Summary of vigorously promoting the construction of high-quality garden cities in Wudang District, Guiyang

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A corner of Sungai Wetland Park.

A corner of Wudang City.

In the winter solstice, looking at the Wudang land, a new city appearance, a three-dimensional transportation network, and an ecologically livable environment, you can feel the continuously improving city image and taste everywhere.

Green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan. In recent years, Wudang District has accelerated the development of a larger city, improved urban quality, expanded the total population, accelerated the completion of various shortcomings in economic and social development, and insisted on overall planning and quality improvement. Constantly full, the city's image continues to improve, and Guiyang's status as the bridgehead of Dongtuo continues to highlight, making the urban and rural environment more livable.

The journey was blissful. Wudang District will be guided by a high level of openness, create a new model of urban and rural governance, a new highland for the development of large health industries, and a new benchmark for rural rejuvenation. It will vigorously build a high-quality garden city and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Wudang.

Improve regional road network and enhance city image

Driving on the extension of Beijing East Road, there are lush green mountains on both sides. This “artery” of traffic passing through green water and green mountains broadens the urban space, connects the industrial park, and sets up the dream of increasing the local people ’s income.

In March this year, the extension of Beijing East Road opened to traffic and became an important fast passage connecting Wudang District with Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone. It will improve the road circulation system in core urban areas, optimize the road network structure in central urban areas, and further enhance urban functions. It is of great significance to improve the urban layout, enhance the capacity of urban development, and realize the rapid and good economic and social development of the region.

The extension of Beijing East Road is interconnected with a number of main roads in Wudang, connecting Wudang Yunjinluowan Industrial Park, Xiaba Industrial Park, Huoshipo Industrial Park, Dongfeng Town, and running through the beautiful rural demonstration villages and Lewan International. The industrial economic development area and the six cities form a cluster of the city's northeastern part of Guiyang, which is the city's main line of "production-city interaction and production-city integration."

The city changed because of the road, and the industry was promoted by Luxing. With the completion of the extension of Beijing East Road, the urban development of Wudang District has ushered in new opportunities, and the pace of industry-city integration has further accelerated.

In recent years, Wudang District has taken the lead in planning, vigorously promoted the construction of municipal infrastructure, gradually improved the urban skeleton road network structure, and further expanded the development space. The “three-ring and eleven-shot” traffic skeleton has been basically formed in the district: Avenues, Hangtian Road, Shuidong Road, East Second Ring Road, North Second Ring Road, West Outer Ring Road, Beijing East Road Extension, etc. 7 main roads; Gaoxin Road, Wenquan Road, Chuangye Road, Xinchuang Road, Gaoxin North Roads, Shunhai Middle Road, Beibei Road, Shuidong Road Extension, South Wenquan Road, Xueyuan Road, Xueyuan Road Extension, Xinzhuang Road and other 15 urban secondary roads; Xinguang Road, Yuxin Road, Hongji Road, Wenshi Road are completed , Weimen Road, Huangni Road, Shiyan Road Phase 1, and Zhenhua Middle Road, including 48 urban branch roads.

Wudang District has successively built 130.77 kilometers of urban roads with a total area of 2.494 million square meters, which has greatly improved the development environment of the entire district and the environment for human settlements, and enhanced the urban agglomeration and radiation capabilities.

"'Three Rings and Eleven Shots' are the urban skeleton road network of Wudang District. After the completion, they will completely open the road network connection and industrial logistics channels of Wudang District's urban development, and realize the addition of new villages, dairy farms, Gaoxue, Yunjin, Luowan, Sanjiang, Ali and other development zones are closely connected in series and organically connect with other city groups to form a northeast urban body of Guiyang with a rich industry, outstanding features and good ecology. "Responsible person of Wudang District Housing and Construction Bureau Say.

In order to further open up broken roads, strengthen microcirculation, increase external access, ease urban traffic pressure in the region, and improve the structure of the urban road network, Wudang District will continue to increase the construction of municipal roads, make every effort to open up broken roads, and improve urban circulation. . At the same time, the urban and rural road network structure has been continuously optimized, the domestic accessibility has been improved, and the infrastructure level of the whole district has been vigorously improved.

The convenient transportation allows the masses in Wudang District to enjoy faster and faster travel, and also provides a constant source of development momentum for the development here. Wudang District will focus on important passages such as Beijing East Road Extension, Mabai Road, and Ma Dong Road to accelerate the development of industries and concentrated residential areas along the key backbone road network.

Improving landscape quality and building a livable environment

Riverside walks surrounded by flowers and plants, cultural walls full of eastern cultural elements, exquisite stone carvings and waterfall landscapes ... Entering Shuangxi Wetland Park, the pavilions, bridges, and water flow everywhere, one step at a time, as if you are in the picture scroll.

"Now the river is clean and the air is good. Everyone likes to come here for a walk after dinner." Said Wang Minxia, a resident of Xintian Community. "The change is really big. The river was smelly in the summer, but now it is not only river water. It has cleared up, and a park has been built along the coast, making it a good place for everyone to play. "

Songxi River and Huanxi River, which run through Shuangxi Wetland Park and Dalongtan Ecological Wetland Park, are tributaries of the Nanming River, with a total length of 13.448 kilometers, and are known as the "Mother River" of the Wudang people. In order to completely solve the pollution situation of the "Mother River" in recent years, Wudang District has raised 1.5 billion yuan by itself to carry out comprehensive water environment management of the Songxi and Huanxi rivers. During the treatment process, the ecological environment management was integrated with the park construction. In addition, the Dishuiyan Mountain Park, Dalongtan Ecological Wetland Park, Pengxi Park, Songxi Riverside River Trail Park, Shuangxi Wetland Park, etc. have been built on both sides of the river. The parks are connected.

"By combining the comprehensive management of the Songxi River and Huanxi River water environment with the construction of the park, along the banks of the river now presents willow willows, sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, blooming flowers, pleasant sights like tourists, and the surrounding sanitary environment and The water body of the river has also been greatly improved. The Songxi River and the Huanxi River have become a gathering place for citizens' fitness, recreation, and self-cultivation, which has greatly improved the city's taste. "Deputy Director of the Urban Greening Management Office of Wudang District Shu Ke said.

Since the launch of the "City of Thousands of Parks" construction in 2015, Wudang District has complied with the requirements of the Forest Park, Wetland Park, Mountain Park, City Park, and Community Park as "Five in One" and "300-meter Green, 500-meter Garden" requirements. , And the positioning of a city of panoramic construction of high-quality gardens, coordinating regional mountain, water, forest, and field resources, and scientifically and rationally planning 72 parks, forming a park layout system of "one city, one river, one belt, one garden", while simultaneously Corridors, aerial cultural promenades, flying bridges, greenways, etc. build an ecologically healthy slow-moving system of the park system, and strive to build a new urbanization pattern with mountainous characteristics that is coordinated and interactive among “production, city, and landscape”.

"Taking the implementation of a new round of" City of Thousands of Gardens "as the carrier, we will rely on forests, rivers and lakes wetlands, hot springs, urban mountains, folk culture and other unique resources to build forest parks, wetland parks, mountain parks, city parks, and communities. The 'five-in-one' urban park system promotes the construction of park cities, plans, constructs, transforms, and upgrades a number of urban parks of different scales, types, and levels, providing citizens with more green spaces for recreation and recreation, and creating more Livable urban environment. "

Wudang District will highlight the characteristic park culture, plan from a high starting point, and build to a high standard. Based on the original mountain-shaped landforms, plant vegetation, and wetland resources, Yishan Zeshan, Yilin Zelin, and Yishui Zeshui will build Wudang. It is a comprehensive urban park area that integrates forest, wetland, hot spring tourism, ecological sightseeing, cultural display, and recreation. It will increase the green landscape space for citizens' recreation, improve the quality of life of the citizens, and improve the city's taste.

Accelerate the development of commerce and trade

"In the past, the living facilities in Wudang District were not perfect. It is often inconvenient to buy goods by car to Yunyan District and Nanming District. Nowadays, large supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. are all available at the doorstep. No longer have to make a special trip to the old city to go shopping and entertainment. "More and more residents of Wudang feel the convenience of life.

In order to improve the development level of the commerce and trade service industry, in recent years, Wudang District has seized development opportunities, and successively created commercial blocks such as Renheng Commercial Street, Liwaili Commercial Street, and built large-scale commercial areas such as Quancheng Capital and Zhengde Jiabang. There are 12 well-known catering companies such as Quanshang Gourmet Club, the province's largest cold storage waterfall cold chain, the province's largest pharmaceutical logistics company Kangxin Logistics, and 15 pharmaceutical and integrated large-scale wholesale enterprises, including finance, insurance, automobile sales, transportation, Service industries such as property management and intermediary housekeeping have developed rapidly.

Since the beginning of this year, Wudang District has closely focused on the task of “Eight Promotion Actions” in the “Strengthening Action Plan of Guiyang City to Promote the Development of“ Hundred Stores, Ten Thousand Stores and Ten Thousand Stores and Ten Thousand Shops ”, taking the new round of opening up as an opportunity to focus on Wudang District ’s business The actual development and the task of creating a provincial-level pedestrian street focus on work, vigorously develop high-end and high-end consumption, and revitalize the development of the commerce and trade industry in the region.

Wudang District has also accelerated the enhancement of its business service capabilities in core commercial districts such as Yanheng Commercial Pedestrian Street, Weiyang Life Plaza, and the capital of Quancheng. It plans regional commercial service outlets in the dairy farm area, the extension of Beijing East Road, and the Songxi River to accelerate cracking. The bottleneck of urban underdevelopment. At the same time, Wudang District plans to build large and medium-sized comprehensive commerce and logistics distribution centers in dairy farms, Dingba, Ali and other regions, complementing the shortcomings in the development of commerce and logistics, and striving to build a fully functional modern commerce and logistics system.

From the "one-stop" shopping center Spring City capital, to the "Old Street" themed characteristic neighborhoods inside and outside, to Xinguangli, which is intended to be a landmark of Guiyang's cultural industry ... Today's Wudang, the rapid development of business services, ordinary people's Life is getting more and more convenient.

Business is booming and business is flourishing. Standing at a new starting point, Wudang District will focus on the "one axis and four circles" industrial planning and layout, focusing on the implementation of the "six major promotion actions" to revitalize commerce and trade, proactively integrate into the city's high-level opening-up pattern, and strive to build the commerce and trade service industry in the region The good atmosphere of high-quality development accelerates the city's opening up and development of "growth poles", core and high-end mass consumer goods manufacturing industries, and core undertaking areas for high-end commerce and trade. Guiyang Daily News Media reporter Fan Rong / Wen Zhou Yong / Picture

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