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Pingxiang is located in the southwest of Guangxi and borders Vietnam. It is an important node city on the new land, sea and sea corridor in the west. Every year, a large number of nuts, fruits, agricultural and sideline products from ASEAN countries enter China, and a large number of Chinese mechanical and electrical equipment, textile products, and Chinese herbal medicines come to ASEAN countries.

Guizhou Video: New Channel for Land and Sea "Look at Pingxiang"

Pingxiang City Friendship Pass, a thousand-year-old gate at the southern gate of China.

During the period of peaceful development, it became the gateway for China and ASEAN countries to trade goods, and trade exchanges were frequent. Nowadays, the Friendship Pass has become an important land port on the “Belt and Road”, a new land and sea corridor in the west, and the use of big data technology to enter the era of “brushing face” has become another sign of China's speed and opening up.

Truck driver with intelligent system can "brush face" customs clearance

At 10 am on November 11th, in the truck passage of Pingxiang Youyi Pass, a large truck full of fresh fruits, electronic products and other goods is lining up in an orderly queue.

Master Tang, a 33-year-old truck driver in Nanning, Guangxi, drove a red trailer with a crusher and entered the gate. In front of the windshield of the truck, the Guiyang "truck gang" logo was placed. The crusher transported by Master Tang was the waybill received through Guiyang's "Truck Gang".

In the early morning of the 10th, Master Tang and his companions installed the crusher from the factory in Chengdu, Sichuan, and headed south all the way to prepare for delivery to Vietnam.

Before the customs pass, Master Tang's finger lightly touched the touch screen of the intelligent system. His face and fingerprints, and the license plate number of the truck he was driving were read by the device. About 2 seconds or so, a customs clearance command was displayed on the electronic screen, and he successfully cleared the customs.

The entire customs clearance process is paperless, without human intervention, and takes about 10 seconds.

At the Friendship Pass, truck drivers can clear customs as quickly as ten seconds by "brushing their faces"

Although not very old, Master Tang is an "old driver" and has been engaged in freight transportation for more than 10 years. During this time, he often drove a large truck to and from China and Vietnam. Each time, the most annoying thing for him was that he waited a long time for customs clearance.

"In the past customs clearance, even if all the formalities had been completed, it took a long time to complete the customs clearance due to the verification. It took half a day for fast times, and one or two days for the slowest." Master Tang said, the speed of customs clearance, Related to freight costs.

This situation no longer exists at the Friendship Pass. The intelligent customs clearance system at the Chinese port is activated. Truck drivers and trucks can simply pass their faces before passing the pass.

The friendship closed China's door, and Master Tang failed to enter Vietnam.

The convoy waiting in line to enter Vietnam's national gate almost reached the Chinese friendship. Master Tang can only follow the team and wait for the flames to stop. "On the Vietnamese side, it is still manual, and the efficiency is too slow," he complained.

The speed of customs clearance at the Friendship Pass has benefited from the improvement of the intelligence level of customs clearance.

Youyiguan Customs Express Application Window

On May 1st of this year, the Friendship Customs Port launched the "advance declaration and early review" mode. Before all vehicles enter or leave the country, they will go through the online declaration of goods, drivers, trucks and other information to complete the review process. After the vehicle arrives, it can be released directly or released after transfer control.

"Because of the rapid growth of import and export business year by year, the traditional customs clearance method takes a long time, the customs clearance port pressure is high, and port congestion occurs from time to time." Li Maohua, deputy director of the Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Committee Office, said in November 2018 On the 24th, the Friendship Customs Port launched full-information intelligent customs clearance, replacing traditional procedures such as card swiping and stamping, greatly reducing vehicle clearance time, becoming the first coastal border port in the country to use this system, with more than 800 trucks entering and leaving the country every day. The number has increased to more than 1,600 today.

Changes in customs clearance methods not only improve the efficiency of cargo transportation, but also change the work and life of truck drivers.

Xing Renlin is a truck driver in Vietnam. He often transports seasonal fruits such as mangosteen, durian, dragon fruit and so on from Vietnam to Pingxiang's China-ASEAN Fruit City. Previously, it took at least four or five for this trip due to the long customs clearance time. Days of time, plus a return trip, is more than 10 days.

"After the customs clearance efficiency has improved, most of the time, I can return to Vietnam the same day." Xing Renlin said that he drove off from Vietnam at 7 am and returned home at 6 pm. He felt very happy to have dinner with his family.

"Now, the time for vehicles to enter and exit the bayonet has been shortened from the original 2 to 3 minutes to about 30 seconds, and customs clearance can be completed as soon as 10 seconds." Li Maohua said.

Friendship gate

Enlarging cross-border trade of a large number of tropical fruits from Pingxiang into China

Intelligent customs clearance scenes and modern port management allow us to touch the pulse of Southwest China ’s opening up and expanding cross-border trade articles everywhere in Pingxiang.

But Pingxiang's charm is more than that. As tropical fruits from Southeast Asian countries enter China's largest land port, more than a quarter of tropical fruits listed in the country are imported through Pingxiang.

In the Pingxiang mutual market trading area, large trucks filled with Vietnamese dragon fruit are docked on both sides. Fruit traders in Vietnam are sitting on the trading table, drinking tea and eating sunflower seeds while chatting while waiting for Chinese consignors to come.

Liang Xiaolin is a native of Pingxiang and has been in the fruit business for more than 10 years. In the mutual market trading area, she double-checked the color and size of the dragon fruit and tasted the taste herself. After selecting three or four merchants, I found the dragon fruit that I was satisfied with.

At the exit of the mutual market trading area, a row of empty trucks were waiting for loading. After Liang Xiaolin and the Vietnamese boss negotiated, they immediately transferred the 6 tons of dragon fruit to the truck. After completing the relevant procedures at the customs declaration hall next door, you can pull the dragon fruit away.

In the Mutual City Trade Settlement Center, border citizens of China and Vietnam can complete the settlement after a simple operation by swiping their ID cards on smart terminals.

"When Chinese border citizens make purchases from Vietnamese merchants in the mutual market trading area, the payment is deducted through the settlement center, and the settlement center can settle the payment to Vietnamese merchants, which is very convenient." Pingxiang International Trade Development Co., Ltd. Operation Department Manager Nong Jianqiang said.

"I go to the mutual market trading area every week to import fruits. Recently, Vietnamese dragon fruit has been listed on the market and it is very easy to sell." Liang Xiaolin said that she has her own logistics company. For sale.

But Liang Xiaolin, as well as Vietnamese consignees waiting in the mutual market trading area, mostly carried out small transactions in the mutual market trading area. "The real bulk transaction has long been completed on the Internet. After entering the customs, the fruits are sent to the mainland by cold chain container trucks." Nong Jianqiang said that most of the fruit merchants in Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan and Hunan use this Ways to trade.

According to the information held by Nongjianqiang, fruits from Southeast Asian countries can arrive in Guiyang and Chongqing within 24 hours after entering the customs in Pingxiang City, whether they take the Central European train or transport by road. "One box to the end, not to close the cabinet halfway, can better ensure the taste of tropical fruits such as dragon fruit." Nong Jianqiang said.

The "bark" of Vietnam entry

Create a cooperation platform to escort the land logistics corridor

In 1992, with the approval of the State Council, the Friendship Pass was upgraded to a national first-class border land port and resumed opening to the outside world.

For more than 20 years, with the closer economic and trade cooperation between China and Vietnam, the friendship barrier has become a bridge for friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Vietnamese people.

This is just a microcosm of China-Vietnam open cooperation. Entering the Guangxi Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Smart Park, the digital port dispatching command screen displays the types and quantity of goods cleared in real time, showing the prosperity of China-Vietnam economic and trade cooperation.

From the big screen of dispatching command, you can see that durian, longan, mangosteen, pepper and other products in Southeast Asia are continuously being shipped to China; electronic products such as hard disk drives and LCD panels in China are also being shipped to Southeast Asia.

Vendors from Henan acquire Vietnamese dragon fruit in Pingxiang Border Minhu

Guangxi Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone is China's first comprehensive bonded zone with a background of cross-border cooperation. Since its closure in 2011, the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has fully played its role as a platform for development along the border and has solidly served the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area economic and trade exchanges.

Li Maohua said that the comprehensive bonded area actively builds a special customs supervision area and a large international trade and economic cooperation platform that integrate functions of port business, bonded logistics, bonded processing, international trade, and service trade, to escort China-ASEAN land logistics corridors and major hubs. .

With the frequent border trade, at present, Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has become an important market for Vietnam to purchase Chinese agricultural materials (fertilizers) and mechanical and electrical products, as well as the regionalization of agricultural products such as Vietnam ’s Cambodian rice, fruits, rubber, landscape seedlings, and redwood. Bonded distribution base.

Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Building

The unique location, transportation, and policy advantages of the Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Smart Park and a good investment and development environment have attracted many enterprises to settle in. The types of enterprises include trade, logistics, processing, services, customs declaration, inspection, finance, exhibitions, and culture.

"In terms of customs declaration and inspection, the reason why the speed is so fast is because we have made full use of big data technology." Li Maohua said that Guiyang, as the "big data capital," has big data development, and invites Guiyang's big Data companies invest in Pingxiang and build a smart port.

Pingxiang is seizing the opportunity of the “One Belt One Road” and the rapid development of new land, sea and sea corridors, and is becoming a sample of industrial development in the vast border areas of Guangxi.

Data show that in the first eight months of this year, Pingxiang City's foreign trade import and export completed 75.695 billion yuan, an increase of 51.48% year-on-year, accounting for 24.73% of the total foreign trade import and export value of Guangxi, ranking first.

At present, the new land-sea corridor has become a national strategy, and Pingxiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has taken the initiative to integrate and serve the construction of the new land-sea corridor. Li Maohua said that up to now, the Pingxiang Comprehensive Insurance Zone has opened a total of three gold logistics lines, which can reach Lang Son, Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Lao Gan Mong, Savannakhet, Thailand, Morakan, Khon Kaen, Major ASEAN cities such as Bangkok, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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