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Guizhou Video: New Channel for Land and Sea "Looking at the North Sea" is located in Beihai City, southeast of Guangxi, and is more than 700 kilometers away from Guiyang. It attracts a large number of tourists from Guiyang every year.

In August this year, the State issued the "Western Land and Sea New Corridor Master Plan." This coastal tourist city has become an increasingly important "partner" for cooperation in opening up to the southwest of Guiyang, Kunming, Chengdu, and Chongqing.

Big customer of Tieshan Port comes from Guizhou

On November 12, Beihai Tieshan Port, which was sprinting into the 100-ton port, was neatly arranged. The 50-ton "gantry cranes" were lined up, "looking out" at the sea.

Tieshan Port is one of the three major port areas in Beibu Gulf. It is more than 120 nautical miles from Haikou, more than 250 nautical miles from Zhanjiang, more than 480 nautical miles from Guangzhou, more than 430 nautical miles from Hong Kong, and more than 160 nautical miles from Haiphong, Vietnam. The routes that lead in all directions are closely woven into the "seaward network" of Tieshan Port.

Beihai, Kaifu in the Qing Dynasty, one of the ports of departure of the Maritime Silk Road. Beihai Port's "port-in-port" Tieshan Port is known by experts as "a rare natural port along China's coast".

Beihai Tieshan Port Cargo Terminal.

In January 2010, Tieshan Port was officially operated. At present, six modern berths with a general berth of 150,000 tons and a currency capacity of about 20 million tons have been built. The routes are routed to Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Africa. The goods are nickel ore, coal, sulfur, fertilizer, soybeans and so on.

The official contact between Beihai port and Guiyang market was 4 years ago.

In December 2014, Beihai City organized a delegation to Guiyang to promote the Beihai-Hong Kong container route. More than 30 Guiyang foreign trade companies including Fufu, Kaifeng, Guizhou Tire, and Guizhou Red Star participated in the promotion conference.

With the joint promotion of both parties, the unveiling ceremony of "North Sea Guiyang Port" was held in Beihai. At the unveiling ceremony, the Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and the Beihai Export Processing Zone, the Guiyang Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Beihai Municipal Transportation Bureau respectively signed cooperation agreements, and the cooperation between the two places continued to deepen.

In recent years, Guizhou enterprises represented by Guizhou Phosphate Group have continued to maintain stable business cooperation with ports in Beihai.

"At present, the finished fertilizers from the Guizhou Phosphate Group's" going to sea "channel are basically fixed at Tieshan Port." Said Pang Caifu, deputy manager of the Beihai Port Branch Business Department of Beibuwan Port Co., Ltd. The company's annual output value of about 60 million yuan comes from Guizhou The market accounts for one-tenth of the total turnover.

Tailored sea passage for Qianqi enterprises

Compared with Zhanjiang Port and Guangzhou Port, which have started relatively early and are relatively mature, how to give play to their competitive advantages? The selection of Tieshan Port is to seize the opportunity of the construction of a new channel for land and sea in the west, and to grasp the "going to sea" hands of southwestern urban agglomerations such as Guiyang and Chengdu.

Pang Caifu introduced that before, there was no train line in Tieshan Port, and the goods had to be transferred from the nearby railway station into the port, which increased the logistics cost. At present, a 3.6-kilometer railway line is being built intensively. This line will connect the Tieshan Port public wharf and the Yutie Railway. It is a key project for the construction of the China-Singapore Interconnection Southbound Passage. After completion, it can meet the requirements of 14 million tons of wiring. .

Pang Caifu believes that the cooperation between the port area and Guizhou Phosphate Group for many years has not only laid a solid foundation for deepening cooperation between the two places, but also accumulated valuable experience.

"Of the nine warehouses in the company's Laogang District, seven were built for Guizhou Phosphate Group." Pang Caifu said.

According to reports, the seven "Guizhou warehouses" were successively built by the two parties over many years of cooperation. In the beginning, the partners of Guizhou Phosphate Group (formerly Luanfu Group) included Nanshan Port, Zhanjiang Port and Qinzhou Port in addition to Beihai Port Area. With the deepening of cooperation, the refined services of Beihai Port District are more in line with the high standards of storage requirements of chemical enterprises in Guizhou, including the treatment of pollution, the treatment of moisture resistance, and the packaging and unpacking of products. Through continuous replenishment of warehouse facilities and equipment, the port area has gradually "tailored" a special set of warehouse storage technology for Guizhou Phosphate Group.

He Li, deputy general manager of Beihai Port Branch of Beibu Gulf Port Co., Ltd., warmly threw an "olive branch" to Guizhou enterprises and invited Guizhou enterprises to organize a delegation to Tieshan Port to see: "If Guizhou enterprises need it, the port area will "Home service" for a while, and strive to tailor a sea plan for Guizhou enterprises. "

Enterprises hold a group development on the industrial chain

The new land and sea channel in the west allows Beihai to push forward the opening of the "new chess game".

The Tieshan Port (Linhai) Industrial Zone is the largest Linhai industrial zone in Guangxi, and now it has become the land-sea interchange gateway for the “Qiang cargo out of the mountain” rail-sea combined transportation.

On November 14, the reporter walked into Guangxi Bohai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., the first enterprise stationed in Linhai Industrial Park of Tieshan Port. The Guangxi Bohai Company, which was completed and put into operation in 2012, relies on the seafront advantages of the park to produce and process finished and semi-finished products such as soybean oil and soybean meal from imported genetically modified soybeans. Currently, it processes 1.8 million tons of genetically modified soybeans, 1.4 million tons of soybean meal and 35 years of soybean oil 10,000 tons. Among them, half of the products are "digested" near Guangxi; the other half are sold to Yunnan, Hunan, Sichuan and Guizhou.

Guangxi Bohai Company is one of the typical enterprises in Tieshan Port Linhai Industrial Park. In the product packaging area of Guangxi Bohai Company, the soybean products on the tracks are continuously transported outwards for 24 hours. Zhang Yangyang, manager of the storage and transportation department, introduced that when the company “rooted” Tieshan Port, the infrastructure in the port area was weak. Compared with Qinzhou Port and Fangcheng Port, the average transportation cost per ton of product was 35 to 40 yuan higher. However, it was the location advantage of Tieshan Port and its strategic location in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone that made the company decide to take root.

Zhang Yangyang told reporters that the Guangxi Bohai Company currently supplies more than 40,000 tons of soybean meal and more than 10,000 tons of soybean oil to the Guizhou market each year. In Xiuwenzazuo, Guiyang, it has about 3,000 tons of storage warehouses with partners, and also in Qingzhen, Zunyi and Kaili Both have stable supplies. When these soybean meals arrive in Guizhou, they will continue to be further processed and become feed products, eventually flowing to the livestock industry. This two ends are in the "outside" agricultural industry chain, with Tieshan Port as the connection point. One end is the raw material land of Argentina and South America, and the other end is the feed processing plant and animal husbandry in Guizhou. "In the future, more convenient logistics channels will be established, and more companies will join the industrial chain to fully activate the momentum in the southwest." Zhang Yangyang said.

There are 51 companies like this in the park, of which 3 have an annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan.

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