Sun Zhigang, Yun Yiqin and others attended the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee

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From December 23 to 24, the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee was held in Guiyang. Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the conference fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and summarized the economic work in 2019. Analyze the current economic situation and deploy economic work for 2020.

Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Party Committee, Yiqin Liu, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC Liu Xiaokai, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, member of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, Provincial Government, Provincial CPPCC Leading Group 2. The main responsible comrades of the Provincial Procuratorate attended the meeting.

Sun Zhigang emphasized in his speech that it is necessary to strengthen confidence, work hard, and launch onslaught to ensure a high-quality battle against poverty and to ensure the successful completion of a well-off society and the 13th Five-Year Plan. Qi Yiqin made specific arrangements for the next year's economic work and made a concluding speech.

The meeting pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Economic Work Conference, which summarizes the overall situation and raises the flag, is another classic document of Xi Jinping's socialist economic thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It points out the direction for us to do well in economic work next year. Provides fundamental adherence. It is necessary to strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", achieve "two safeguards", earnestly study and understand, and resolutely implement them.

The meeting held that since the beginning of this year, in the face of the complex situation of rising risks and challenges at home and abroad, the province has seriously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, adhered to the general tone of steady progress, overcome difficulties, and overcome various challenges. Win the right to win the fight against poverty in a timely and high-quality manner and take the initiative to promote high-quality economic and social development. The province's economic growth continues to be at the forefront of the country, and it has won successive battles to fight poverty and regain victory. The rural industrial revolution has made major breakthroughs. The high-quality economic development has taken a solid step. The transportation-focused infrastructure continues to maintain a strong development trend. The ecological environment continued to improve, and the people gained a sense of happiness and security. The achievements are very difficult and the success is the only one that must be cherished.

The meeting pointed out that 2020 is the year to build a well-off society in an all-round way and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". It is the year of decisive victory over poverty and the year of hard work. The province's economic development faces many problems and challenges, and it also has many new opportunities and favorable conditions. It is necessary to look at the development of the situation from a dialectical perspective, and always maintain the strategic determination and earnest confidence in winning. We must adhere to the general tone of progress in stability, adhere to the main line of supply-side structural reform, keep the two bottom lines of development and ecology, resolutely win the three major offensives, fully implement the three strategic actions, and speed up the three national-level test areas. Construction, comprehensively do a good job of the "six stability", make overall plans to promote stable growth, promote reform, adjust the structure, benefit the people's livelihood, prevent risks, and maintain stability, ensure high-quality victory in the fight against poverty, and ensure the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and the "13th Five-Year Plan" "The plan has come to a successful conclusion, has been approved by the people, and has stood the test of history.

The meeting emphasized that in order to do well in economic work next year, we must unswervingly implement the new development concept, establish a comprehensive concept, prevent the other from losing sight, and focus our attention on solving various imbalances and inadequate problems; we must put high-quality requirements throughout The entire process of the project is rigorous, meticulous, rigorous, banned, and guaranteed by the high quality of the work. The quality of the work must be guaranteed; the bottom line must be strictly guarded, and high probability thinking should be used to respond to small probability events. The bottom line of building a well-off society is to firmly ensure that each bottom line is unbreakable; we must adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and result-oriented, win the battle against poverty with high quality, and promote the performance of high-quality economic and social development to the Party Central Committee and the people of the province Excellent answer.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to launch a final general attack on absolute poverty, carry out normalized screening to solve outstanding problems, concentrate troops to fight the deep poverty eradication battle, continue to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and ensure that the high-quality battle against poverty is won on time and with high quality. It is necessary to further advance the rural industrial revolution, find gaps, strengths and weaknesses, and make up for shortcomings in accordance with the "eight factors", focus on advantageous industries to rapidly expand production scale, develop intensive processing of agricultural products, promote the construction of modern agricultural product distribution systems, and accelerate the progress of traditional agriculture towards modernization. . It is necessary to speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, transform and upgrade traditional industries, actively develop emerging industries, promote the deep integration of big data and the real economy, follow the rules to promote new-type urbanization, and strive to promote high-quality economic development. We must continue to deepen reform and expand opening up, and vigorously stimulate the vitality of market players. We must adhere to ecologically-first green development and make every effort to promote pollution prevention and ecological construction. We must attach great importance to safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, adhere to the priority of employment, do a good job of people's livelihood, and continue to improve the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security. It is necessary to strengthen risk awareness and resolutely prevent and resolve major risks in various fields and industries.

The meeting emphasized the need to fully implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party and the Central Economic Work Conference, unswervingly strengthen the mission of the people's heart, strive to improve the level of ability to promote high-quality development, more specifically and intensively grasp economic work, and further stimulate all levels Party members and cadres should take the responsibility to better transform the system's advantages of the party's leadership in economic work into governance effectiveness, and ensure that Guizhou, together with the whole country, enters a comprehensive well-off society.

The main responsible comrades of each city (prefecture) and Gui'an New District made speeches at the meeting. The responsible comrades of relevant provincial departments, the main responsible comrades of the party and government of each county (city, district) attended the meeting.

(Xu Shaoting, Li Xuezheng)

Editor-in-chief: Wei Jindou

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