Guiyang High-tech Zone: Pioneer of Party Members Leads to Help Enterprise Development

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In the production workshop of Guizhou Yaguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a large screen displays the production process of each product, which is detailed to the production volume that each workshop needs to undertake and the progress of the processes in the production process of each component. Processes appear in real time.

This MES management system was independently developed by two party members and employees of the enterprise, Chen Dejin, vice minister of the equipment department, and Yang Qichun, director of the rectifier bridge production, which was successfully developed in September this year, and was commissioned in October. At present, the system has achieved full coverage in the enterprise.

As a “1 + 8” national level open innovation platform in the province, the high-tech zone continues to integrate the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission” into the production and innovation of non-public enterprises and social organizations to build the “red engine” of the enterprise. Promote high-quality economic development. Yaguang Electronics is one of the beneficiaries.

Established in August 2006 in Hi-tech Zone , Yaguang Electronics is a national high-tech enterprise. Its products cover the fields of automotive electronics, smart grids, and the Internet of Things. It has now become the number one global automotive generator manufacturer in France. China's second-largest automotive generator manufacturer Jinzhou Halla and other suppliers.

"Because our company supplies to cutting-edge merchants, many merchants are required to see the entire production process to ensure product quality." Yang Qichun said that before, he relied on manual feedback of production progress, sometimes the feedback was not timely or the data was not true. Product quality is difficult to guarantee.

"During the development of the theme education, we combined the original intention of the party members with the production of the enterprise, and thought about how to use the MES management system to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and reduce costs." Chen Dejin said that the MES management system is mainly used in the production line of automotive electronic devices. Improve production efficiency, promote the traditional production method to switch to intelligent production, and bring technical impetus to corporate profitability and innovation and development.

Originally, the company was going to find a third-party company to develop the MES management system. Chen Dejin and Yang Qichun took the initiative to try to develop independently. "As a party member in a non-public enterprise, when an enterprise encounters difficulties, it should play a pioneering role of party members to advance the difficulties and help the development of the company. We are proficient in production technology and write procedures, and we try to develop this set ourselves. System. "Chen Dejin said.

Recalling the beginning of the development of the MES management system, Chen Dejin said: "It is really very tired, because I have to work overtime every day and night, and I give up all holidays. Sometimes I receive a call from Yang Qichun to improve the system in the middle of the night. I have a hard time in my heart, and I must overcome the problem. "In the beginning, I wanted to find the functional relationship between the devices, write the code to connect the devices with the network, and set the production order number ... We take the laboratory as the home and work day and night. Work overnight and test repeatedly. After more than two months of closed research, a breakthrough was finally achieved. "Chen Dejin said.

Starting in October this year, the MES management system began trial operation. "After the system is put into use, we can know the production situation of the entire company through a computer." Yang Qichun said, not only can he see the production process himself, the customer can also grasp the production progress in real time. Originally, it was able to produce more than 200 sets of products per hour, and now it can produce more than 300 sets. The production efficiency has been increased by 30% compared to the previous.

Guiyang Daily News Media reporter Yi Ying

Editor-in-chief: Gao Chunchun

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