and continue to implement the "full-training" and "Yangui Xinggui" plan. The registered unemployment rate in cities and towns has always been controlled within 4%. Adhere to the education that the people are satisfied with, always adhere to the priority of education, implement the "Six Enhancement Projects" with high standards, build 26 new quality schools in the next 3 years, build 21 international cooperation schools, and incubate 3 to 5 well-known national brands In schools, the total amount of high-quality resources for compulsory education accounts for more than 50%. Insist on strengthening the construction of "healthy dolomite", within 3 years, we will introduce 5 old nutrition nutrition institutions and run 3 branded and large-scale elderly care institutions.

Launch a great offensive to recruit talent. Yunyan District will vigorously implement a three-year action plan for talent “pyramids”, compete for talents and gather popularity, and focus on building five talented highlands for headquarters economy, new industry development, business and commerce, financial services, and cultural creativity, and introduce and cultivate more than 10 provinces within 3 years The talent team led by ministerial experts will have a total of 220,000 regional talents in 2022, providing a new source for economic growth and expanding domestic demand.

Launch a major offensive against risk. The Yunyan District will focus on the "three major battles" of risk investigation and defense, emergency response, and annihilation of difficulties, and improve the comprehensive risk early-warning system of "departments + communities (towns) + villages (housing) + enterprises", supported by Ping An Yunyan The overall stability of the province and city.

Reporter: Yang Li

Editing: Zeng Yuxuan, Li Jinmin, Du Yushi

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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