Qingzhen Disabled Persons' Federation actively implements security policies to make people with disabilities happier

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Guiyang Net News From the Qingzhen Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, since 2018, Qingzhen City has actively implemented various protection policies for disabled persons in accordance with the relevant work requirements of the State Council, the province and Guiyang City, to ensure that disabled persons synchronize to a higher level and build a well-off society.

In the work, the city formulated the "Qingzhen City Plan for Accelerating the Synchronization of Persons with Disabilities to a Higher Level and a Comprehensively Well-off Process (2018-2020)", focusing on finding out the number, organization and team construction, and consolidating the foundation of the disabled federation. In 221 villages (residences), disabled people's associations were set up, and full-time disabled people's committee members were selected to conduct more than 50 various trainings within and outside the province to improve their ability and level of performance and solve the impact on the development of disabled people's careers. No one has a necking problem with tentacle extensions. The implementation of precision rehabilitation, employment and entrepreneurship, education, precision poverty alleviation, social security, publicity and sports, and organization and rights protection for the disabled has laid a solid foundation for ensuring that the disabled in the city will achieve a higher level of comprehensive well-being in 2020.

In the past two years, the Disabled Persons' Federation has provided support services for 2160 disabled persons to enjoy precision rehabilitation and designated institutions; 471 new disabled persons have been employed; and 293 eligible students have applied for a subsidy of 732,393 yuan, and the enrollment rate of disabled children is 95%. ; Provided 4,192,770 yuan of living allowances for 35021 persons with subsistence allowances and 3497,000 yuan for nursing care for 63,000 severely disabled persons; organized 31 athletes to participate in the 11th Paralympic Games of Guiyang City and won 15 gold medals and 13 silver medals , Bronze medal 14 good results.

(Wang Yuanjun and Xiao Wei)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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