[Guiyang Heroes Spectrum ③]: "Helen Keller" in the mountains

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All along, Liu Fang has a teacher dream. In 1993, only 22 years old, Liu Fang came to Baiyun No. 3 Middle School and became a language teacher.

Accidents will happen. In 1997, Liu Fang was diagnosed with retinal pigment degeneration, a condition that can cause blindness. This year, Liu Fang was 26 years old. At that time, her son was 8 months old and was babbling.

Facing the incurable disease, she chose to "not accept defeat" and prepared to fight with her life. During the gradual loss of vision, Liu Fang read a lot of books and carried them down to adhere to the three-foot lecture hall and teach.

Once in class, the students were surprised to find that Teacher Liu Fang had actually taken the textbook, but she still talked about it.

It turned out that Liu Fang didn't want to delay the students' courses because of his own problems, and memorized all the classical Chinese texts in the three years of junior high school. In fact, the lecture notes were already in Liu Fang's heart.

Although her eyesight was getting worse, Liu Fang's lectures became more and more exciting. Her talking, learning, teasing and singing filled the classroom with laughter.

Gradually, students like her more and more. So much so that I heard that she might no longer be the head teacher, so she went to ask the principal, crying and said, "Must leave Teacher Liu!"

In the following years, Liu Fang's vision gradually blurred until she became blind. Due to the severe effects of vision, Liu Fang has been transformed into a psychological counselor since 2008.

Due to the poverty of his family and high amputation of his left leg, a Baiyun No. 3 middle school student named Zhong Yuming always lowered his head and sat quietly in the corner of the classroom. After learning this situation, Liu Fang took the initiative to walk towards Zhong Yuming. Once, twice, three times ... until the sixth time, the shy boy finally began to accept Liu Fang.

Slowly, Liu Fang learned of Zhong Yuming's wish: to install artificial limbs. So Liu Fang decided to help him realize this wish-to support Zhong Yuming from his modest salary. After learning the news, Zhong Yuming's tears burst into tears.

Things like Zhong Yuming gradually spread among the students of Baiyun No.3 Middle School, and the counseling room became the favorite place of Baiyun No.3 Middle School students.

For more than 20 years, whether in the three-foot podium or in the psychological counseling room, Liu Fang has always used the weak light to illuminate the children's growth and become their "life mentors."

Society does not treat those who dedicate it. The story of Liu Fang spread quickly and was called "Helen Keller in the mountains of China". She has also been rated as a model of the times, a national red flag bearer on March 8 and a national outstanding teacher.

Data arrangement: Li Pingping

Design: Chen Wei

Production: Chen Fang

Original artist: Bai Qianxuan, Wang Yuqiao, Wan Ting

Editor: Wu Yapeng

Editor-in-chief: Li Pingping

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