Xilong County Supervision Bureau Yanglong Division Branch Launches Food Processing Rectification Action

来源:氡泉息烽 Release time: 2019-11-28 16: 58Source: 氡 泉 息烽

Recently, the Xilong County Market Supervision Bureau Yanglong Division Branch has carried out special rectification actions on small food production and processing workshops under its jurisdiction in accordance with the actual work.

The sub-bureau conducts key inspections on small raw materials such as food raw materials and auxiliary materials, certificate application, food additive use, production environmental conditions, production records, sales records, etc., and supervises small workshops to continuously meet production conditions and ensure that products meet standard requirements. 督促小作坊业主自觉落实各项食品安全管理制度,改善生产加工条件,切实履行食品安全主体责任,提高食品安全保障能力。 At the same time, promote the promotion of regulations and food safety knowledge to employees in small food processing workshops, and increase their awareness of food safety subjects' responsibility and legal awareness; urge the owners of small workshops to consciously implement various food safety management systems, improve production and processing conditions, and effectively implement food Responsibility of safety subjects to improve food safety guarantee capabilities.

So far, the branch has dispatched 6 law enforcement officers, inspected 12 small food production workshops, and ordered 3 corrections within a time limit. In the next step, the branch bureau will continue to strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of the small food production and processing workshops within the jurisdiction, improve the food quality of the small food production and processing workshops, and effectively protect the residents' health and safety in the area.

Editor-in-chief: Wang Kailu

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