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There is no trivial matter for the interests of the people.

What to do in case of urgent, difficult and upset matters? Ask online!

Guiyang Rong Media Center • Guiyang Daily Media Group has launched the “Internet Asking for Politics” service, which collects public opinion, understands public sentiments, and gathers people's wisdom through asking the government for the people, asking for the people, and asking for the people.

If the masses have any questions, they only need to log in to and the headline "Internet Asking for Politics" page to reflect; the involved party and government departments will collect and hand over the work in time and reply within the legal time limit; if the masses are not satisfied, they can contact the media and relevant departments Complaints, expose and hold accountable for lazy politics and negligence.

One branch and one leaf always care about the situation, the network asks the government to pay attention to the people! At both ends of the network cable, one end is the beginning of ruling, and the other end is connected to the hearts of the people. We will practice the "media + service" concept, open channels such as Guiyang Rongmedia Center, Guiyang New Era Civilization Practice Center, and "Learning Power" Guiyang Learning Platform, listen to the voices of the people, be good decision-making staff, and build party committees A bridge between the government and the people.

Asking about politics on the Internet, a "net" affection!

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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