Dripping ink, give you a Guiyang you have never seen ⑤: Quanhu Park

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Quanhu Park, one of the 27 city-level demonstration parks in Guiyang's "City of Thousands of Parks", is a model for the integrated development of "tourism + ecology" in Baiyun District.

The Quanhu Park, located in Baiyun District, Guiyang City, covers an area of about 1080 acres and integrates functions such as recreation, sports, fitness, green ecology, culture and tourism.

A view of spring lake

Baixi Yunjie, Shuiwutianzhang, Wenlan Duxue ... one by one poetic names form the "Eleven Scenery of Spring Lake". These attractions are integrated with ecological culture, folk culture, and modern technology.

Water Dance Day Chapter

However, it used to be a village within a city, and the "dirty and messy" environment not only affected the lives of the people, but also damaged the image of the city.

Net red punch card point sky mirror

In response to the demands of the masses and enhancing the image of Baiyun District, in 2016, Baiyun District relied on the construction of “a river, a hundred mountains and a thousand parks” in Guiyang City, and adhered to the concept of “returning lakes to people, culture to people, and ecology to people”. On the basis of ecological resources, the overall reconstruction, development and construction of the Quanhu area will be carried out.

Citizens play in Quanhu Park

Use water treatment technology to purify the environment and improve water quality, build lake pollution and sewage pipe networks and biological filtration systems, complete more than 20 projects such as park road construction, landscape greening, and sewage pipe network construction, and renovate the water area of 205 acres. The environment is more than 10,000 square meters, and the green area is 750 acres ... In just seven months, the appearance of the Quanhu area has been renewed. The Quanhu Park was also opened to the public for free in January 2017.

Children playing in Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake, a diverse and integrated city park, is now also a "urban water bar" popular with citizens.

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