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On December 2, Aunt Yang, who lives in Erfu Road, Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone, and his nephew packed up the stand that had been closed for several months and was about to reopen. "Thanks to the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Municipal Facilities Service Center helping to solve the problem of odorous ditch in front of our house, we were able to reopen the canteen." Aunt Yang said gratefully.

"I have lived here for more than ten years, and the high ground behind the house has become a garbage dump. When it rains, the stinky water flows and smells bad. When the rain was heavy, it even flooded into the house and later passed through. Several times, but the drainage ditch behind the house was too narrow and could not solve the problem at all. "Aunt Yang was helpless about this.

A few months ago, the problem of the smelly ditch became more and more serious, and Aunt Yang could only be closed. After learning about the situation, the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Municipal Facilities Service Center combined with the theme education of “do not forget the original intention and remember the mission”, take the initiative to act and serve actively, and coordinate and solve the troubles of the local people.

In November, after the site survey, the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Municipal Facilities Service Center coordinated the funds, thoroughly cleaned up the garbage dump that had been stored in Aunt Yang's house for many years, and laid underground drainage pipes here to communicate with the drainage system. The problems that have troubled Aunt Yang for many years were completely solved in less than a month, and the corners of the back streets that had been difficult to get off have become clean.

After the environment improved, Aunt Yang's canteen was ready to reopen. Rare sunshine in winter sprinkled around the store, Aunt Yang felt extra warm.

Also feel the warmth of the people in the Airport Road Neighborhood Committee area.

According to Wang Yungui, secretary of the Party Branch of the Airport Road Residents' Committee, the masses in the area have a one-kilometer short road to the nearest bus stop. This short-distance street light no longer lights up at night. The masses reflect the problem to the neighborhood committee, which cannot be resolved at the neighborhood committee level, and can only be submitted to the municipal facility service center of the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone.

After receiving feedback from the masses, the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Municipal Facility Service Center immediately organized staff to inspect it, found the crux of the problem, and actively discussed solutions with the relevant units involved. In the end, the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Municipal Facilities Service Center set up 8 new street lights, repaired 25 street lights, and 4 square lights on this convenient road, and set up a separate meter to solve the electricity bill problem, so that the street lights that once became "furnishings" are back on. . The street lights illuminate the masses' night return and also warmed Hu Dingxia's road to school.

"I didn't dare to think about it. The street light application was implemented so soon." Hu Dingxia thanked the government for his heartwarming action.

More than a decade ago, Hu Dingxia founded Linhai Middle School in Xiaobi Township, which solved the problem of schooling for local children. The school had at most 600 students. In 2013, Linhai Middle School faced demolition. At that time, Hu Dingxia had two compensation programs of 10 million yuan in compensation and a new school compensation. She finally chose the latter and was determined to continue to run a good education for the local people.

Today, Linhai Middle School has only 17 students and 9 teachers. Nevertheless, Lin Dingxia, as always, adheres to school positions and protects the growth of students.

Because the supporting facilities around the newly-built school were not complete, and there was no street light near the school, she reported to the government after the National Day and applied for additional lighting facilities. I did not expect this application would be approved soon.

"It didn't take long to apply, and some government staff came to the school for field inspections, and then fixed-point positioning, and then came to the street lights to enter the street ... Less than two months, the street lights turned on." Every time I see the school With ten bright street lights around, Hu Dingxia seems to be able to see the bright prospects of Linhai Middle School.

"Now, after my daughter graduates, she is engaged in education with me, and her husband is also helping at school. We will definitely stick to our original intentions and take this road of running a school." Hu Dingxia is full of confidence in the future development.

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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