Qingzhen City stepped up efforts to clear the arrears to fulfil the wages of migrant workers 12.67 million yuan

来源:贵阳网-贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-20 11: 01Source : Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily

Guiyang Network News On December 10, the author learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qingzhen City that since this year, the city has taken effective measures to increase efforts to clear the arrears, and has achieved significant results in the eradication of wage arrears. 12.67 million yuan, benefiting 8,230 migrant workers.

It is understood that Qingzhen City has established and improved a long-term mechanism to ensure the payment of migrant workers' wages, and has issued relevant documents to accelerate the implementation of the four systems and real-name system of migrant workers' real-name system management, monthly payment, bank payroll, and special accounts for migrant workers' wages. 8 100% requirements. We will fully promote the real-name system to cover and eradicate wage arrears (in summer, autumn, and winter), set up special classes, and give full play to the work responsibilities of human society, housing construction, water affairs, transportation and other competent units and members who owe members to form a linkage mechanism. The real-name system coverage rate of newly started construction projects in the city has reached over 95%, which has promoted the systemization, institutionalization, and normalization of the eradication of wage arrears.

So far, the city has received a total of 614 cases of various complaints and reports, with a mediation rate of 100%. After coordinated processing, 596 cases have been resolved, with a closing rate of 97%, and 100% within the time limit. 78 cases have been registered, 53 cases have been completed in accordance with the procedures and time limit, 25 cases are being processed in accordance with the procedures, 6 cases have been transferred to the court for enforcement, and 3 cases have been transferred to the public security crackdown. The city collects 55 million yuan in wage guarantees for 44 enterprises, and stores 117 million yuan in special accounts for migrant workers' wage guarantees. (Correspondent Yao Jiachang)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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