Guizhou Video | Wudang District: Optimizing the business environment and gathering big health industries

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On November 26th, Guiyang City and County Two-level Financial Media Center jointly interviewed the ninth station of "Integrating into the New Channel of Land and Sea and Creating an Open New Heights" and entered Wudang District, Guiyang.

Wudang District has opened to the outside world at a high level to accelerate the development of high-quality economy, from the entry of unicorn companies such as Yiduyun and Yimushukang, to industry leaders such as Jingfeng Pharmaceutical , Jianxing Pharmaceutical, and Weimen Pharmaceutical Agglomeration, and then advanced manufacturing companies represented by China Zhenhua and AVIC Liyuan to intelligent manufacturing and the back end of the industrial chain, high-end development of the value chain ... Today's Wudang has unprecedented advantages and faces unprecedented opportunities.

Facing the historical opportunity of "the construction of a new channel for land and sea in the west", Wudang has the firm determination to speed up the opening of high water, and also has a greater ambition to build a core undertaking area for the manufacture of high-end consumer goods and the high-end commerce and trade industry. The chess game has been unveiled and it is planned.

Wudang District will highlight the extension of the industrial chain, the promotion of the value chain, the construction of industrial clusters, the construction of a modern economic system dominated by the large health industry, and strive to write the excellent answer of "one product, one industry, and one wealthy industry", and build the city's open development "growth pole" Central and high-end mass consumer goods manufacturing and the core undertaking area of the high-end commerce and trade industry will accelerate the development of Guiyang's more important regional support, more important industrial highlands, and more important ecological barriers, and promote the development and speed up.

Reporter: Yang Li Chang Jinzhang Late: Zeng Yuxuan

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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