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On November 29th, Guiyang City and County Media Media Center at Guizhou City and County jointly interviewed the tenth stop of "Integrating into the New Channel of Land and Sea and Creating an Open New Heights" and entered Xiyang County, Guiyang.

Sichuan and Guizhou are key and throat in central Guizhou. Xifeng County is located at the northern gate of Guiyang City, and is located on the south bank of Wujiang River.

Since the beginning of this year, Xiying County has closely linked to high standards, high-level openness, and high-quality development. With the guidance of “grasping big party building and promoting big development”, it has coordinated and promoted stable growth, reform, structural adjustment, people's livelihood, risk prevention, The work of maintaining stability and playing the strongest voice of "grasping big party building and promoting big development" is practiced.

Looking through the "transcripts" of economic and social development in Xijing County from January to September, Xiying County's GDP, fixed asset investment, and per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents are expected to complete 10.3 billion yuan, 10.708 billion yuan, and 28139, respectively. Yuan and 11,113 yuan, respectively increased by 5.8%, 12%, 9.2% and 10.2%, and the economy continued to develop in the direction of high quality.

Next, Xifeng County will be escorted by the "Big Party Construction", focusing on the development vision of "one product, one industry, wealth and prosperity" and "becoming a new highlight of open development, creating a core supporting area for mid- to high-end manufacturing". Efforts and cohesion focus on the real economy and continue to work on broadening the industrial chain. Strive to achieve the county's manufacturing output value of 100 billion by 2035.

Guiyang Daily News Media Reporter: Yang Li Later: Fang Jiyun provided some materials from Xijing County Media Center

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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