Guiyang High-tech Zone approved as the only provincial service outsourcing demonstration park in the province

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Guiyang Network News Recently, Guiyang High-tech Zone was successfully approved as the only provincial service outsourcing demonstration park in the province. This reporter recently learned from the International Cooperation Promotion Center of Guiyang High-tech Zone.

Service outsourcing is an important part of the modern high-end service industry. It is an important area to seize new opportunities for service globalization, build a new open economy system, and implement comprehensive deepening reforms. It has a high level of internationalization, high information technology carrying capacity, and sufficient competition. Features.

The high-tech zone's approval of the provincial service outsourcing demonstration park will play an important role in promoting the area in terms of enterprise recruitment, talent cultivation, policy improvement, environmental optimization, and helping more service trade companies develop international markets.

At present, the development trend of service outsourcing in high-tech zones is good. The type of service outsourcing and the structure of outsourcing business are showing high-end development. High-tech and high value-added service outsourcing projects occupy half of the overall types of outsourcing. Among them, in terms of industry sectors, the industry type structure of the contracting enterprises in the high-tech zone is relatively concentrated, mainly including software and information technology services, education services, manufacturing, professional services, transportation, retail and wholesale industries; In terms of project structure, ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) accounts for 67%, and KPO (Industrial Design Services, Data Analysis Services, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology R & D Services, Inspection and Testing Services, New Energy Technology R & D Services, Cultural and Creative Services, Engineering Technology Services, Management Consulting services) accounted for 18%, and BPO (professional business services, data processing services, Internet marketing promotion services, enterprise supply chain management services, human resource management services, call centers and e-commerce back-office services) accounted for 15%.

The development service outsourcing of high-tech zones is an important carrier for the high-level opening of Guiyang City and the construction of Guizhou's inland open economic experimental zone. In the next step, Guiyang Hi-tech Zone will give full play to the advantages of service outsourcing enterprises, continue to promote the key enterprises in the zone to play advantages in hydropower station design, engineering construction, and new energy design and construction general contracting, focusing on Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South Engineering design services in the Americas and other countries and regions; service outsourcing around high-value-added service outsourcing industries such as precision testing and toxicological testing; support for key big data companies in the region to carry out service outsourcing in data storage, cleaning, processing, and application fields, Focus on developing big data export services around the “Belt and Road” countries, and further strengthen and expand the service outsourcing industry.

(Reporter Yang Lei from Guiyang Daily Media)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Kailu

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