Guiyang High-tech Zone Pioneering Service Center Receives Outstanding Reasons for Six Consecutive Years

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On November 21, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Notice of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Announcing the 2018 Evaluation Results of National Science and Technology Business Incubators". Awarded this year.

"This title deserves its name, Guiyang Hi-tech Zone has really provided us with a lot of help." Said Zhang Yong, director of Guizhou Tuzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Looking back at the early days of business, office space greatly restricted the company's development, and they moved a lot. In this place, the area of the site is not large, but the company's staff continues to increase. After learning about the situation, the Hi-tech Zone Pioneering Service Center actively assisted in the coordination and finally won nearly 500 square meters of space for the company.

Zhang Yong introduced that the company specializes in the application and development of geographic information big data. For example, the establishment of the Guizhou Province Tourism Resources General Survey Data Application System, which details the distribution and current status of Guizhou's tourism resources. The company cooperated with the Zunyi Civil Affairs Bureau to develop a natural disaster emergency command system, which can quickly deduct the storage, scheduling, and distribution of various materials when a disaster occurs, and direct rescue personnel to rescue and evacuate the affected people to the nearest shelter. . Since settling in the high-tech zone in 2016, the company has accelerated the pace of development. In 2017, its operating income reached 8 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 20 million yuan this year.

Like Guizhou Tuzhi, the enterprises hatched in the high-tech zone have special office space. The hi-tech zone will create digital cultural and creative museums such as the Guiyang Gaoxin E-sports Show, Qilin Maker Town, and other distinctive crowd-creation spaces and incubators through measures such as capacity expansion and transformation, quality improvement, and file upgrades of the incubation carrier. ) Innovative full-incubation chain model of incubator accelerator. At present, there are 56 incubators, crowd-creation spaces and accelerators in the region, of which 3 are national-level incubators and 5 are national-level crowd-creation spaces.

It is not enough to do business incubation well. It is also necessary to do a good job of various services. Yan Chongbin, director of the Cooperation and Service Division of the High-tech Zone Start-up Service Center, said that every year the state, province, city, and district conference releases many projects. As long as it is related to enterprises in the jurisdiction, they will inform the company as soon as possible and actively urge the company to declare. After obtaining the project qualification, the enterprise can get corresponding funds and policy support.

Funds are the lifeblood of enterprise development, and financing is also the focus of the center's work. Every year, the staff of the center will occasionally organize cooperation between the park enterprises and Everbright Bank Guiyang Branch and other cooperative banks to participate in high-tech zone science and technology enterprise, Shuangchuang enterprise financing promotion conferences, and Shuangchuang project financing roadshow special events to establish effective bank-government communication. mechanism.

"For more than a decade, the company has continued to grow and develop. If the funds cannot be quickly reached, the company will not be able to move quickly. Thank you very much for the financing platform established in the high-tech zone, and recommending financing institutions to help us smooth financing." Peng Shaobo said. Li Wenwen, a media reporter from Guiyang Daily

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