Guizhou Video 丨 "Caring for Uremia Patients" Concert Held in Guiyang

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Guiyang Net News On the evening of December 13, "Great Love Feng Rui's 20-Year Music Works Concert-Caring for Uremia Patients" was held at the Guiyang Grand Theater. Well-known domestic singers Huang Qishan, Black Duck Group, and Zhu Ke and other singers from Guizhou, use the power of music to care for patients with uremia.

Feng Rui is a musician from Guizhou. He enjoys a high reputation in the domestic music industry. He has composed songs for the first-line singers such as Yang Kun, Sha Baoliang, Huang Qishan, and Yao Beina, and has worked as a producer. He has also composed themed songs for many hit film and television dramas such as "Ice Sword" and "Deep Breath". Soundtrack; won the "China Top Ten Golden Melody Awards" and "National Popular Song Creation Competition" and many other awards. He has served as the judge of the "Colorful Guizhou" singing competition and led the Guizhou performing arts team to participate in national original popular music competitions. He has won awards for many years. The hometown of Guizhou has made outstanding contributions to the development and dissemination of music and art.

Unfortunately, Feng Rui, who has been suffering from perennial creative work, suffered from uremia. While suffering from his illness, he still insisted on optimistically creating music. Upon hearing this news, people in the music industry in Guizhou were deeply shocked and regretted. People from all walks of life voluntarily sponsored the "Great Love Feng Rui 20 Years of Music Concert-Caring for Uremia Patients", hoping to use a combination of commercial performance and public welfare to help this person Music talent and children with uremia in Guizhou.

The theme of the concert is "Caring for Urinary Patients", and some of Feng Rui's works in the past 20 years as a carrier. Guizhou-born musician Feng Rui brings well-known domestic singers Huang Qishan and Black Duck as well as Zhu Ke, Mu Weiping, You Yanzi, Chen Yan, Xiong Zhengyu, Zheng Hanyue, Li Hongchao, Yang Minggang, Chen Jin, Wang Yi, Deng Linlin, Guo Peining, Feng Chen, etc. Guizhou singers sang one by one on stage.

At the scene, Huang Qishan sang four songs by Feng Rui, "Love", "Time", "Can't Live Without You" and "Only You". Huang Qishan said that she left her hometown of Chongqing and came to Guiyang to start her musical career, and got the love and help of Guizhou musicians. Guiyang is her second home, and her old partner Feng Rui's work "Only You" made her Standing on the pinnacle, this concert is of special significance. I hope that through today's performance, I will pass on my love to more people.

It is understood that all the income from the concert tickets and the on-site auction will be used for the treatment of uremia patients in Guizhou, including Feng Rui, in addition to paying a certain performance cost. (Guiyang Daily Rong media reporter Wu Hongyuan Yang Xiaowei editing Tan Andi)

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