Proposals for the winners of the "Striving for a Good Era in Guiyang in the New Era" Micro Video Contest 2019

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Proposals for the winners of the "Striving for a Good Era in Guiyang in the New Era" Micro Video Contest 2019

Organized by the Network Information Office of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, and organized by Guiyang Network, the collection of micro-video works for the “Striving to Be a Good Era of Guiyang in the New Era” micro-video works in 2019 has been completed. After preliminary screening and review by the expert group, the award-winning works for the 2019 “Striving for a Good Era in Guiyang in the New Era” are now publicized. If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Committee Office

Publicity time: December 12, 2019-December 19

Phone: 13618581955

First prize

"Meet the Guiyang Series" (Guizhou Video Team)

second prize

"Do you know the three greens and one red in Guizhou? 》 (Two more Guizhou)

`` Colors of Guiyang '' (Xin Lixun)

Third prize

"Everyone strives to be a good netizen in the new era" (Cha Peixian)

"A New Impression of Guiyang, a City of Butterflies Being Redefined" (Zhang Xin, Zhang Qiang)

"The Power of Women" (Second More Guizhou)

Excellence Award

"Struggling to Fight against Poverty" (Rong Media Center, Nanming District)

"Good People, Good Things Qin Yurong" (Guizhou Video Team)

"Yunyan District Talent" Pyramid "Action Plan" (Yunyan District Rongmedia Center)

"24 Road Abduction Poverty Fighters" (Chang Guoqiang)

"Forging New Era, Happy Chinese Dream" (Cha Peixian)

"Flower Orchard Square Dance" (Guizhou Video Team)

"I Love Guiyang" (Guizhou Guangying Feiyang Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

"Inheritance of Virtue" (Liu Wenqiang)

"National Action to Protect the Environment" (Guiyang Environmental Publicity and Education Center)

"Don't Let Earth Indigestion" (Guiyang Environmental Propaganda and Education Center)

"Civilization Business Card" (Zha Yuxian)

"Key" Harmonious China (Cui Huaiyang)

"Striving for Internet users to start from learning to protect themselves! "(Cha Xiaomei)

"Low-Carbon Life, Creating the Future" (Chen Yao)

"Rejection of MLM starts with me! "(Li Jun)

"Cybersecurity starts with rejecting cyber violence! "(Chapeixian)

"Civilized Traffic, Starting with Zebra Crossing" (Chen Chen)

"The Internet World Needs Lei Feng" (Zhang Wenbing)

"Don't Let the Network Replace Family Relationship" (Li Hua)

"Maintaining Internet Information Security and Fighting for Netizens" (Xie Guifeng, Xie Guibin)

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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