Guizhou video | Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone builds an inland open economic experimental zone "bridgehead"

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On December 6th, the Guiyang City and County two-level financial media center jointly interviewed the closing station of the “Integrated Land and Sea New Channel to Create an Open New Heights” and entered the Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

On this side, there is a continuous stream of shoppers within the comprehensive insurance and cloud-top boat commercial complex. Since its opening in October 2018, the cloud-top boat project has introduced a total of 104 brands, receiving 7.145 million customers and achieving sales of 282 million yuan;

On the other side, the construction site of the Doulaying International Land and Sea Corridor Logistics Port Project (Phase 1) in Guiyang was roaring and the construction scene was in full swing. As an important logistics hub on the new land and sea corridor in the west, the project is making full efforts ...

As the first comprehensive bonded zone in Guizhou Province, since the closure of the Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone in 2014, it has closely followed the provincial and municipal development positioning of the zone, keeping an eye on cross-border e-commerce, opening to the outside world, business environment, and project construction. Actively developing an open economy, from nothing to existence, from existence to excellence, is gradually developing into one of the special open areas with the highest level of openness and the most preferential policies in China.

At present, in accordance with the deployment of the 5th and 7th plenary sessions of the 10th Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Guiyang Comprehensive Insurance Zone adheres to high standards, accelerates high-level opening, promotes high-quality development, and accelerates the construction of the “bridgehead” and internationalization of the inland open economic experimental zone. The “core area” for the manufacture of high-end and high-end consumer goods strives to build a modern service industry cluster with bonded characteristics.

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