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Who is the "cutest person"? Of course it is the Chinese soldiers who guard the country.

How to make the cutest person the happiest person? Guiyang gave its own "answer."

Supporting the army and loving the people has many highlights.

For a long time, the atmosphere of the military and civilian families was surging everywhere in Guiyang. On the special days of the Spring Festival and the "August 1st" Army Building Festival, Guiyang spared no effort in consoling soldiers.

At the same time, Guiyang's support for the army has a big bright spot-that is, "Guiyang Ship", its name is listed, giving Guiyang a unique support stage. In order to support the troops to enhance their combat effectiveness, Guiyang has invested nearly 10 million yuan in co-construction of 14 major projects and 26 minor projects with the "Guiyang Ship".

Solving the "worry concerns" of soldiers is unambiguous.

In this matter, Guiyang can be described as "doing its best".

In order to solve the problems of military personnel, military service, enrollment and enrollment, Guiyang implements a policy of "no discount". Proper placement of retired soldiers, launching entrepreneurial guidance and skills training, military children's children are given priority to enroll in school ... Guiyang has "many means".

In order to make military personnel and military members more peace of mind, Guiyang has innovatively established a three-level retired service platform for soldiers and developed a "Guiyang Youfu" mobile APP.

In short, as long as you are a soldier, as long as you are in Guiyang, whether it is active or retired, it is definitely "home away from home."

(Copywriter Zhu Yongzheng)

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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