Guizhou Video | Chengdu-Guizhou High Speed Rail Opens, Closes Bijie from the World

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Guiyang Network News At 8:28 on December 16, with the first train C6008 starting, this marked the opening of the Chengdu-Guizhou high-speed rail line. This is undoubtedly a historic moment for Bijie! The Chengdu-Guizhou high-speed rail service has greatly shortened the distance between Bijie and the world: Guiyang to Bijie takes less than an hour, and Chengdu to Bijie can reach the fastest 2 hours and 46 minutes!

Bijie is located in the hinterland of Wumeng Mountain. It is the key to Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou. It controls the throat of Yunnan and Chu, controls the gateway of Bashu, and the barrier of the Pearl River of the Yangtze River. It is adjacent to Yunnan in the west and Sichuan in the north. In this magical and beautiful land, there are actually "Bird's Paradise" and "Sea of Flowers".

Cave Heaven

"Golden Hole Overlord Helmet" Photo by Apozoka

Huangshan returns without looking at Yue, there is no cave sky outside Zhijin Cave! The top ten strange caves in China-Zhijin Cave is called "the world's best karst landscape" by internationally renowned geomorphologist William. It is large in scale, diverse in shape and colorful in color, and is called by the National Geographic Research Department as " The King of Chinese Caves. "

"Rain Chong Millennium Ancient Ginkgo Bunch" by Zhou Mianjun

Yuchong ancient ginkgo forest enjoys the reputation of "Chinese ginkgo living fossil", creating the "four most" of ancient Chinese ginkgo trees: the largest number of plants, the largest scale, the most obvious seasons, and the most spectacular shape!

"Luhong Plateau" by Han Jun
"Weining Liangshuigou Ranch" Photo by Wei Yunsheng
"Qianxi County-Baili Gallery" Photo by Huo Zhiqiang
Scenery of the Chinese Fir Trees by Li Wanzhao
"The Stone Forest in the Sky" by Yan Yan

Bird of paradise

`` Moon Moon Pines Photo '' by Apozoka
The Wizard of the Sea Photo by Nie Shaojun
"Sea of Grass" Photo by Wei Yunsheng

Ba Jin's "Bird's Paradise" is real. The bird's kingdom, Weining Caohai, is the largest natural freshwater lake in Guizhou, surrounded by green mountains on all sides, dense forests, water and sky, and green peaks. Caohai is one of the top ten bird watching bases in the world. It has been selected as the most popular tourist destination in the world by the National Geographic Magazine, and is known as a sapphire on the tourist crown of Guizhou.

"Zhiga Aru Lake" Photo by Wei Yunsheng

Ocean of flowers

`` Asilice '' Photo by Apozoka
"Longyou Flower Sea" by Miao Qilin

Located in the territory of Guizhou, Jiucaiping is two mountain peaks, namely Dajiucaiping and Xiaojiucaiping. Dajiucaiping is located in Xingfa Miao and Yi Hui Township of Hezhang County, Bijie City. It is the largest wild leek flower belt in the world. Xiaojiecaiping is located in the south of Hezhang County. Its main peak, Jiucaiping, is the highest peak in Guizhou, and it is known as the "Guizhou Roof".

"A Cuckoo in the Sea of Flowers" Photo by Cao Jingjian

According to legend, the azalea was originally unique to the Imperial Palace Gardens, and there was only one type of red flower. Because of his love for the "cool world" of Yishan, he flew to Yishan. In order to avoid the pursuit of the guards, the swinging branches turned into colorful azaleas of various colors. Ever since he lived in Yishan, he was loved by the Yi people.

Baili Rhododendron is "the world's largest natural garden". In late spring from late March to May, various rhododendrons are in full bloom. It enjoys the reputation of "Earth Ribbon, World Garden".

Hezhang-Caohaishenguang Photo by Hou Zhong

Beautiful Bijie

`` Mrs. Ming Shunzhen-Luxury Incense Museum '' Photo by Apu Soka

The Call of the Frozen

The Yi people's "change of people's play", called "Tai Tai Ji" in Yi language, is an important belief and folk custom of the Yi people. It is hidden in a village called Nuojia, which is deep in Wumeng Mountain, Guizhou. From the third to the fifteenth day of the first month of the month, the Yi compatriots in Nuojiao village will perform "Pie Taiji" and hold "Sweeping Mars". Activities, pray for fire and plague to stay away from people, so that peace and happiness will always accompany the Yi family.

`` Suan Xu Mansion at Dusk '' Photo by Lu Dengxiu
"Liulong Ancient Town" by Wu Junming
"Shangxiang Ancient Town Terraces / Drone Shooting" Photo by Shang Yujie
"Golden Shuangyantang-Close to Nature" Photo by Nie Shaojun
"Dafang County-Xuanwei Mansion Eight" Photo by Huo Zhiqiang
"Gongyuanping National Forest Park" Photo by Li Wanzhao
"The Most Beautiful City Waterfall in China-Bijie Xiangshui Beach" Photo by Wei Yunsheng

"Miao Miao came from the mountains, and Dongliu Triassic. The madness of thinking the pillars, but the lack of talents in Jichuan", yes, some people here sighed and forgot to return. China's most beautiful city waterfall, Xiangshuitan, faces the peaks on both sides of the bank, and the evergreen flowers on the mountain are in bloom.

With the opening of the high-speed rail, Bijie is closer to the world. It ’s better to see it all. This is a place of heaven and earth, a paradise for birds, a sea of flowers, and a beautiful Bijie.

Comprehensive from: China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition

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