Chang Wensong led his team to visit and discuss with Guizhou Moutai Group

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On December 6, Chang Wensong, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone of Guizhou, led a team to visit Guizhou Moutai Group to discuss the progress of the Maotai Shuanglong Smart Logistics Park project with the company's party committee secretary and chairman Li Baofang. communicate with.

▲ Discussions between the two parties

During the discussion, Chang Wensong said that in 2019, Maotai's market value will exceed one trillion yuan, the group's goal is to sprint 100 billion yuan, brand building has achieved great success, and the dedicated craftsmanship spirit is worth learning. The Group's construction of a smart logistics park project in the airport port economic zone is large in scale and profitable in the long run, reflecting the long-term and firm development beliefs of the Maotai Group, and the Group's role and responsibility in the high-quality development of Guizhou's economy and high-level opening to the outside world. The logistics park project is of great significance to both Maotai Group and the Airport Economic Zone. The economic zone will actively cooperate to promote project construction and help Moutai achieve its strategic goals. It is hoped that both parties will continue to expand the areas and methods of cooperation and make greater contributions to the economic development of the province.

Li Baofang thanked the Airport Economic Zone for its support of the Maotai Logistics Park Project, and stated that the Airport Economic Zone has a good location advantage and business environment, and provided great convenience for the Maotai Logistics Park project. This project marks the pace at which Moutai accelerates the construction of a modern logistics system. After completion, it will help stabilize the market supply and demand of Moutai products, and is of great significance for ensuring the future stable development of Moutai. It is hoped that the economic zone will continue to support and help as always to ensure that the project is completed as scheduled. In addition to the logistics park project, Moutai will also start more than ten key projects simultaneously, thus kicking off a major infrastructure investment with a total investment of nearly 60 billion in the next three years.

It is reported that the Maotai Shuanglong Smart Logistics Park project plans to build a new intelligent three-dimensional warehouse group with an inventory capacity of about 30,000 tons. The project will make full use of information technology and modern logistics methods to realize intelligent operation. After completion, it will become the Maotai Logistics Strategic Reserve Center and the national distribution and transfer distribution center.

▲ Symposium scene

Liu Daneng, Deputy General Manager of Maotai Group, Li Wei, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Airport Economic Zone, Chairman of Guizhou Shuanglong Kaitou Group, Liu Guijun, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, and Maotai Group and Airport Economic Zone Responsible persons of relevant departments (companies) participated in the discussion.

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