Guizhou Video | Flying through the city and seeing the “bridgehead” of Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone

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On December 6th, Guiyang City and County two-level financial media center jointly interviewed the twelfth station of "Integrating into the New Channel of Land and Sea and Creating an Open New Heights" and entered the Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

As one of the "1 + 8" national open innovation platforms in Guizhou Province, Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone is an important round of "four-wheel drive" in Guiyang. In recent years, it has been guided by "technological innovation, financial innovation as the support, and policy innovation as the focus." Hand, system innovation as a breakthrough, real economy as the basis, ecological protection as the bottom line "as the development idea, seize the opportunity of national reform, actively strive for policy reform pilots, give play to the advantages of functional platforms, continuously optimize the business environment, and focus on the main functional advantages Industry, attracting a batch of project enterprises gathered.

At present, Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone is relying on its own advantages to help the whole city to integrate into the new land and sea corridor in the west. In accordance with the requirements of the "three highs", it is closely centered on the development vision of "one product, one industry, and wealthy industries," and the construction of a high-end consumer goods manufacturing city and trade The goal of the city is to develop cross-border e-commerce, bonded inspection and maintenance, bonded warehousing and other industries in the fenced network area, and explore “cross-border e-commerce + tourism + big data”, “cross-border e-commerce + mid-to-high-end markets, and offline self-promotion. "Mode, focusing on creating import and export mid-to-high-end commodity distribution centers, bonded inspection and maintenance centers, and imported goods bonded display and trading centers; outside the fenced area, focus on the development of modern logistics, mid-to-high-end manufacturing and other industries, and create a comprehensive insurance land on the new corridor of western land and sea. Hong Kong and mid- to high-end new energy equipment manufacturing centers strive to build the Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone into a modern service industry cluster with bonded characteristics.

Guiyang Daily News Media Reporter: Shi Zhaochang

Editing: Fang Jiyun

Editor-in-chief: Li Yixuan

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