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More than 40 central, provincial and municipal commendation awards including "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations", "National Civilized Units" and "National Respect for the Elderly Civilization" were included in the awards, including "The Most Beautiful Community in the Country" Liu Xingshun and "China's Good People List" Liu Wenqian and many more Advanced typical figures continue to emerge ... In recent years, the Bihai Community in Guanshan Lake District has further promoted the "Sunshine Party Building" project, and has actively built community party building brands through measures such as inheriting the "red gene", starting the "red engine", and fostering "red culture". Lead the party organizations in their jurisdictions to participate extensively in social governance and promote high-quality economic and social development in communities.

Create a "red property"

Powering Social Governance

Bihai Community is one of the earliest communities in Guanshan Lake District, with a total area of about 4.9 square kilometers and a total population of nearly 70,000. Due to the current situation of the floating population and the large number of courtyards in the area, the owners of various real estates are likely to have conflicts due to the payment of property fees and parking fees, making it difficult to carry out social governance. For this reason, in June 2016, the Aijia Property Guidance Center came into being.

"The main work of the Aijia Property Guidance Center is to participate in the guidance of the establishment of the owners 'committee, the election of the owners' committee, the evaluation of the property company, and the selection and recruitment of properties in the community, and help the community industry committee, neighborhood committee and residents to mediate property disputes. "Liu Zhibiao, director of the Aijia Property Guidance Center, said that the guidance center actively promotes red properties, establishes property party branches and property management committees, publicizes law propaganda to community owners and residents, and educates owners, members of property company managers and residents committees. Carrying out training and evaluating property services in the community has greatly improved the satisfaction and happiness of residents.

The creation of "red property" is a microcosm of the Bihai community's active exploration to build a grassroots party organization fortress and comprehensively improve the city's grassroots governance capabilities.

"While we integrated social governance into the work of the Party Committee Center, we also incorporated social governance into the daily work of the branch. Through the series of selection campaigns that" moved the Bihai star "Bihai Star" party member service pacesetters ", we played the role of social governance with party members. Combined, comprehensively promote the improvement of grassroots governance capabilities of Bihai Community. "Zhang Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Bihai Community said.

In recent years, the Bihai community has focused on the "red lead" and insisted on being people-oriented. It has taken the convenience, comfort, and beauty of the people's lives as an important task in "wide party building," and issued a "three checklists" with clear goals and responsibilities. The "red pilot" Project, strengthen the construction of innovative party organizations at the grassroots level; select party construction instructors to participate in grassroots work from time to time, and actively consolidate grassroots governance. At the same time, we will continue to promote the standardized and standardized construction of branches, adopting separate construction and joint construction of districts to promote the party organization's construction to extend to commercial buildings, non-public organizations, retired military personnel, and floating population to achieve full coverage of party organizations.

Start "Red Engine"

Inspire regional vitality

Entering the Qilong Leju space workstation, all kinds of books are neatly arranged on the bookshelf, and the sound of flipping books is heard from time to time in the reading room. This workstation, which was officially unveiled in September this year, has become a rest park for employees of surrounding building companies.

"In the lunch break, I like to go to the Qilong Leju space to read books, and relax myself after work," said Li Qingjian, a "acquaintance" in the reading room.

Qilong Leju Space Building Work Station is a sub-station of Bihai Community Leju Space Work Station. "The workstation has launched a" service package "for organizational life for various branches, and" point-to-order services "to meet the needs of various party organizations, so that each party branch can flexibly organize special education activities on the basis of standardizing organizational life." Zhang Wei said.

Not only that, the workstation also actively explored a new model of innovative development of party building in commercial buildings, starting with regional party building and co-construction cooperation. The workstation fully played the role of the "red engine" of party building, reorganized party members with different systems and loose management to create a "party building community", and formed a "Trinity" organization system with community party committees as the core, building party committees as the tie, and various party organizations as the fort. . At the same time, deepen the urban grassroots governance structure and implement party affairs, government affairs, and social affairs into commercial buildings; strengthen the cohesion and influence of party organizations, improve the sense of belonging of mobile party members and the enthusiasm of participating in activities; optimize the service capabilities and service levels of party organizations in buildings Promote a win-win situation for party building and enterprise development; strengthen the management of party members, and promote the leading role of party members.

Since the beginning of this year, the Bihai Community Leju Space Work Station has held more than 40 various events and participated in more than 3,000 party members and employees. It has provided more than 80 one-stop "full agency" party affairs, government affairs, and business services, and solved more than 310 actual corporate difficulties. Projects to effectively stimulate the vitality of business districts and enhance the soft power of enterprises.

Cultivate a "red culture"

Build a happy home together

In recent years, the Bihai community has cultivated a "red culture" in various forms, focusing on creating a "sunshine garden, a love garden, a leisure garden, a learning garden, a harmony garden, and a red garden."

"In addition to launching a series of activities such as preaching the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and exchanges between state-owned enterprises and party building, the Community Party and Mass Service Center also drew up a list of services by tapping the advantageous resources of various units and social organizations, and provided guidance on party affairs, activities, and party education 40 types of service content in 6 categories including 6 categories make the red service closer to demand and closer to reality, and gradually formed a city-level governance model under the leadership of the party construction and co-construction by the party and the masses, "said Cai Qi, a staff member of the Party Construction Department of Bihai Community.

It is worth mentioning that the community has been devoting itself to creating voluntary service work, building a "three one" voluntary service mechanism for 10,000 families, and organizing monthly free consultations, legal consultations, haircuts, and small appliance repairs. Service activities, a large number of loving volunteer service teams and individuals emerged. Bihai Community has also established a "Love Volunteer Service Management Sub-center", which includes 14 types of volunteer service team volunteers such as party member volunteer service teams, veteran patrol teams, and love disability service teams under standardized management.

"In the next step, the community will focus on the red lead and combine social governance with the role of party members; focus on the brand effect, play the role of multi-governance of the co-governance committee, the role of non-public round tables in joint development, and the self-service role of voluntary activities to form a 'community' Building a good atmosphere of governing the whole family, continuously improving the sense of security, gain and happiness of the people in the jurisdiction, and promoting the continuous and in-depth development of party building in the city. "Zhang Wei said. Correspondent Du Juan

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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