Convenient for more than 900 people to install convenient elevators in the old Xibei district of Huaxi District

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Guiyang Net News On December 13, the construction ceremony of installing a convenient elevator in the old Xibei district of Huaxi District was held. The reporter learned from the commencement ceremony that the district will install 7 units at the entrance of the community unit based on three different apartment designs. The elevator is connected to each floor through a corridor bridge. It is expected that all elevators will be put into use by the end of next year. It is currently the project with the largest number of elevators installed in the old districts of our city.

Xibei Community was built in 1999. There are 314 households with 8 units and 24 units in 2000. The residents moved in in 2000 with a population of about 900 people. Most of the residents in the community are retired cadres and workers in Huaxi District, the oldest being nearly 100 years old. Stepping up and down the stairs brings a lot of inconvenience to residents' lives.

It is understood that the project is under construction by Guizhou Chuangtu Modern Engineering Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 3.6 million yuan. The fund is raised by the owner and subsidized by the government. The fund of Huaxi Rural Commercial Bank is introduced to participate in the transformation.

"Being able to use the elevator to go up and down the stairs is our many years of aspirations of old residents, and finally it can be realized. Thanks a thousand words," said Gou Zhen, who has lived on the 5th floor of the unit building in Xibei District for more than ten years.

"Adding elevators is an important part of the reconstruction of old communities. It is an important people's livelihood project that improves the living environment of residents and the quality of the city. It is also a popular project that responds to the expectations of the people for a better life." People said that the installation of elevators in the old neighborhoods of Xibei can provide reference and popularization experience for the city's old community renovation work, and will further promote the city's old community renovation work, continue to improve urban management and services, and further improve people's sense of gain. , Happiness, security.

(Ran Tinglin, Guiyang Daily News Media)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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