Guizhou Wudang District Housing and Construction Bureau conducts a large-scale inspection of construction site safety production

来源:贵阳网—贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-24 10:21 Source: Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily

Recently, Wudang District has carried out a full-scale inspection of construction site safety production, resolutely prevented safety accidents, and made every effort to ensure the safety of production situation and social stability.

During the work, the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Wudang District thoroughly carried out investigations on hidden dangers, focusing on construction site safety, municipal infrastructure safety, and construction site fire safety inspections; strengthened follow-up supervision and rectification, eliminated hidden dangers in the budding state through inspection, and built hidden trouble stations The inspection team will track and deal with the hidden dangers identified and implement rectification in a timely manner; strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and investigate and deal with the hidden dangers and illegal activities identified in strict accordance with the law. If an accident is caused by insufficient safety work, the responsible unit and the responsible person shall be punished in accordance with the upper limit stipulated by laws and regulations.

At the same time, the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Wudang District made every effort to supervise the construction safety of construction sites in winter, strengthened the organization and leadership of winter production safety production work, implemented strict target responsibility management, grasped one level at a time, and implemented it layer by layer; strengthening the construction site staff Education and training, organize all construction, construction, and supervision units to use safety education and other forms to conduct safety education and training for all employees; strengthen fire safety management at construction sites, increase inspection efforts in densely populated places, and urge the rectification of potential fire hazards found. (Fan Rong, reporter from Guiyang Daily Press)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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