Xiyu County promotes health poverty alleviation and builds a 30-minute health service circle

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Since the beginning of this year, Xijing County has focused on solving the problem of allowing the poor to "see a doctor in a place, see a doctor, and have a system to ensure that they see a doctor." It has created a 30-minute rural health service circle, allowing common diseases and chronic diseases in the rural poor to be found in county-level and third-level medical institutions. Get timely treatment.

It is reported that the county has 3 county-level general hospitals, 2 professional public health institutions, 10 government-built township health centers, and 182 village clinics. County-level general hospitals have reached the "second-class" level. 10 The township hospitals are all first-class township hospitals, and the village clinics meet the requirements for standardized construction. County-level hospitals have established telemedicine (ECG, imaging) consultation centers, 10 township health centers standardized digital vaccination clinics, TCM halls, imaging rooms, and ECG rooms have been completed and put into use, equipped with X-ray machines (CR, DR), There are 9 types of equipment, such as biochemical analyzers and electrocardiographs, with standardized telemedicine consultation centers. There are 1475 medical and health technicians. At least one qualified medical practitioner in each of the county-level public hospitals' professional departments, and the township health centers have at least one licensed assistant physician or general practitioner. There is 1 qualified village doctor.

Xifeng County has further promoted health poverty alleviation, actively implemented preferential policies for poverty alleviation and centralized treatment system for major illnesses, and strengthened family doctor signing services. 组织基层医疗卫生机构对国家规定的25种大病患者进行入户核实,建立“救治台账”,精准救治; 在家建档立卡贫困户家庭医生签约率100%,实现“应签尽签”。 The county ’s poverty-stricken people who have established a file enjoy 1,325 person-time preferential treatment policies such as “first consultation, post-payment” and “one-stop” instant settlement, and a reduction of 5.911 million yuan in hospitalization deposits; the organization of primary medical and health institutions for the 25 major diseases prescribed by the state Patients were verified after entering the home, and a "rescue account" was established to provide accurate treatment. The rate of signing a family doctor for poor family doctors who set up a file at home was 100%, and "signing should be done".

At present, the tertiary medical and health institutions in Xijing County have reached the national standard, improving the 30-minute rural health service circle service capacity, enabling the rural poor population to receive timely diagnosis and treatment of common, frequently-occurring and chronic diseases, and effectively curbing the masses from "poor due to disease, "Returning to poverty due to illness" has solved the "last mile" for the masses to see a doctor and ensured the health of the masses.

Editor-in-chief: Wang Kailu

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