Guiyang Wudang District has completed nine "10 practical things" for the people

来源:贵阳网—贵阳日报 Release time: 2019-12-24 10:21 Source: Guiyang Network-Guiyang Daily

The reporter recently learned from Wudang District that the district actively promotes the " ten practical matters " for private affairs in 2019, and has now completed nine practical matters.

It is understood that the district-level facts of Wudang District in 2019 are focused on solving people's livelihood issues in education, pensions, parking, environment, transportation, and government services that the people care about. It involves 15 projects, covering 8 towns, 5 Communities, benefiting 220,000 people. Up to now, 9 of the 15 sub-items of "10 practical things" have been completed, including the creation of an upgraded version of the "Happy Children's Plan", the construction of a 30-minute rural health service circle, and the treatment of traffic jams on the Beitong Road connecting the Aerospace Road. 3 implementation of back-street alley management, construction of 2 parking lots, etc.

In the next step, Wudang District will continue to monitor and supervise, strictly accountability and effectiveness, keep an eye on the construction of lagging projects, and report to the responsible units and contractors that are not able to complete the actual work as scheduled and be included in the annual target performance assessment. At the same time, we will increase overall coordination and carefully plan practical projects in 2020. At present, we have passed the district government portal, Weiwudang WeChat public account, etc., through the District People's Congress Office, District Political Consultative Conference Office, District Party Organization Department and district departments. The "two representatives and one member" and the general public solicited 43 practical suggestions. After screening and soliciting feasibility opinions from industry departments, they initially sorted out 19 opinions related to education, agriculture, environment, and urban construction. Next, relevant industries will be organized. The department collects and discusses again, and sorts out the projects that can be included in the "Ten Practical Events" of 2020 and submits them to the district committee and government for approval, so that the actual projects can truly benefit the broad masses of the people. (Fan Rong, reporter from Guiyang Daily Press)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huaying

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