Guanshan Lake District of Guiyang Holds the First Technology Enterprise Exchange Conference

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On December 19, the first meeting of science and technology enterprises in Guanshan Lake District was held. More than 120 people, including representatives from 12 district-related units and high-quality technology enterprises, participated.

This exchange meeting was hosted by the Guanshan Lake District Science and Technology Bureau. The theme was "integration and innovation", focusing on the related content of "improving the system of science and technology innovation" proposed by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Exchange and share preferential support policies on patents and other aspects. The purpose of the exchange meeting is to further deepen the sharing and integration of scientific and technological resources of enterprises, join forces in technology alliances, promote regional innovation, and strive to promote the construction of a "fair and shared innovation-type central city core area" to lead the region's economic and social development and industrial transformation.

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the Guanshan Lake District has continuously encouraged scientific and technological innovation . Subsidies and other related policies support the integration and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises and various entities. As of now, 7 companies in the region have received subsidies for R & D R & D investment, with a total subsidy amounting to 10.83 million yuan; 32 companies are in compliance with the district's innovation and entrepreneurship incentive policy, with an award amount of 9.03 million yuan; 9 projects have been approved by district-level technology projects The funding amount is nearly 4 million yuan.

In the next step, Guanshan Lake District will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, deepen integrated development, do a good job in rewarding innovation and entrepreneurship policies and district-level science and technology plan project management, actively cultivate innovation subjects, vigorously enhance the innovation ability of enterprises, and form rapid development of science and technology enterprises in the jurisdiction. Good pattern. (Correspondent Zhao Ruilin)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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