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As the second largest city in Guizhou Province, Zunyi City is bordered by Chongqing in the north, Guiyang in the south, and Sichuan in the west. It is located in the center of the three provinces of Qianchuan, Chongqing, and Chongqing, and is an important transportation hub in the southwest.

From Chongqing, drive south along the Lanhai Expressway and reach Zunyi in one and a half hours.

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Zunyi has laid out various industrial parks along the highways and railway arteries such as Lanhai, Yinbai, Hangrui, and Rongzun, including Tongzi Chongqing Industrial Park, Huiping District Gaoping Industrial Park, Honghuagang District Xiangjiang Industrial Park, Yu Qingxian Fireworks Industrial Park, Chishui Food Industrial Park, etc.

Huichuan District (National Zunyi Economic and Technological Development Zone) of Zunyi City is also located next to the expressway. Here, it gathers a group of local enterprises such as AVIC elevators using Internet of Things technology, and new space force casting and forging involved in the manufacture of "artificial sun". .

These parks and the companies within them are close to the logistics routes planned for the new land and sea corridor in the west. With the help of the new land and sea corridor in the west, in the future, the products produced by the enterprise will go out of the mountains of Guizhou more smoothly.

Excellent product quality "Made in Guizhou" is exported overseas

On November 6, the vice general manager Fan Chuanchi of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd., located in the state-level Zunyi Economic and Technological Development Zone, kept ringing the phone. "Just signed an order with a Saudi Arabian merchant, and it will be shipped on November 25. For elevators ordered in Cambodia, delivery must be made quickly." Fan Chuanchi said that the company has just successfully signed an international order.

According to Fan Chuanchi, from the bankruptcy reform to becoming the only high-tech enterprise in Guizhou that integrates elevator design, production, installation, transformation, and maintenance, AVIC Elevator took more than 10 years.

In 2008, AVIC Elevator joined Guihang Group to focus on market demand and study elevator technology and business management abroad. In 2015, AVIC's new elevator plant was put into production, building an intelligent elevator production line, forming a scientific research team, and establishing an intelligent elevator engineering research center. "The company's products are now favored by domestic and foreign markets, and they are exported overseas by taking advantage of the 'Belt and Road' Dongfeng," said Fan Chuanchi.

In September of this year, AVIC Elevator successfully exported to Kyrgyzstan, and achieved 200,000 US dollars in export earnings, which opened the curtain of Guizhou Elevator going global. At present, AVIC Elevator has also reached a cooperation agreement with the Saudi National Investment Conference and received an invitation from Serbia to discuss cooperation matters.

From the national Zunyi Economic and Technological Development Zone to the world's enterprises, not only AVIC Elevator, but also the products of Guizhou Aerospace Xinli Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. are constantly going abroad.

"We have products in Karachi and Chashma nuclear power plants in Pakistan, and Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in the UK," said Li Kaiwen, deputy director of the Marketing Center of Guizhou Aerospace Xinli Casting & Forging Co., Ltd.

In Zunyi City, the enterprise parks along the corridor include not only established enterprises such as AVIC Elevator and Aerospace Xinli Forging, but also various industrial parks.

Among them, Yuqing County, a major agricultural county, plans to build a fireworks and firecrackers industrial park with an estimated output value of more than 10 billion yuan through investment promotion. At present, it has absorbed more than 10 enterprises. In late October this year, nearly 20 tons of fireworks and firecrackers produced in the park, Customs officers came to inspect and seal the car, and then loaded the car. It was successfully sent to Europe and became the first batch of fireworks and firecracker products exported from Guizhou Province.

Guizhou “manufactures” high cost if it is not along the river or near the sea

With the increase of overseas orders, enterprises such as AVIC Elevator and Aerospace Xinli Casting and Forging are facing new difficulties in logistics and transportation.

Not long ago, AVIC elevator talked about a business where products were sold to Cambodia, and the other party requested that it be shipped to Guangzhou Port as soon as possible for acceptance and handover. Due to the large size of the elevator, the freight cost of each elevator from Zunyi plant to Guangzhou is about 5,000 yuan, which makes Fan Chuanchi feel a little bit embarrassed. "Elevator costs 5,000 yuan, hundreds of elevators need to be transported, and the cost of sales is not large. small."

Previously, AVIC's elevators were exported to Kyrgyzstan, sent from Zunyi to Chongqing by land transportation, and then reached by "China-Europe Train". Compared with land transportation, the cost advantage of shipping was greater. However, this section from "land" to "sea" has brought transportation difficulties to enterprises.

"For those of us in the mountains, it is difficult to come up with a mountain!" Fan Chuanchi said with emotion, Zunyi City does not run along the river or rely on the sea. The products are exported, and where and how to go are difficult and painful points in promoting foreign trade.

During the export process of Aerospace Xinli Casting and Forging, there were similar pain points.

In the aerospace Xinli casting and forging workshop, an forged piece with an irregular shape and a small size was extremely heavy. "It is precisely because of the" odd-shaped "and uncommon product attributes that our products encounter" chucks "from time to time when they go through customs." Li Kaiwen said that the company's products are usually multimodal transported to Shanghai or Guangzhou for export, but due to customs clearance The procedures are complicated and the waiting time is long. The longest customs clearance has waited for half a year.

Integration into new land and sea corridor Guizhou “manufacturing” usher in major opportunities

How to solve the problem of logistics cost is in front of Zunyi export enterprises. Under the framework of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Strategic Interoperability Demonstration Project, the construction of a new land-sea corridor in the west has given Fan Chuanchi and Li Kaiwen their hope.

Fan Chuanchi said, "AVIC elevators have seized the advantages of the Internet of Things technology. In recent years, the number of domestic and foreign orders has increased significantly. The construction of the new land and sea channel in the west has allowed the company to see new business opportunities and hopes. In the future, we hope that through the new land and sea channel in the west, the product will be far It will be sold all over the world. The company will strive to earn 20 million US dollars in exports next year and create a world-class elevator enterprise. "

Li Kaiwen also expressed the hope that more departments and platforms will join hands to further open up all aspects of the market in terms of policy, logistics, and ports, so that more local manufacturing in Guizhou will set sail and make international trade bigger and stronger.

With the promulgation of the "Western Land and Sea New Channel Master Plan", Zunyi's manufacturing industry will usher in major development opportunities.

"Integrating into the new land, sea, and sea corridor is undoubtedly a major opportunity for the third round of western development. Huichuan District will seize the opportunity to fully deploy large industries, transportation, and logistics to comprehensively promote high-quality economic and social development." Zunyi City National Economy and Technology Zhong Fangjun, deputy director of the Commerce and Trade Office of the Development Zone and director of the Bureau of Commerce of the Huichuan District, said.

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