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Guiyang Net News integrates party building into the rural revitalization and promotes the adjustment of rural industrial structure. In the past, the poor villages were gorgeously "butterfly changed". Party building was used to guide urban management and improve the level of grassroots social governance. Party building was used to promote project construction and build Guizhou Xifeng Economic Development Zone Develop and expand characteristic industries, and promote high-quality economic development ... In the red hot soil of Xifeng County, "Party Construction +" is constantly energizing development.

"The" big party building "that we have grasped is to use party building as a strategy, and to use" red casting the soul to practice the original heart and party building together to promote development "as the overall carrier, so that the party building can lead the overall economic and social development situation, coordinate and promote stable growth, promote reform, and adjust the structure. , Benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks, and maintaining stability. "Lou Guo, deputy secretary of the county party committee and director of the county party building office, said that in the face of the historical opportunity of the construction of a new channel for land and sea in the west, the county will continue to lead by party construction. Accelerate the high-level opening up and provide strong political and organizational guarantees for Xi'an County to “become a new bright spot for open development and build a core supporting area for mid- to high-end manufacturing”.

Party construction helps rural industrial structure adjustment

On November 29th, in the kiwi sorting center of Zhongkang Modern Ecological Agriculture Demonstration Park in Shijie Town, Xijing County, the automatic sorting machine was running at high speed, and each kiwi was quickly classified by the automatic sorting machine based on volume and weight. The sorted kiwis are uniform in size and full in shape, and are finally manually boxed.

On the other side of the park, Ren Furong, a villager in Dahong Village, Shijie Town, is leading several people to fertilize the kiwi. "Planting kiwi has made a big change in my life." Ren Furong said that there are old and young in his family and he has a heavy financial burden. In the past, he was a poor household who established a file. Since entering the park in 2015, he has been working in the park for several years. Ordinary workers have become deputy heads. "Now, I can get a salary of 4,100 yuan per month, plus my wife's income from working in the park, and various dividends received from the transfer of land. The annual income of the family is close to 100,000 yuan. "

Villagers are employed nearby, benefiting from the great development of specialty industries. "In the past, Dahong Village and Zhongba Village were national poverty-stricken villages. This piece of green kiwi garden was still a barren mountain before 2015. Young people went out to work and mostly left the elderly and children." Party Secretary Liu Fuhai said that in 2015, Shijie Town introduced Guizhou Zhongkang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to develop high-quality kiwi fruit industry in Dahong Village and Zhongba Village.

During the development process, the Party Committee of Shijie Town found that the original party organization of Dahong Village was not strong and lacked momentum, and it was difficult for villagers to change their views. The adjustment of the rural industrial structure faced resistance. "We have selected outstanding young cadres as the village party secretary. We have selected cadres in the village who are capable and responsible officers to help the village, rebuild the party organization, and strengthen the party-mass relations. , Support and participation in kiwi planting, inspired their endogenous motivation. "Liu Fuhai said.

In addition to strengthening the fighting capacity of the village party organization, Shijie Town also established the Communist Party Xikang Zhongkang Industrial Park Area Committee, which administers the Zhongba Village Party Branch, Dahong Village Party Branch, Gaofeng Village Party Branch involved in Zhongkang Park, The five party branches including the Red Star Village Party Branch and the Zhongkang Company Party Branch have implemented the "three changes" in rural areas on the basis of the Party Construction Complex through the establishment of a "area Party Committee + company + Party branch + farmers + village collective" mechanism of interest Reforms promote the adjustment of rural industrial structure.

Today, Zhongkang's kiwi planting base has grown to 4,800 acres, a provincial agricultural demonstration park has been established, and the "Kitian Dasheng" kiwi brand has been established and exported to Singapore, Canada, Thailand and other places. With the development of the industry and the increase of income, every household in Dahong Village has built new buildings, repaired flower ponds in the courtyard, many people bought cars, and more than 200 villagers who are migrant workers have returned home. "Last year, the per capita disposable income of Dahong Village reached 15,770 yuan, which has nearly doubled from 2015." Liu Fuhai said.

"To grasp the construction of large parties and promote large development, we have been crossing the river by feeling the stones. Especially in focusing on poverty alleviation and implementing the strategy of rural rejuvenation, we explore the implementation of regional party building complexes, and actively explore the industrial chain, construction projects, and emerging areas. The methods and methods of building party organizations have identified Yongjing Town, Xiaozhaiba Town, Xishan Town, and Shijie Town as pilot towns for the construction of regional party building complexes, implementing the adjustment of rural industrial structure, and promoting the development of rural collective economy and farmers' income Get rich. "Lou Guo said.

Party building stimulates vitality of urban grassroots governance

When you walk into the Xinhua community in Xijing County, you will see smooth roads, lush green belts, and orderly parking. The clean environment makes people feel refreshed.

"In the past, this was not the case. At that time, there were residents in our community who planted vegetables in the green area privately, garbage was also piled up, and the property did not care." Qu Hongying, a resident of Yuquan Bay Community in Xinhua Community, fortunately, the community implemented "party building + Property "management mode, re-introduced" capable of management "property companies, and also organized community owners to self-manage, so that the community" different. "

The Xinhua Community, established in 2011, is located in the core area of Xifeng County, and it is also the only urban community in the county. At the end of 2017, due to property disputes and poor management, the property company in Yuquan Bay moved away, which seriously affected the lives of the residents of the community. In order to change this situation, the community party committee and the community owner committee re-introduced a property company, and guided by the majority of party members and retired cadres to guide residents to support the operation and management of the property company. After the new company settled in, it invested funds to upgrade and renovate the gates, underground parking lots, and road greening of the community, strengthened the security and cleaning, and changed the appearance of the community.

The improvement of the "face value" of Yuquanwan Community benefits from the role of grass-roots party organizations. The community adopts the model of “Community Party Committee + Resident Committee Party Branch + Community Party Branch + Party Group + Party Member Central Households”. The community party committee is the general commander and the responsibilities are clearly defined at various levels. Party branches are established in the property management and owners' committees. Establish a party group for the unit, extend the "tentacles" of party building at the grassroots level, and drive demonstrations by party members and personnel from government agencies, institutions, and institutions to guide residents to voluntarily pay property management fees and actively provide suggestions for improving the environment of the community.

Combining "party construction + real estate", the Xinhua community is actively planning to build a "smart community." This year, the community introduced a high-quality property company in Chongqing, using the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, to promote the "smart access control", "face recognition", and "all-in-one card" management models, and provide elderly care, child care, package storage, etc. service. At present, the "smart property" has been pilot-built in the "Yinpincheng" area A of the jurisdiction.

In the process of exploring "party building +", the Xinhua community also innovated financial services. The community party committee and the Xifeng Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee jointly formed a functional party committee, and exchanged party members and leaders to serve as party members. Party branches of each financial network set up joint party branches to realize resource integration and service optimization, introduce “financial inclusion” into the grid, and jointly carry out policy promotion, information collection, integrity creation, financial poverty alleviation, joint activities of activities, etc., and strengthen financial credit resources Integration, opening up the "last mile" of financial services to people's livelihood.

"Next, we will combine the county ’s large party building structure, deeply integrate party building work with other work, promote the improvement of community governance, handle the livelihood of the people, further expand the connotation of the grassroots party building complex in the city, and complement the party building of more than 60 resident units in the jurisdiction. , To help Xiying County high-quality development. "Said Liu Dejun, deputy secretary of the Xinhua Community Party Committee.

Party building leads high-quality economic development

"At present, the company's first phase of the equipment-based construction project has been basically completed, and it is expected to start production early next year. The company can't do without the strong help of Yixian County from the landing to the production." Assistant General Manager of China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. Guizhou Branch 2. Wang Guoqun, executive director of Xifeng PC Factory, said that choosing to settle in Xijing Economic Development Zone is optimistic about the high-quality business environment here. On the other hand, Xiji Economic Development Zone is building an assembly industrial base and enterprises. Development direction fits.

“In the past, Xi’an ’s industry was“ one phosphorous dominates ”. Phosphorus coal chemical industry sings“ one-man show ”in the county ’s industrial economy.” Chen Caizhong, a member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee of Guizhou Xiou Economic Development Zone, said that with the China's economy is turning to a high-quality development stage. Xifeng County takes turning direction, adjusting structure, and reducing production capacity to change the unfavorable situation at the front end of the industrial chain and the low end of the value chain for the first time. The construction area is 8.23 square kilometers, and the initial area is 3 square kilometers.

Guizhou Xifeng Economic Development Zone builds a strong organization team to promote industrial development. Since the beginning of this year, the district has held six special conferences on party building work. The main leaders have personally arranged the party building work, researched difficult problems, and supervised key issues. Members of the party committee have strictly controlled the party's "one position, two responsibilities" in the field of management; Traditional revolutionary education and warning education, 3 situation policy education, 3 concentrated learning seminars, 4 advanced typical education, found 18 problems existing in the team, 4 have been rectified, 14 are being rectified and long-term adherence ...

Over the past few years, through the leadership of large party building, give full play to the leading role of party members in demonstration, and the construction of economic development zones has been carried out in an orderly manner. Relying on the construction of the Xi'an Economic Development Zone, Xi'an County has intensively planned an industrial map of “multi-industry” such as upgraded version of phosphorous coal chemical industry, green buildings, food and medicine, etc., forming Xi'an Industrial Park and Xiaozhaiba Phosphorous Coal Chemical Industry Group. With the industrial structure of "one garden and two groups" in Yongjing High-tech Industrial Group, "multiple industries" has become a new trend in the development of Xifeng County.

In the first October of this year, the Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone completed a total industrial output value of 8.25 billion yuan, an industrial added value of 1.357 billion yuan, and a fixed asset investment of 1.15 billion yuan. The actual funds for investment promotion were 3.015 billion yuan, and the company completed a tax of 10.71588 million yuan. yuan. At present, there are 40 industrial enterprises above the scale of 20 million in the jurisdiction.

"Next, we will continue to promote the construction of the big party construction and further deepen the economics of the six major systems, including the" cognitive system, target system, work system, responsibility system, guarantee system, and rectification and implementation system, "including the improvement and improvement of big party construction. The reform of opening zones, further consolidating the logistics foundation, further promoting the development of e-commerce, actively integrating into the construction of new land and sea corridors in the west, and promoting high-quality development with a high level of opening up. "Lou Guo said.

Guijie Daily, Rong media reporter Cai Jie

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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