One enterprise in Guiyang Hi-tech Zone won the first prize

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Awards scene.

WeChat participation, community trial eating, and poverty alleviation point tourism drive sales. This innovative model of "double creation poverty alleviation + rural tourism light mode" is created by enterprises in Guiyang High-tech Zone. The reporter learned from the Guiyang Hi-tech Zone that in the recent finals of the first rural tourism maker competition in Guizhou province, this new type of dual-commerce e-commerce poverty alleviation tourism model won the first prize of the creative design group.

It is understood that Guizhou Bendao Maker Service Co., Ltd. is located in Guiyang High-tech Zone to create this new model. The general manager of the company Jiang Rui introduced that the company led the establishment of Nayong County's first crowd-creation space-Yixin crowd-creation space and will be based in Nayong County. The innovative development model of "double-creation poverty alleviation + rural tourism light model", which closely combines the attributes of community and group tourism. This innovative development model has been included as an outstanding project case at the Digital Expo 2019.

The company first carried out agricultural special product tasting promotion meetings with 13 community service centers in Guiyang, and tried to add Nayong agricultural special products to the common people's shopping list. Using the model of trial eating and adding WeChat to expand the market share of Nayongnong specialty products, in just two months, 8 WeChat groups have been established to include more than 7,000 netizens. Citizens can place orders directly on WeChat to order special agricultural products, and the company also organizes customers to visit Nayong to play on agricultural specialties.

"The first group tour we organized was very successful. After the tourists arrived in Nayong, the radishes, gherkins, etc. were all polished out in just one hour." Jiang Rui said that this kind of poverty alleviation site The way of travel is welcomed by the public. Recently, tourists finished eating chicken hot pot on the spot and looked at the chicken farm. Finally, each person ordered three or four chickens, and the maximum one ordered 15 chickens at a time. According to statistics, from June to October this year, through orders and group activities, the company drove a total of more than 40,000 participants and accumulated sales revenue of 3.08 million yuan.

In the next step, the organizers of the competition will cooperate with relevant financial institutions to provide loans and financing support for the shortlisted projects; outstanding maker projects will be included in the rural tourism project database, and will receive continuous tracking and guidance from relevant units and related services. (Li Wenwen, reporter Yang Minjing, photography report)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Kailu

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