"Community of Medical Communities" in Xijing County Lets People See a Doctor at Their Doorstep

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Not long ago, the elementary school student who lived in Jiuzhuang Town, Xixian County accidentally fell off the stairs, causing his right foot to be broken and unable to walk. After DR examination in Jiuzhuang Town Central Health Center, Xijing County, he was diagnosed with a fracture of the distal tibia and fibula of the right foot and needed surgery as soon as possible.

As one of the members of the county's TCM hospital, the doctors of Jiuzhuang Town Health Center immediately contacted the orthopaedic doctor of the county TCM hospital, and after seeking the consent of the patient's family members, the doctor of the county TCM hospital completed successfully in Jiuzhuang Town Health Center. This orthopedic operation.

"In the past, when we encountered such major surgery, we could only recommend that patients transfer to the county hospital. Now, the county medical community has solved the problem of the whereabouts of serious and acutely ill patients at the grassroots level. While facilitating the masses, it has also achieved townships. The hospital 'retains' the patient's goal, "said Wei Hua, deputy director of Jiuzhuang Town Central Health Center.

In 2018, Xibei County was listed as a "Medical Community " pilot county . It was led by Xibei County People's Hospital and Xibei County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and established a county-level medical community with county-level township hospitals in a "1 + 5" model. , To promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, standardize medical behavior, and realize medical resource sharing.

The "Medical Communities" member units implement a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mechanism of "first-level consultation at the grassroots level, two-way referral, division of urgency and slowness, and linkage between upper and lower levels." The institution undertakes tasks such as diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, rehabilitation of disability, and treatment and management of chronic diseases, and carries out some routine diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation, nursing and other treatments.

"Through such a mechanism, the resources of medical institutions at the county and township levels have been effectively integrated, and our primary health care resources have been further optimized, so that people can enjoy higher levels of medical services at their doorsteps," Wei Hua said.

Since the establishment of the "Medical Communities", county-level hospitals have also actively contacted city hospitals to seek cooperation and assistance to improve their own diagnosis and treatment capabilities. At the same time, promoting the assistance of primary medical institutions in the "Community of Medicine" is one of the assessment standards for county-level hospitals. As of August this year, the two county-level public hospitals led by the county have assigned 98 key business personnel and medical staff to provide technical guidance to 10 township health centers, and the township health centers have sent more than 30 medical staff to two county-level public hospitals. Further education, through the exchange of medical staff, the business capabilities and the level of diagnosis and treatment of township health centers have been greatly improved.

With the help of county-level hospitals, today, basic hospitals such as Jiuzhuang Central Health Center, Shijie Town Central Health Center, Xishan Town Central Health Center, Qingshan Miao Township Central Health Center, etc. have restarted the operating room and successfully implemented orthopedics. , Cesarean section, uterine fibroids and other operations. County-level hospitals also network with grass-roots hospitals, supervise the business of grass-roots hospitals in real time, conduct comprehensive checks on remote imaging and remote electrocardiograms, and guide grass-roots hospitals to improve all aspects of infrastructure, equipment procurement, and performance evaluation.

"It is much more convenient to see a doctor at home and spend less money. This is really a great thing for us!" Said Dai Feiyao's family members. The implementation of the "Community of Medicine" has effectively alleviated "far-sighted, crowded, and expensive." "And so on. "The operation in town not only has a higher reimbursement rate than that in the county, but also saves the cost of food and accommodation for our family members. The operation cost is two-thirds less than that in the county." Dai Feiyao's family members said.

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