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Guiyang Net News Three years ago, the assault horn of fighting poverty was sounded here.

At the beginning of 2017, Guiyang City decided to focus on 20 particularly difficult villages, focus on firepower to fight poverty, and build a higher-level and comprehensive well-off society. Maojiayuan Village in Nanjiang Township, Kaiyang County was listed as one of the 20 particularly difficult villages in the city. In the same year, the Kaiyang County Anti-Poverty Attack Oath Division was also held here, and Maojiayuan Village took this opportunity to declare war on poverty in an all-round way.

Three years later, Li Liang Kaige, who won the victory, played here.

Villagers in Maojiayuan Village are picking shiitake mushrooms in the greenhouse for shiitake mushroom cultivation in Guizhou Selenium Fragment Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Photo by Zhou Yong, a media reporter from Guiyang Daily

At the end of 2019, I walked into Maojiayuan Village again, and the look of the newly renovated village was very bright. Brand new houses, unobstructed rural roads, and blooming industrial projects ... all these have witnessed the fruitful results of the fight against poverty.

Poverty as households decide

On December 3, Huang Jifa, a 50-year-old villager in Maojiayuan Village, was picking shiitake mushrooms in the edible fungus base greenhouse in the village. His monthly salary of nearly 3,000 yuan made him full of energy. "When the industry develops, you will no longer be afraid of returning to poverty." Huang Jifa said.

Huang Jifa's family only has more than one acre of land. In the past, the family's income was meager. There were still three students in the family. Coupled with his fragile wife, the conditions were very difficult, and he was therefore rated as a poor household.

In order to help Huang Jifa's family get out of the predicament, the village responded to the policies of the household, assisted him with education and medical assistance, and helped him to rebuild dangerous houses. The edible fungus industry developed in the village provided him with nearby employment opportunities ... Now, Huang Jifa has successfully lifted out of poverty , Children also graduated from work.

Coincidentally, after Huang Jifa's daughter Huang Rong graduated from undergraduate school, she also chose to stay in Maojiayuan Village to become a distance education specialist in the village. At the same time she was responsible for distance education, she was also responsible for the villager group behind Bao Baopo. . "I am both a beneficiary and a participant in poverty alleviation." Huang Rong said that this land has lifted the family out of poverty, and I have an obligation to contribute youth and strength to this land.

In Maojiayuan Village, many people have benefited from poverty alleviation. According to the village party secretary Luo Ziyin, there are 1028 households in 4288 people in Maojiayuan Village. Among the 46 poor households who have set up a file, 116 people have been lifted out of poverty. The 15 people who have not lifted out of poverty can all be lifted out of poverty within 41 years.

"In order to ensure that the poor households truly enjoy a good policy of poverty alleviation, Maojiayuan Village identifies the poor households in strict accordance with poverty assessment standards and procedures, and adjusts them dynamically in real time. More importantly, what the poor households lack the most, the village will provide policy supplements for each household. What, this can change the thinking of poor households and so on, so that they can actively participate in the fight against poverty. "Luo Ziyin said.

So far, Maojiayuan Village has implemented education for 20 poor households, 46 households for medical assistance, and 14 households for dilapidated houses. For those who are in difficulties, they have also adopted the methods of civil affairs and temporary assistance to help the poor to achieve the "one Meet the standards, two worry-free, three guarantees. "

Introduce industry to boost income

This year, Chen Mingmeng, a villager in Maojiayuan Village, added a way to get rich.

At the beginning of the year, Maojiayuan Village introduced Guizhou Xiancao Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. to develop a 350-mu Chinese herbal medicine planting base in the village. Chen Mingmeng transferred all 15 acres of land to the company, while working at the base to earn money. "Although there is a lot of land in the family, I used to plant some traditional crops. After a hard year, I only earn a few hundred yuan per acre. Now I transfer it to the company, and there are 300 yuan per year per acre, and I work at the base every day. If he can make a hundred blocks, he will earn tens of thousands of income in a year. "Chen Mingmeng said that the same land, his income has doubled.

According to Yang Chaoqun, a manager of Guizhou Xiancao Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., since the project was officially launched in February this year, five Chinese herbal medicines such as Huangjing, Codonopsis and Tianmendong have been planted. It is expected to be harvested four years later and the output value per mu can reach more than 100,000 yuan. In order to ensure the long-term development of the project, the company signed a 25-year cooperation contract with the village, and the land transfer fee also increased every four years, reaching a ceiling of 700 yuan per mu. The method of "company + base + farmer" will drive local people out of poverty and increase income.

"Now the base has been planted 350 acres, and the scale will be expanded to 600 acres this year, and it will exceed 1,000 acres next year. In the future, the company plans to build a larger scale Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing base in Maojiayuan Village. Natural conditions for the development of the health industry. "Yang Chaoqun said.

Poverty alleviation through industry is the top priority in poverty alleviation. In order to ensure that industrial projects are attracted and can take root, Maojiayuan Village actively improves the infrastructure and actively creates an excellent environment suitable for industrial development.

"The village has taken advantage of the construction of the" Zhutongtong "highway. 28 kilometers of the" Zhutongtong "highway have been constructed, of which 14.5 kilometers are 6.5 meters wide industrial avenues, which will help reduce transportation costs, improve transportation efficiency, and completely break the original Traffic bottleneck. In order to develop agriculture, the village has also built high-level ponds, newly repaired farmland irrigation ditch 5.2 kilometers, and maintained the old Shantang reservoir. "Luo Ziyin said.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of infrastructure, Maojiayuan Village has introduced many enterprises such as Guizhou Selenium Fragment Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Four Seasons Fruit Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., and Guizhou Xiancao Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. to develop food in the village. Bacteria, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and other industries. As industry projects have blossomed and fruited, the per capita disposable income of villagers has also increased from 9,600 yuan in 2016 to 15,900 yuan in 2018.

"Institute" door opens wide prospects

In the past two days, Tian Banghong, executive general manager of Guizhou Four Seasons Big Fruit Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., is preparing to participate in the agricultural product fair held in Guilin. "For the company, this is a good opportunity to get the product out." Tian Banghong said.

Guizhou Four Seasons Big Fruit Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was originally an agricultural industrialization company founded by local talents in 2017. The company's main products are "spicy and crispy" series of pickled vegetables, pickled peppers, chilli peppers, chili sauce and other pepper products. The company adopts the "company + base + farmer" business model, signs planting contracts with local farmers, purchases peppers at a reserve price, and protects villagers' interests.

"This year, the company led farmers to plant 600 acres of peppers and purchase them at a guaranteed price. According to the acquisition situation, the people's income per acre of peppers can reach 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, and the company can achieve an output value of about 30 million yuan this year." Tian Banghong said, Now the company is expanding the second phase of the factory building. It will be able to digest about 5000 acres of peppers in the future, which will drive more farmers to increase their income.

Kaiyang, known as the "Hometown of Selenium-rich Agricultural Products in China", has 99.91% of its soil rich in selenium, and the average soil selenium content is twice the national average. With selenium elements such as "Life Tinder", "King of Anti-Cancer" and "Longevity Elements", agricultural special products produced in Kaiyang County have unique market competitive advantages.

Tian Banghong just wants to use this natural advantage to further open the commodity market. "The company's 'Spicy and Crispy' series of chili products have been sold to coastal areas and are well received by the market. They have even received orders from customers in Singapore and Malaysia, but they have not yet exported due to formalities." Tian Banghong said, The company has already begun to handle export formalities, and the news that the country is advancing the construction of new land, sea and sea corridors in the west has given them confidence.

"The company has always been committed to promoting its products to a wider market, taking the opportunity of the construction of new land and sea routes in the west, the company will strive to achieve exports and open the Southeast Asian market with its products. Combined with the company's current expansion plan, the company will be in the next three to five years. The output value will reach 200 million to 300 million yuan. "Tian Banghong said with confidence.

He Ankang, Xie Danli, Guiyang Daily, Rong media reporter

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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