Qingzhen: Promote the accumulation of advantageous industries and straighten the "backbone" of the real economy

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Guiyang Haichuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. staff is monitoring the background to check the solid waste treatment

This year, Qingzhen City arranged around the arrangements made at the fifth and seventh plenary sessions of the tenth session of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, in accordance with the development vision of "one product, one industry, and wealthy industry," to save 10 100 billion-level industrial clusters and five thousand Qingzhen Economic Development Zone, one of the 100 million-level industrial clusters, is the core and carrier. It plans to develop the aluminum and aluminum precision processing "1 + 6" industrial system, and is committed to building Qingzhen into a core supporting zone for high-end manufacturing in Guiyang. In the process of progress, Qingzhen City firmly grasped the resource endowment, strictly implemented the "three highs" requirements of high standard requirements, high level of openness, and high-quality development. Taking the investment promotion of the industrial chain as the path, it focused on the goal of "building a chain and supplementing the chain". In order to promote investment in the aluminum and aluminum deep processing industries, we have introduced a number of core enterprises, upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, promoted industrial agglomeration, paid close attention to industrial manufacturing upgrades and consumption upgrades, and worked hard to focus on mid-to-high-end manufacturing and mid-to-high-end consumption. Development of the real economy.

At the same time, Qingzhen City actively innovated its service model, and proposed two indexes with its own characteristics: “Park Infrastructure Supporting Index” and “Enterprise Development Problem Resolution Index”, which promoted the rapid implementation of the project and injected high-quality development into the enterprise. "cardiac".

A Precision Investment Promotion

Since this year, Qingzhen has introduced a total of 37 industrial projects, a year-on-year increase of 20.4% and an excess of 175.6% of the target investment. Among them, 16 "1 + 6" industrial projects were introduced, of which 6 were aluminum and aluminum deep-processing projects, and the other 6 supporting industrial projects were 10, further laying the foundation for the development of mid-to-high-end manufacturing.

Qingzhen City has abundant bauxite resources and also has the foundation for the development of the aluminum industry. In order to make good use of "bauxite" and straighten the "backbone" of the real economy, Qingzhen has fully utilized the advantages of aluminum resources in accordance with the deployment of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee to form a "1 + 6" "one main and six auxiliary" industry. That is, the aluminum and aluminum processing industry, and the "six supplements" are seven industrial manufacturing industries, such as automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturing, green construction, new building materials, all-aluminum smart home, equipment manufacturing, green food and health products, and medicine.

The direction of the industry is clear, and investment promotion is increasing. After clarifying that the mid-to-high-end manufacturing industry is the main industry, Qingzhen City will carry out the investment promotion of the industrial chain in accordance with the "aluminum mining-alumina-electrolytic aluminum-aluminum alloy-aluminum products processing" industry chain, and continue to expand and strengthen the "aluminum plate ".

During the investment promotion process, Qingzhen City actively used the provincial and municipal platform resources and investment resources, innovated investment promotion models, expanded investment channels, proactively undertaken the transfer of high-quality industrial projects in coastal cities, and strengthened docking with important coastal science and technology industry platforms. Through leading investment promotion, small team investment promotion, and investment promotion in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places, the "1 + 6" industry chain investment promotion effect is obvious, and the "aluminum plate" is getting bigger and bigger.

Around the aluminum and aluminum processing industry chain, the introduction of the Guangdong Jiahua aluminum alloy production project with an annual output of 60,000 tons, the Guizhou Qinglian Hengda Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. annual production and production of aluminum coil and aluminum products with an annual output of 30,000 tons, Zhangjiagang City Hang Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. produces 11 projects with an annual output of 18,000 tons of aluminum wafers and special-shaped aluminum wafers. Around the smart home industry chain, the Qishengqing Town smart home industrial park project with an investment of 540 million yuan was introduced.

In addition, it has formed a comprehensive cooperation with Zhejiang Xinxiu Group around the manufacture of luggage in the mid-to-high end consumer goods manufacturing industry. Qingzhen City's luggage production base is under construction. It has signed a contract with the newcomer Guiyang (Qingzhen) luggage supply chain project. In the manufacturing industry, two projects including the Guiyang Intelligent Manufacturing Project of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., an annual output of 3 million aluminum alloy gold wheels (blank) and 1.8 million aluminum alloy wheel finished products (exquisite products) were introduced; focusing on the new material industry Introduced two new projects, including Qingzhen New Construction and Building Materials Industrial Park Construction Project and Guiyang Rail Transit Green Assembly Building Project.

B Chain extension and chain promotion

In the industrial park located in Zhanjie Town, Qingzhen City, the staff of Guizhou Tianxiu Bags Co., Ltd. is busy packing the freshly produced bags and preparing them for shipment to Chengdu. The company is currently under construction in the southern industrial park of Qingzhen.

"We produce aluminum-magnesium alloy luggage. Aluminum accounts for most of the raw materials required for luggage, accounting for 70%. At present, the raw materials of the products are mainly purchased from other provinces, the transportation costs are high, and the production cycle is long." According to Tan Deyou, deputy general manager, the reason why the company is located in Qingzhen is precisely the local abundant aluminum resources, which can realize the advantages of nearby facilities.

The introduction of Guizhou Tianxiu Luggage Co., Ltd. is the fruit of Qingzhen's accelerated promotion of the "1 + 6" industry development and the vigorous promotion of the development of mid- to high-end manufacturing industries, mainly "two children and one package". "Two sons and one package" refers to the "house" industry mainly composed of all-aluminum smart homes, the "car" industry mainly composed of automobile manufacturing, and the "luggage" industry mainly composed of aluminum luggage.

Focusing on the "two sons and one package", Qingzhen City made every effort to attract investment through the industrial chain, centered on the aluminum industry, and extended the chain. At the International Expo held in July this year, Qingzhen City signed a contract with Zhejiang Xinxiu Group and established Guizhou Tianxiu Bags Co., Ltd., which injected strong momentum into the production of aluminum luggage in Qingzhen's mid-to-high end consumer goods manufacturing industry. .

According to Tan Deyou, the company is currently constructing two production lines in the southern industrial park of Qingzhen City. It is expected to be put into production around June next year. The annual output value is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. "At that time, we will rely on the resource advantages of the Rookie Group to introduce relevant supporting enterprises. Settling in the southern industrial park will also accelerate the docking with local enterprises in Qingzhen and Guiyang, and accelerate the gathering of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises. At present, four upstream and downstream enterprises have decided to settle in the southern industrial park. "

Supporting nearby and developing groups. Tianxiu luggage in Wangzhuang's southern industrial park mainly includes three industrial areas including parts production area, supporting service area, and luggage assembly area. In order to promote the development of industrial clusters, Qingzhen City will also plan a key construction area in Wangzhuang Aluminum Deep Processing Park in the north of the luggage base, introduce related companies such as aluminum plates and aluminum profiles, and provide basic materials and supporting facilities for aluminum luggage. "Our target market is not only the domestic market, but also the international market. Realizing the nearby facilities will greatly save our production costs and improve production efficiency." Tan Deyou said.

Focusing on the goal of making the "aluminum plate" bigger and stronger, Qingzhen focused on introducing mid-to-high-end manufacturing projects with high technological content, high added value, high relevance, and strong driving force, and continuously supplemented and extended the industrial chain. However, in addition to high value-added mid-to-high-end manufacturing enterprises such as aluminum luggage, Qingzhen has also introduced downstream enterprises to continuously extend the industrial chain. Guiyang Haichuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the imported downstream enterprises.

In Guiyang Haichuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Economic Development Zone of Qingzhen, you are transported by trucks that transport solid waste. Indoors, solid waste is being processed in a sealed space, and workers only need to operate remotely in the monitoring room. This solid waste and hazardous waste disposal project of Haichuang is a key environmental protection project introduced by Qingzhen City to promote the construction of a 100 billion-level ecological recycling aluminum industrial base.

According to Yang Peisheng, deputy general manager of Haichuang, the project can co-dispose 27 major categories of 382 hazardous wastes from industries such as chemical raw material and product manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing, and non-metallic mining and dressing industries. Solid waste. At present, the solid waste processed here comes from the whole province and even outside the province. Among them, all industrial solid waste and domestic waste in Qingzhen City have been shipped here for treatment.

At present, the company consumes more than 300 tons of various types of waste per day, and can handle 100,000 tons of hazardous solid waste a year. Since September this year, it has made more than 10 million yuan in profits. "There is an enterprise that is coming to Qingqing Town. Before, it was worried about the problem that industrial solid waste could not be treated in a place. When we learned about our processing capacity, they completely eliminated their worries." Yang Peisheng said.

C Efficient Services Boost Enterprise Development

Press cabinet, glue coating, hemming ... In the production line of Guizhou Kunyu Yinghui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., workers and machines are working at full capacity to produce interior parts and roof linings for Geely Automobile. product.

Guizhou Kunyu Yinghui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is the Guiyang production base of Hubei Kunyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., as a first-tier supporting supplier of Geely Automobile. In order to better support Geely, Kunyu Hubei set up a production base in Guiyang in Qingzhen.

At present, Guizhou Kunyu Company is continuously improving its own production capacity and level on the existing basis. In the past two days, the company is debugging an automated production line. "After this line is put into use, all the processes such as cabinet pressing, gluing, and hemming can be completed by the machine. Three processes only require two people to be the machine's" supervisor "on site Yes, "Qian Li, a staff member at the scene, told reporters.

"We currently have a production line for automobile roof lining assembly, carpet assembly, front inner sound insulation mat, front outer sound insulation mat, shade curtain and sun visor each, forming a production scale with an annual output of 1 million sets of automobile interior trim parts. "The company's deputy general manager Chen Zitang believes that the company can now develop steadily without the careful help of Qingzhen Municipal Government.

According to the contract signed with Geely, from the time the order is placed to the product delivery, Kunyu Company will deliver it within 2 hours, and it will be fined for overtime. However, on the way to transport products from Qingzhen to Guanshan Lake District, product delivery was often delayed due to traffic congestion. After understanding the enterprise's problems, Qingzhen City coordinated and resolved the problem as soon as possible to assist the company to reroute. "After the diversion, there has been no delay in product delivery." Chen Zitang said.

Take the problem to solve the problem. This year, based on the implementation of the provincial and municipal business environment index system, Qingzhen City has proposed two characteristic indicators: “Park Infrastructure Supporting Index” and “Enterprise Development Problem Resolution Index”. Indicators are quantified.

Data show that in the past year, two characteristic indicators have achieved remarkable results. Through on-site visits and centralized visits, all the 9,877 companies registered in the industrial and commercial area of Qingzhen have achieved 100% full coverage, and the 456 problems collected have been basically solved; 44.37 new construction roads have been added to the park. Kilometers, newly opened 48 public transportation vehicles, 21 new power access points, 17 new water access points ... The improvement of the infrastructure in the park has greatly facilitated the production and life of the enterprise.

"Through the form of indicators, we can better grasp the needs of enterprises, provide enterprises with more efficient and high-quality services, make service issues and service results clearly visible, allow enterprises to focus on development, and provide a solid backing for enterprise production and operations." Qingzhen Dai Yun, Director of the Comprehensive Coordination Department of the Construction and Development Office of the Municipal Industrial Park, said, "We will continue to be a good" logistics department ", active in the" service circle "of business and service providers, keep an eye on the needs of enterprises, take the initiative to visit them, and provide efficient services. Development is well secured. "

(Reporter Huang Juwen / Photo, Guiyang Daily Rongrong Media)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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