Construction of Yuanbaofeng Planting Industrial Park in Qingzhen City Begins

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Guiyang Net News On December 20th, the construction of the Yuanbaofeng Plantation and Processing Integrated Industrial Park project in Huanhongfeng Lake, Qingzhen City started, marking the development of the four major agricultural industries in Qingzhen City: maple, vegetables, fruits, and tea. Landing. The construction and operation of this project will help push the rural industrial revolution in Qingzhen to a new level.

The Yuanbaofeng project in Qingzhen City is a major measure to implement the "three changes" reform in rural areas, promote poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote the rural industrial revolution, implement precision poverty alleviation, and balance the four values of economic, social, ecological, and tourism maximization. Engineering, ecological engineering. The project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, and plans to build a 60,000-mu yuanbao maple planting base and a 3000-mu seedling breeding base, build a biotechnology research and development center, a yuanbao maple processing plant, and support under-forest interplanting.

The project will be implemented by Guizhou Liangshan Agriculture and Forestry Group, which is formed by Guizhou Mintou Group and Qingzhen Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. It will be led by industrial cooperation and based on the cooperation of agriculture and tourism. It will focus on building bases, creating brands, and in-depth research and development of ingots. Maple series products, build leisure recreational bases and other content for construction. After the project is completed and operated, it is estimated that the average annual income will reach 447 million yuan.

(Correspondent Gong Xiaohong Wang Qingmei)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Dongwei

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